What are you doing?
¿Taya tijchihua?

What did you buy?
¿Taya tijcojqui?

What time does the bus leave?
¿Taya hora quisas ni autobús?

What are they doing?
¿Taya quichihuaj?

Thank you!

How do you say XXX in Dutch?
¿Quenicatsa niquijtos XXX ica holandés?

I'm hungry!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Se, ome, eyi, nahui, macuili, chicuase, chicome, chicueyi, chicnahui, majtacti.

Where are you going?
¿Canque tiya?

Where are you going?
¿Canque anyahuij?

Where are you going?
¿Canque anyahuij amojuanti?

Are you hungry?


Let's go to my house!
¡Tiyahuij nochaj!

Thanks for letting me know.
Tlascamati techmatiltia.

What are you all doing?
¿Taya tijchihuaj?