# ace/apparmorapplet.xml.gz
# en_GB/apparmorapplet.xml.gz

(src)="s1"> Applet AppArmor nyan peranti leumik yang bebah ; droeneuh jeut mendistribusikan jih atau meu ubah jih di miyub ketentean bak Lisensi GNU General Public yang dipublikasikan le Yayasan Free Software ; termasuk lisensi versi 2 , atau versi yang segolom nyan .
(trg)="s1"> AppArmorApplet is free software ; you can redistribute it and / or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence as published by the Free Software Foundation ; either version 2 of the Licence , or ( at your option ) any later version .

(src)="s2"> Preferen AppArmor Desktop
(trg)="s2"> AppArmor Desktop Preferences

(src)="s3"> Generasi Profil
(trg)="s3"> Profile Generation

(src)="s4"> Jejak
(trg)="s4"> Path

(src)="s5"> YAST
(trg)="s5"> YaST

(src)="s6"> genprof
(trg)="s6"> genprof

(src)="s7"> Pembatalan AppArmor
(trg)="s7"> AppArmor Rejections

# ace/app-install-data.xml.gz
# en_GB/app-install-data.xml.gz

# ace/apport.xml.gz
# en_GB/apport.xml.gz

(src)="s146"> y
(trg)="s146">you either need to do a local operation (-s, -g, -o) or supply an authentication file (--auth); see --help for a short helpy

# ace/bootloader.xml.gz
# en_GB/bootloader.xml.gz

(src)="s1"> Jeut
(trg)="s1"> OK

(src)="s2"> Hana jadeh
(trg)="s2"> Cancel

(src)="s3"> Peu udep Ulang
(trg)="s3"> Restart

(src)="s4"> Neulanjôt
(trg)="s4"> Continue

(src)="s5"> Peuato Boot
(trg)="s5"> Boot Options

(src)="s6"> Teubit ...
(trg)="s6"> Exiting ...

(src)="s7"> Droe neuh ka hana le bak tampilan pilihan boot gambar dan geutamöng lam tampilan teks
(trg)="s7"> You are leaving the graphical boot menu and starting the text mode interface .

(src)="s8"> Bantuan
(trg)="s8"> Help

(src)="s9"> Boot loader
(trg)="s9"> Boot loader

(src)="s10"> I / O na salah
(trg)="s10"> I / O error

(src)="s11"> Ganto Lempeng Boot
(trg)="s11"> Change Boot Disk

(src)="s12"> Peutamong lempeng boot % u .
(trg)="s12"> Insert boot disk % u .

(src)="s13"> Nyoe lempeng boot % u . Peutamong lempeng boot % u .
(trg)="s13"> This is boot disk % u . Insert boot disk % u .

(src)="s14"> Nyoe keun lempeng boot yang pah . Ci neu coba lempeng boot yang laen % u .
(trg)="s14"> This is not a suitable boot disk . Please insert boot disk % u .

(src)="s15"> Kata Gunci
(trg)="s15"> Password

(src)="s16"> Kata gunci droe neh :
(trg)="s16"> Enter your password :

(src)="s17"> DVD Na Salah
(trg)="s17"> DVD Error

(src)="s18"> Nyoe dua-sisi DVD . Droe neh kaleuh peutamong sisi yang ke dua . Peubalek DVD aleuh nyan jeut lanjot .
(trg)="s18"> This is a two-sided DVD . You have booted from the second side . Turn the DVD over then continue .

(src)="s19"> Peumatee
(trg)="s19"> Power Off

(src)="s20"> Peumatee system jinoe ?
(trg)="s20"> Halt the system now ?

(src)="s21"> Kata Gunci
(trg)="s21"> Password

(src)="s22"> Peuato yang laen
(trg)="s22"> Other Options

(src)="s23"> Bahsa
(trg)="s23"> Language

(src)="s24"> Peta Gunci
(trg)="s24"> Keymap

(src)="s25"> Modus
(trg)="s25"> Modes

(src)="s26"> Normal
(trg)="s26"> Normal

(src)="s27"> Mode Ahli
(trg)="s27"> Expert mode

(src)="s28"> Accessibility
(trg)="s28"> Accessibility

(src)="s29"> Hana
(trg)="s29"> None

(src)="s30"> Meumanyang Contrast
(trg)="s30"> High Contrast

(src)="s31"> Peurayek Gamba
(trg)="s31"> Magnifier

(src)="s32"> Baca Layar
(trg)="s32"> Screen Reader

(src)="s33"> Terminal Braille
(trg)="s33"> Braille Terminal

(src)="s34"> Ubah Papeuen Gunci
(trg)="s34"> Keyboard Modifiers

(src)="s35"> Papeuen Gunci bak Layar
(trg)="s35"> On-Screen Keyboard

(src)="s36"> Motor Difficulties - switch devices
(trg)="s36"> Motor Difficulties - switch devices

(src)="s37"> Mandum
(trg)="s37"> Everything

(src)="s38"> ^ Neu cuba Ubuntu hana install ilee
(trg)="s38"> ^ Try Ubuntu without installing

(src)="s39"> ^ Neu cuba Kubuntu hana install ilee
(trg)="s39"> ^ Try Kubuntu without installing

(src)="s40"> ^ Neu cuba Edubuntu hana install ilee
(trg)="s40"> ^ Try Edubuntu without installing

(src)="s41"> ^ Neu cuba Xubuntu hana install ilee
(trg)="s41"> ^ Try Xubuntu without installing

