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(src)="1"> “ Who of you wanting to build a tower does not first sit down and calculate the expense to see if he has enough to complete it ? ” ​ — LUKE 14 : 28 .
(trg)="1"> “ Ono vwẹ usun rẹ ovwan , rọ guọnọ bọn ohẹrhẹ , ro de je tidia te otọ roro unu ro muru , so se vwo obo ro te vwo ruo gba ? ” — LUK 14 : 28 .

(src)="2"> SONGS : 120 , 44
(trg)="2"> UNE : 120 , 64

(src)="3"> What is maturity , and how did Daniel display that quality ?
(trg)="3"> Die yen o mudiaphiyọ ra vwọ ghwanre tedje , kẹ mavọ yen Daniẹl dje ọnana phia wan ?

(src)="4"> How can you tell if the decision to get baptized comes from your heart ?
(trg)="4"> Mavọ wọ sa vwọ riẹn sẹ orhiẹn wo bruru wo vwo bromaphiyame na ghini nẹ ẹwẹn wẹn rhe ?

(src)="5"> What is dedication , and how is it related to baptism ?
(trg)="5"> Die yen omaẹvwọkpahotọ , kẹ mavọ o vwo churobọ si omaebrophiyame ?

(src)="6"> The following two articles are addressed to young people who are considering baptism
(trg)="6"> E si uyovwinrota nana vẹ ọ rọ vwọ kpahọn vwo rhe ighene re guọnọ bromaphiyame

(src)="7"> 1 , 2 . ( a ) What gives God’s people joy today ?
(trg)="7"> 1 , 2 . ( a ) Die yen kẹ avwanre omavwerhovwẹn nonẹna ?

(src)="8"> ( b ) How can Christian parents and elders help young ones to understand the meaning of baptism ?
(trg)="8"> ( b ) Mavọ yen emiọvwọn vẹ ekpako sa vwọ chọn ighene uko vwọ riẹn oborẹ omaebrophiyame mudiaphiyọ ?

(src)="9"> “ I HAVE known you since you were born , ” said a Christian elder to 12 - year - old Christopher , “ and I’m happy to hear that you want to get baptized .
(trg)="9"> ỌKPAKO ọvo vuẹ Christopher rọhẹ ẹgbukpe 12 nẹ , “ Nẹ ọkiemọ rhe ọyen mi vwo vughe uwe , oma vwerhen ovwẹ mi vwo nyo nẹ wọ guọnọ bromaphiyame .

(src)="10"> I would like to ask you , ‘ Why do you want to take that step ? ’ ”
(trg)="10"> Ẹkẹvuọvo , me guọnọ riẹn , ‘ Diesorọ wọ vwọ jẹ ojẹ nana ? ’ ”

(src)="11"> The elder’s question was valid .
(trg)="11"> O vwo oboresorọ ọkpako na vwọ nọ onọ yena .

(src)="12"> Of course , it gives all of us much joy to see that every year thousands of young people around the world get baptized .
(trg)="12"> Ọ kẹ avwanre aghọghọ siẹrẹ a da mrẹ ighene buebun ri bromaphiyame kukpe kukpe .

(src)="13"> At the same time , Christian parents and elders in the congregation want to make sure that such young ones make a decision that is not only voluntary but also well - founded .
(trg)="13"> ( Aghwoghwo 12 : 1 ) Jẹ ofori nẹ emiọvwọn re dia Inenikristi vẹ ekpako rehẹ ukoko na vwo imuẹro nẹ ighene yen brorhiẹn nana komobọ , ayen je riẹn obo ro mudiaphiyọ re vwo bromaphiyame .

(src)="14"> God’s Word indicates that the steps of dedication and baptism are the start of a life during which Christians will experience blessings from Jehovah but also opposition from Satan .
(trg)="14"> Baibol na yono avwanre nẹ omaẹvwọkpahotọ vẹ omaebrophiyame , eyen ọtonphiyọ rẹ akpeyeren kpokpọ vwọ kẹ Onenikristi .

(src)="15"> Therefore , Christian parents take time to teach their children what is involved in being a disciple of Christ .
(trg)="15"> Akpeyeren kpokpọ nana hwarhiẹ ebruba rẹ Jihova cha , ọtiọyen ji te ẹvwọsuọ rẹ Eshu .

(src)="16"> In the case of young ones who have no Christian parents , the elders in the congregation will lovingly help them to count the cost of discipleship .
(trg)="17"> Ọ da dianẹ esẹ vẹ ini rẹ ighene na hẹ evunrẹ ukoko na - a , ekpako na sa vwẹ ukẹcha vwọ kẹ ayen rere ayen sa vwọ riẹn obo ro mudiaphiyọ ra vwọ vwomakpahotọ ji bromaphiyame .

