You made an error.
Tejua otichiu amo cuajli.

You play a musical instrument, don't you?
Tejua titlatzotzona motlatzotzotzin, chica?

You don't remember, I'll never forget.
Amo tiquelnamiqui, Xqueman niquelcahuaz.

Are you content with your position in the company?
Tejua tipaqui ihuan motequiu nican ipan tequicajli?

You have no obligation to help us.
Xmotequitzin matitechpalehui.

Are you interested in flowers?
Ticuelitta xochimej?

You can sing a song.
Tihueli ticuicatiz ce cuicatl.

Are you going to sing?
Ticuicatiz tiaz?

You must go home.
Nonequi matihuiya mochan.

You don't have to stay home.
Xticpia timocahuaz mochan.

You should call your mother as soon as possible.
Nonequi matinotza monan sanimantzin quen tihueli.

How many sisters do you have?
Kezqui mocnisihuahuan tiqimpia?

What time do you leave your work?
Tlen cahuitl tiquiza itech motequitzin?

What time will you have to go to bed?
Tlen cahuitl tiaz timotecaz?

She asked me how old I was.
Yejua onechtlajtoltij quezqui xihuitl niquimpiaya.

What do you have?
Tlenon ticpia?

What are you worrying about?
Tleca timajmantica?

You have everything.
Tejua ticpia nochi.

Can you hear anything?
Tihueli ticaqui xtlaj?

Do you have anything to read?
Ticpia ce amoxtli tiamoxpohuaz?

Do you have any animals?
Tiquimpia sequi yolcamej?

Do you want anything to eat?
Titlacuaznequi itlaj?

Do you believe in any religion?
Ticneltoca ipan ce tlaneltoquiliztli?

How many languages do you speak?
Quezqui tlajtojli titlajtohua?

Can you think of anything else?
Tihueli ticnemili ipan occe tlamantli?

You don't like music.
Xticuelcaqui tlatzotzonajli.

You have to speak English.
Motechnonequi matitlajto ipan ingles.

Are you studying English?
Timomactitica ingles?

Are you listening to English?
Ticaquitica ingles?

Do you know how to speak English?
Tejua ticmati quen titlajtoz ipan ingles?

Do you like Japanese or English?
Tejua ticueltlajto japones noso ingles?

You need to work very hard.
Motechnonequi matitequiti chicahuac.

You must finish this work in a week.
Motechmonequi matitlami yejuin tequitl ipan ce semanajli.

Do you know if Lucy can speak Japanese?
Tejua ticmati tla Luci hueli tlajtohua japones?

You are Simon, son of John.
Tejua ti simon, iconeu juan.

You've never been to Europe, have you?
Xqueman otinem ipan europa, chica?

It is necessary that you take a good rest.
Motechmonequi matimosehui cuacuajli.

You are no longer a baby.
Tejua amo ti conetl.