(src)="s42"> ^ Neu cuba Ubuntu MID hana install ilee
(trg)="s42"> ^ Try Ubuntu MID without installing

(src)="s43"> ^ Neu cuba Ubuntu Netbook hana install ilee
(trg)="s43"> ^ Try Ubuntu Netbook without installing

(src)="s44"> ^ Neu cuba Kubuntu Netbook hana install ilee
(trg)="s44"> ^ Try Kubuntu Netbook without installing

(src)="s46"> ^ Mulai Kubuntu
(trg)="s46"> ^ Start Kubuntu

(src)="s47"> Use driver update disc
(trg)="s47"> Use driver update disc

(src)="s48"> ^ Pasang Ubuntu bak mode teks
(trg)="s48"> ^ Install Ubuntu in text mode

(src)="s49"> ^ Pasang Kubuntu bak mode teks
(trg)="s49"> ^ Install Kubuntu in text mode

(src)="s50"> ^ Pasang Edubuntu bak mode teks
(trg)="s50"> ^ Install Edubuntu in text mode

(src)="s51"> ^ Pasang Xubuntu bak mode teks
(trg)="s51"> ^ Install Xubuntu in text mode

(src)="s52"> ^ Pasang Ubuntu
(trg)="s52"> ^ Install Ubuntu

(src)="s53"> ^ Pasang Kubuntu
(trg)="s53"> ^ Install Kubuntu

(src)="s54"> ^ Pasang Edubuntu
(trg)="s54"> ^ Install Edubuntu

(src)="s55"> ^ Pasang Xubuntu
(trg)="s55"> ^ Install Xubuntu

(src)="s56"> ^ Pasang Ubuntu Server
(trg)="s56"> ^ Install Ubuntu Server

(src)="s58"> ^ Pasang Ubuntu Studio
(trg)="s58"> ^ Install Ubuntu Studio

(src)="s59"> ^ Pasang Ubuntu MID
(trg)="s59"> ^ Install Ubuntu MID

(src)="s60"> ^ Pasang Ubuntu Netbook
(trg)="s60"> ^ Install Ubuntu Netbook

(src)="s61"> ^ Pasang Kubuntu Netbook
(trg)="s61"> ^ Install Kubuntu Netbook

(src)="s63"> Pasang Workstation
(trg)="s63"> Install a workstation

(src)="s64"> Pasang server
(trg)="s64"> Install a server

(src)="s65"> Pasang OEM ( keu pabrik )
(trg)="s65"> OEM install ( for manufacturers )

(src)="s66"> Pasang LAMP Server
(trg)="s66"> Install a LAMP server

(src)="s67"> Pasang LTSP server
(trg)="s67"> Install an LTSP server

(src)="s68"> Pasang Diskless Image Server
(trg)="s68"> Install a Diskless Image Server

(src)="s69"> Pasang command-line sistem
(trg)="s69"> Install a command-line system

(src)="s70"> Pasang sistem minimal
(trg)="s70"> Install a minimal system

(src)="s71"> Pasang virtual machine minimal
(trg)="s71"> Install a minimal virtual machine

(src)="s72"> ^ Uji lempeng peu na yang reuleh
(trg)="s72"> ^ Check disc for defects

(src)="s73"> ^ Peupuleh system nyang reuleh
(trg)="s73"> ^ Rescue a broken system

(src)="s74"> Uji ^ peingat
(trg)="s74"> Test ^ memory

(src)="s75"> ^ Udep dari hard disk phoen
(trg)="s75"> ^ Boot from first hard disk

(src)="s76"> Keu bebah piranti lunak
(trg)="s76"> Free software only

(src)="s77"> ^ Dell Automatic Reinstall
(trg)="s77"> ^ Dell Automatic Reinstall

(src)="s78"> ^ Pasang Mythbuntu
(trg)="s78"> ^ Install Mythbuntu

(src)="s79"> ^ Neu cuba Mythbuntu hana pasang ilee
(trg)="s79"> ^ Try Mythbuntu without installing

# ace/checkbox.xml.gz
# en_GB/checkbox.xml.gz

(src)="s1"> Neu uji Sistem
(trg)="s1"> System Testing

(src)="s2"> _ Uji
(trg)="s2"> _ Test

(src)="s3"> Ny _ oe
(trg)="s3"> _ Yes

(src)="s4"> _ Kon
(trg)="s4"> _ No

(src)="s5"> _ Neupeuliwat uji nyoe
(trg)="s5"> _ Skip this test

(src)="s6"> Informasi leubeh lanjot :
(trg)="s6"> Further information :

(src)="s7"> _ Pileeh Bandum
(trg)="s7"> _ Select All

(src)="s8"> Peug _ adoh Bandum
(trg)="s8"> _ Deselect All

(src)="s9"> _ Sigohlom jih
(trg)="s9"> _ Previous

(src)="s10"> Neul _ anjot
(trg)="s10"> Ne _ xt

(src)="s205"> Uji su
(trg)="s205"> Audio tests

(src)="s212"> Uji Disk
(trg)="s212"> Disk tests

(src)="s228"> Uji Monitor
(trg)="s228"> Monitor tests

# ace/command-not-found.xml.gz
# en_GB/command-not-found.xml.gz

(src)="s11"> 输入如下指令安装该程序 :
(trg)="s11"> You can install it by typing :

(src)="s17"> 要求你对管理员安装其中一项
(trg)="s17">Ask your administrator to install one of them

(src)="s18"> % prog [ options ] < command \ -name >
(trg)="s18">%prog [options] <command\-name>