(src)="17"> ( Read Luke 14 : 27 - 30 . )
(trg)="18"> ( Se Luk 14 : 27 - 30 . )

(src)="18"> Just as it takes planning to complete a building project successfully , so it requires preparation to serve Jehovah faithfully “ to the end . ”
(trg)="19"> Kirobo rọ guọnọ egbemuo a ke sa bọn uwevwin re , o ji fo nẹ ighene nabọ muegbe tavwen ayen ki bromaphiyame rere ayen sa vwọ fuevun ga Jihova “ te oba . ”

(src)="19"> But what can young ones themselves do to become determined to serve Jehovah for the rest of their life ?
(trg)="20"> ( Matiu 24 : 13 ) Die yen cha chọn ighene uko vwo muegbe rẹ ayen vwọ ga Jihova bẹdẹ ?

(src)="20"> Let us see .
(trg)="21"> E jẹ a mrẹ erọnvwọn evo .

(src)="21"> ( a ) What do the words of Jesus and Peter teach us about the importance of baptism ?
(trg)="22"> ( a ) Die yen eta rẹ Jesu vẹ Pita yono avwanre kpahen ọghanrovwẹ rẹ omaebrophiyame ?

(src)="22"> ( b ) What questions will we consider , and why ?
(trg)="23"> ( Matiu 28 : 19 , 20 ; 1 Pita 3 : 21 ) ( b ) Enọ vọ yen a cha fuẹrẹn , kẹ diesorọ ?

(src)="23"> Are you a young person who is considering baptism ?
(trg)="24"> Wẹwẹ eghene rọ guọnọ bromaphiyame ?

(src)="24"> If so , you are to be commended !
(trg)="25"> Ọ da dia ọtiọyen , ọyen omamọ rẹ ojẹ !

(src)="25"> It is a great privilege to get baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses .
(trg)="26"> Ọyen uphẹn rode re vwo bromaphiyame vwọ dia Oseri rẹ Jihova .

(src)="26"> Moreover , baptism is a requirement for Christians , and it is a vital step toward gaining salvation .
(trg)="27"> Ọnana orọnvwọn rẹ Inenikristi eje che ru , a je guọnọ a ke sa wanvrẹ ukpokpogho rode rọ cha na .

(src)="28"> You do well , therefore , to consider three questions that may help you to see if you are ready for baptism .
(trg)="28"> ( Matiu 28 : 19 , 20 ; 1 Pita 3 : 21 ) Omaebrophiyame , ọyen odjephia rẹ uve wẹn wọ vwọ ga Jihova bẹdẹ .

(src)="29"> The questions are as follows : ( 1 ) Am I mature enough to make the decision ?
(trg)="29"> Ofori wọ vwọ yan mu uve yena , ọtiọyena enọ nana cha chọn wẹ uko vwọ riẹn sẹ wo muegbe vwọ kẹ omaebrophiyame re : ( 1 ) Me ghwanre tedje mi vwo brorhiẹn nana re ?

(src)="30"> ( 2 ) Do I have a personal desire to do so ?
(trg)="30"> ( 2 ) Mi vwo owenvwe mi vwo ruo ?

(src)="31"> ( 3 ) Do I understand what it means to be dedicated to Jehovah ?
(trg)="31"> ( 3 ) Me riẹn obo ro mudiaphiyọ me vwọ vwomakpahotọ kẹ Jihova ?

(src)="32"> Let us examine those questions .
(trg)="32"> E jẹ a fuẹrẹn enọ nana .

(src)="33"> 4 , 5 . ( a ) Why is baptism not for older people only ?
(trg)="33"> 4 , 5 . ( a ) Diesorọ a sa vwọ tanẹ ọ dia ihwo re kpakore ọvo yen bromaphiyame - e ?

(src)="34"> ( b ) What does it mean for a Christian to be mature ?
(trg)="34"> ( b ) Die yen o mudiaphiyọ ra vwọ ghwanre tedje ?

(src)="35"> The Bible does not suggest that baptism is a step to be taken only by those who are older or who have reached at least an age at which certain legal rights may be granted .
(trg)="35"> Baibol na tare nẹ ihwo re kpakore ọvo yen bromaphiyame - e , yẹrẹ o vwo ikpe rẹ ohwo te tavwen o ki se bromaphiyame - e .

