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(src)="1"> 3 “ Ka ɔ ja nun lɛ yo sa nga ɔ waan á yó’n ”
(trg)="1"> 1 “ What You Vow , Pay ”

(src)="2"> ?
(src)="3"> Nda nga e tali be Zoova ɲrun’n , e mian e ɲin e yia be nuan ?
(trg)="2"> How many vows have you made to Jehovah ?
(trg)="3"> One , two , or more ?

(src)="4"> I wie yɛle nda nga e tɛli i kɛ é sú i titi’n , ɔ nin nda nga e tali e yi’n annzɛ e wun’n .
(trg)="4"> Do you feel that you are living up to them to the best of your ability ?

(src)="5"> Zɛfte nin Ani be tali Zoova i nda .
(trg)="5"> What about your dedication vow or your marriage vow ?

(src)="6"> Yɛ be yiɛli i nuan .
(src)="7"> Like suanlɛ nga wá kán be ayeliɛ sɔ’n i ndɛ naan e nian su .
(src)="8"> 10 ?
(trg)="6"> This article reminds us of the excellent examples that Jephthah and Hannah set for us as we faithfully strive to fulfill our vows to God .

(src)="9"> Sɛ Ɲanmiɛn Sielɛ blɛ’n ju’n , ngue yɛ ɔ su tranman lɛ kun - ɔn ?
(trg)="7"> 2 What Will Go When God’s Kingdom Comes ?

(src)="10"> Blɛ sunman’n , e bu ninnge nga Zoova wá yó mán e mɛn klanman nun lɔ’n be akunndan .
(trg)="8"> We often think about what Jehovah will give us in Paradise , but in this article , we will focus on what he will take away .

(src)="11"> Ninnge nga be su tranman lɛ kun naan mɛn uflɛ’n i nun tranlɛ’n w’a yo fɛ’n , like suanlɛ nga wá kán be nun nnan be ndɛ .
(trg)="9"> What will Jehovah remove in order to build a peaceful , happy world ?

(src)="12"> Ɔ maan , é láfi Zoova su kpa yɛ é trá e awlɛn é sú i .
(trg)="10"> Contemplating the answer will strengthen our faith and our determination to endure .

(src)="13"> 15 Ɲanmiɛn m’ɔ “ di asiɛ’n sufuɛ’m be kwlaa be jɔlɛ’n ” yo sa’n i nuan su tititi
(trg)="11"> 3 “ The Judge of All the Earth ” Always Does What Is Right

(src)="14"> 21 Maan e klo sa’n i nuan su yolɛ kɛ zoova sa
(trg)="12"> 4 Do You Share Jehovah’s Sense of Justice ?

(src)="15"> Kɛ be yo e bɔbɔ annzɛ e wiengu kun i sa m’ɔ timan su’n , wie liɛ’n , e yoman wun ase kanfuɛ .
(src)="16"> Yɛ ɔ cɛman naan y’a yaci Ɲanmiɛn su lafilɛ .
(trg)="13"> When we believe that we have personally experienced or observed an injustice , our faith , humility , and loyalty may be tested .

(src)="18"> Like suanlɛ nga wá fá e ɲin sie be nun nsan be su naan e klo sa’n i nuan su yolɛ kɛ Zoova sa .
(trg)="14"> These articles examine three Bible accounts that will assist us to have Jehovah’s view of justice .

(src)="19"> 27 Maan e klun klo e di Zoova i junman naan be lɛ i ase
(trg)="15"> 5 May Your Volunteer Spirit Bring Praise to Jehovah !

(src)="20"> Zoova mianman e wun .
(src)="21"> Sanngɛ , kɛ ɔ wun kɛ e tu e klun e su i’n , ɔ yo i fɛ .
(trg)="16"> Jehovah is complete in himself ; yet he is pleased to note our intense interest in supporting his sovereignty .

(src)="22"> Like suanlɛ nga wá fá e ɲin síe i Jɔlɛ Difuɛ Mun ndɛ tre 4 nin 5 be nun ndɛ’m be su .
(src)="23"> Ɔ maan , é wún kɛ Zoova kunndɛ kɛ e di i junman’n e klun klo , yɛ e yo like ng’ɔ kle e’n .
(trg)="17"> Judges chapters 4 and 5 indicate how Jehovah appreciates it when we willingly rally to carry out his clear direction .