Thank you very much!
Ollu giitu!

Thank you very much!
Giittos eatnat!

Where do you come from?
Gos boađát?

You are a doctor.
Don leat doavttir.

How is it going?
Mo hurgá?

How is it going?
Mo manná?

Would you like some coffee?
Jugat go gáfe?

What is your name?
Mii du namma lea?

I have many books.
Mus leat ollut girjjit.

He speaks English a little.
Son hupmá veahá eŋgelasgiela .

I know.
Mun dieđán.

I don't know.
Mun in dieđe.

Who are you?
Gii don leat?

Where are you from?
Gos boađát?

What's your name?
Mii du namma lea?

Can you help me?
Sáhtátgo veahkehit?

But why?
Muhto manne?

You are welcome.
Leage buorre.

David is at home.
David lea ruovttus.

David is at home.
Dávvet lea ruovttus.

You learn English.
Don oahpat eŋgelasgiela.

See you.

I want to learn.
Mun áiggun oahppa.

My name is Tom.
Mu namma lea Tom.

Welcome to Tatoeba!
Bures boahtin Tatoebai!

I don't eat meat.
Mun in bora bierggu.

I speak English.
Human eŋgelasgiela.

Thank you.

I only have two children.
Mus leat dušše guokte máná.


I'm Tom.
Mun lean Tom.

I have a cat.
Mus lea bussá.

My name's Tom.
Mu namma lea Tom.

I'm Melanie.
Mun lean Melanie.

He likes girls.
Son ráhkista nieiddaid.

You are welcome!
Leage buorre!

The girl has a white horse.
Nieiddas lea vielges heasta.

She has red flowers.
Sus leat rukses lieđit.

There is an old house on this street.
Dan gujis lea boares viessu.

The boy has a horse.
Bártnis lea heasta.

I am Tom.
Mun lean Tom.

Do you want coffee?
Siđatgo gáfe?

Water is life.
Čáhci lea eallin.

He lives here.
Son orru dás.

Turtles don't have teeth.
Galbarihcis eai leat bánit.

He goes to junior high.
Son vázzá nuoraidskuvlla.

I saw Nils as well
Oidnen maiddái Niillasa.

I saw Nils too
Oidnen maiddái Niillasa.

When will you come again?
Goas don fas boađát?

When are you going back?
Goas don fas boađát?