(src)="36"> We read at Proverbs 20 : 11 : “ Even a child is known by his actions , whether his behavior is pure and right . ”
(trg)="36"> Isẹ 20 : 11 , de se : “ Tobọ uruemu rẹ omotete ọvo ri dje phia , sẹ obo ro ruẹ shephihọ eyẹ ọ chọre . ”

(src)="37"> One who is somewhat younger can realize what it means to do what is right and to be dedicated to his Creator .
(trg)="37"> Ọtiọyena , omotete sa riẹn obo ro mudiaphiyọ re vwo ru obo ri yovwirin , je vwọ vwomakpahotọ kẹ Ọghẹnẹ .

(src)="38"> Thus , baptism is an important and appropriate step for a young person who has manifested considerable maturity and has made a dedication to Jehovah . ​ — Prov .
(src)="39"> 20 : 7 .
(trg)="38"> Kọyensorọ , omaebrophiyame vwọ dia obo re ghanre , ro ji fo vwọ kẹ eghene ro djerephia nẹ ọyen ghwanre tedje re , rọ je vwomakpahotọ vwọ kẹ Jihova nure . — Isẹ 20 : 7 .

(src)="40"> What does it mean to be mature ?
(trg)="39"> Die yen o mudiaphiyọ ra vwọ ghwanre tedje ?

(src)="41"> Maturity involves more than physical growth .
(trg)="40"> Ọkiọvo , ọ diẹ ikpe yẹrẹ ugboma yen a vwọ riẹn sẹ ohwo ghwanre tedje re - e .

(src)="42"> The Bible says that mature people “ have their powers of discernment trained to distinguish both right and wrong . ”
(trg)="41"> Baibol na tare nẹ , ihwo re ghwanre tedje , eyen ihwo ri yono “ ọhọ ” yẹrẹ ẹgba iroro rayen , ayen sa vwọ riẹn ofẹnẹ rẹ obo ri yovwirin vẹ obo re chọre .

(src)="43"> Thus , mature people know what is right in Jehovah’s eyes and are resolved in their heart to stick to it .
(trg)="42"> ( Hibru 5 : 14 ) Ohwo rọ ghwanre tedje riẹn obo ri yovwirin , o ji brorhiẹn ro vwo ruo vẹ ubiudu rọyen .

(src)="44"> As a result , they are not easily swayed to do what is wrong ; nor do they always have to be prodded to do what is right .
(trg)="43"> Ọtiọyena , a sa fobọ phiẹn vwo ruẹ obo re chọre - e .
(trg)="44"> Ọ diẹ ọkieje yen ohwo ọfa je vwọ vuẹ obo ri yovwirin tavwen o ki ruo - o .

(src)="45"> Really , it is only reasonable to expect that a young person who gets baptized will uphold God’s standards even when parents or other adults are not present . ​ — Compare Philippians 2 : 12 .
(trg)="45"> A guọnọre nẹ eghene ro bromaphiyame ru obo ri yovwirin , ọ da tobọ dianẹ ọsẹ vẹ oni rọyen yẹrẹ ihwo efa hẹ etiyi - in . — Ni Filipae 2 : 12 .

(src)="46"> 6 , 7 . ( a ) Describe the challenges Daniel had when he was in Babylon . ( b ) How did Daniel prove to be mature ?
(trg)="46"> 6 , 7 . ( a ) Djisẹ rẹ egbabọse rẹ Daniẹl rhiẹromrẹ vwẹ Babilọn . ( b ) Idjerhe vọ yen Daniẹl vwo djephia nẹ ọyen ghwanre tedje ?

(src)="47"> Can young people really demonstrate such maturity ?
(trg)="47"> Eghene sa ghene ghwanre tedje ?

(src)="48"> Well , consider the Bible example of Daniel .
(trg)="48"> Roro kpahen udje rẹ Daniẹl .

(src)="49"> He may have been in his early teens when he was forcibly taken from his parents into exile in Babylon .
(trg)="49"> Ọ sa dianẹ ọke rọ vwọ hẹ eghene yen e vwo muo jẹ ọsẹ vẹ oni rọyen vwo kpo Babilọn .

(src)="50"> Suddenly , Daniel found himself living among a people who had a completely different concept of right and wrong .
(trg)="50"> Daniẹl da rhe mrẹ oma rọyen vwẹ uvwre rẹ ihwo ri nene irhi rẹ Ọghẹnẹ - ẹ .
(trg)="51"> Ẹkẹvuọvo , e jẹ a nabọ fuẹrẹn ẹdia rẹ Daniẹl .

(src)="51"> In addition , there was another challenge to Daniel’s situation : He was treated as someone special in Babylon .
(trg)="52"> Ihwo vwẹ ẹro ọghanghanre vwo no vwẹ Babilọn .

