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This directory contains data sets for Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Each data set was created by taking around 100 Indian-language Wikipedia pages and obtaining four independent translations of each of the sentences in those documents.
The procedure used to create them, along with descriptions of initial experiments, is described in: Constructing Parallel Corpora for Six Indian Languages via Crowdsourcing. 2012. Matt Post, Chris Callison-Burch, and Miles Osborne. Proceedings of the NAACL Workshop for Statistical Machine Translation (WMT).

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A note on formats: TMX files contain only unique translation units. Moses downloads include all non-empty alignment units including duplicates. Token counts for each language also include duplicate sentences and documents.


  • We do not own any of the text from which the data has been extracted.
  • We only offer files that we believe we are free to redistribute. If any doubt occurs about the legality of any of our file downloads we will take them off right away after contacting us.

Notice and take down policy

Notice: Should you consider that our data contains material that is owned by you and should therefore not be reproduced here, please:
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Take down: We will comply to legitimate requests by removing the affected sources from the next release of the corpus.