(src)="52"> In fact , Daniel was one of a number of young people carefully chosen to stand before the king !
(trg)="53"> Ọyen ọvo usun rẹ ighene ra nabọ sane nẹ e ga ovie na .

(src)="53"> Daniel seemingly had opportunities in Babylon that he might never have had in Israel .
(trg)="54"> ( Daniẹl 1 : 3 - 5 , 13 ) Ọhọhọre nẹ ẹdia rẹ Daniẹl hepha vwẹ Babilọn rho vrẹ ọ ro rhe vwo vwẹ Izrẹl .

(src)="54"> How did young Daniel react to all of this ?
(trg)="55"> Die yen Daniẹl ruru ?

(src)="55"> Was he seduced by the glitter and glamour of Babylon ?
(src)="56"> Did he allow his new surroundings to change his identity or sabotage his faith ?
(trg)="56"> Ọ vwẹ uphẹn kẹ ihwo rẹ Babilọn nẹ i wene oka rẹ ohwo rọ hepha , yẹrẹ e guọghọ esegbuyota rọyen ?

(src)="57"> Not at all !
(trg)="57"> Ẹjo , kakaka !

(src)="58"> The Bible says that while in Babylon , Daniel “ resolved in his heart that he would not defile himself ” with anything associated with false worship .
(trg)="58"> Baibol na vuẹ avwanre nẹ , ọ vwọ hẹ Babilọn , Daniẹl brorhiẹn vwẹ ẹwẹn rọyen nẹ o che se “ gbe oma rọye ẹgua - a , ” nẹ ọ cha kẹnoma kẹ kemu kemu ro churobọ si ẹga rẹ efian .

(src)="59"> Daniel showed remarkable maturity !
(trg)="59"> ( Daniẹl 1 : 8 ) Ọyena djerephia nẹ ọ ghwanre tedje dẹn !

(src)="60"> A mature young person does not act like a friend of God at the Kingdom Hall but a friend of the world at school ( See paragraph 8 )
(trg)="60"> Eghene ọshare ro meruẹ kerẹ ugbeyan rẹ Ọghẹnẹ vwevunrẹ Ọguan Ruvie , o de te isikuru o mi rhe ru kerẹ ugbeyan rẹ akpọ na

(src)="61"> What can you learn from Daniel’s example ?
(trg)="61"> Die wo se yono nẹ udje rẹ Daniẹl rhe ?

(src)="62"> What can you learn from Daniel’s example ?
(trg)="62"> Die wo se yono nẹ udje rẹ Daniẹl rhe ?

(src)="63"> For one thing , a mature young person is stable in his convictions .
(trg)="63"> Eghene rọ ghwanre tedje yọnrọn esegbuyota rọyen gan , tobọ vwẹ ọke rẹ edavwini .

(src)="64"> He is not like a chameleon , which changes colors to fit its surroundings .
(trg)="64"> Ọ cha dia eghwughwẹ ro wene ohọroma rọyen vwọ họhọ asan rọ hepha - a .

(src)="65"> He does not act like a friend of God at the Kingdom Hall but a friend of the world at school .
(trg)="65"> O ruẹ kerẹ ugbeyan rẹ Ọghẹnẹ vwẹ Ọguan Ruvie , o mi rhe ru kerẹ ugbeyan rẹ akpọ na vwẹ isikuru - u .

(src)="66"> Rather than getting tossed about , he remains unmovable even during tests of faith . ​ — Read Ephesians 4 : 14 , 15 .
(trg)="66"> Ukperẹ ọtiọyen , ọ fuevun ọkieje , tobọ vwẹ ọke rẹ ọdavwini . — Se Ẹfesọs 4 : 14 , 15 .

(src)="67"> 9 , 10 . ( a ) How might a young person benefit from thinking about how he or she has reacted to recent tests of faith ?
(trg)="68"> 9 , 10 . ( a ) Erere vọ yen se te eghene obọ siẹrẹ o de roro kpahen obo ro ruru ọke ro vwo hirharoku ọdavwini ?

(src)="68"> ( b ) What does baptism mean ?
(trg)="69"> ( b ) Die yen omaebrophiyame ?

(src)="69"> Of course , no one is perfect ; young people as well as adults make mistakes from time to time .
(trg)="70"> Vwọrẹ uyota , avwanre gbare - e .

(src)="70"> Still , as you are considering baptism , it would be wise to analyze to what extent you are resolved in your heart to stick to Jehovah’s standards .
(trg)="71"> Te ighene te imiragua ruẹ chọ .

(src)="71"> How could you measure the strength of your resolve ?
(trg)="72"> ( Aghwoghwo 7 : 20 ) Ẹkẹvuọvo , wọ da guọnọ bromaphiyame , ofori wọ vwọ nabọ fuẹrẹn oma wẹn sẹ wo muegbe wọ vwọ yọnrọn irhi rẹ Jihova .

(src)="72"> Ask yourself , ‘ What is my track record of adhering to God’s standards ? ’
(trg)="73"> Nọ oma wẹn , ‘ Mi nyupho ri Jihova , uvwre ọke ọvo rhire na ? ’

(src)="73"> Give thought to the way you have reacted to recent tests of faith .
(trg)="74"> Roro kpahen obo wo ruru ọke wo vwo hirharoku ọdavwini o kri nọ na - a .

(src)="74"> Have you demonstrated that you have the discernment needed to distinguish right from wrong ?
(trg)="75"> Wo se brorhiẹn rẹ obo ro fori nẹ wo ru ?

(src)="75"> What if , like Daniel , you are treated as special by someone in Satan’s world ?
(trg)="76"> Kerẹ Daniẹl , ohwo ọvo vuẹ wẹ nẹ wọ vwẹ ẹgba wẹn vwo ruiruo kẹ akpọ rẹ Eshu nana ?

(src)="76"> Are you able to “ keep perceiving what the will of Jehovah is ” even when God’s will conflicts with what you are tempted to do ? ​ — Eph .
(src)="77"> 5 : 17 .
(trg)="77"> Ọnana da dia ọdavwini vwọ kẹ wẹ , wo se vwo ẹruọ rẹ oborẹ ọhọre rẹ Jihova hepha ? — Ẹfesọs 5 : 17 .

(src)="78"> Why do we raise these frank questions ?
(trg)="78"> Diesorọ ọ vwọ ghanre a vwọ riẹn ẹkpahọnphiyọ rẹ enọ yena ?

(src)="79"> They are meant to help you put baptism in the right perspective .
(trg)="79"> Kidie e cha chọn avwanre uko vwọ riẹn oborẹ omaebrophiyame ghanre te .

(src)="80"> As mentioned earlier , baptism symbolizes that you made a solemn promise to Jehovah himself .
(trg)="80"> Omaebrophiyame nẹrhẹ ihwo efa riẹn nẹ wo vuve ọghanghanre ọvo vwọ kẹ Jihova .

(src)="81"> You promise that you will love him and serve him forever with your whole heart .
(trg)="81"> Wo veri nẹ wo che vwo ẹguọnọ rọyen , je vwẹ ẹwẹn wẹn eje vwọ ga bẹdẹ bẹdẹ .

(src)="82"> Everyone who gets baptized should be determined to follow through on his promise . ​ — Read Ecclesiastes 5 : 4 , 5 .
(trg)="82"> ( Mak 12 : 30 ) Ofori nẹ kohwo kohwo ro bromaphiyame muegbe ro vwo ru obo ro veri vwọ kẹ Jihova . — Se Aghwoghwo 5 : 4 , 5 .

(src)="83"> 11 , 12 . ( a ) A person who is thinking about getting baptized needs to be sure of what ?
(trg)="83"> 11 , 12 . ( a ) Die yen ohwo rọ guọnọ bromaphiyame vwo imuẹro kpahen ?

(src)="84"> ( b ) What will help you to keep the right view of Jehovah’s arrangement of baptism ?
(trg)="84"> ( b ) Die yen cha chọn wẹ uko vwo vwo ubiẹro rẹ Jihova vwo ni omaebrophiyame ?

(src)="85"> The Bible says that Jehovah’s people , including young ones , “ will offer themselves willingly ” for his service .
(trg)="85"> Baibol na tare nẹ ihwo rẹ Jihova eje , tobọ te ighene , cha vwomakpahotọ ga “ ọphọphẹ . ”

(src)="86"> So a person who is contemplating baptism needs to be sure that this is his or her personal desire .
(src)="87"> That might call for self - scrutiny on your part .
(src)="88"> Why ?
(trg)="86"> ( Une Rẹ Ejiro 110 : 3 ) Ọtiọyena , ohwo rọ guọnọ bromaphiyame ko vwo imuẹro nẹ ọnana orhiẹn romobọ rọyen .

(src)="89"> Because your circumstance as a youth may be somewhat special .
(src)="90"> For example , you may have been raised in the truth .
(trg)="87"> Ofori nẹ wọ nabọ fuẹrẹn ẹdia nana , ma rho ọ da dianẹ e vwiẹ wẹ vwevunrẹ ukoko na .

(src)="91"> Over the years , you have likely seen many people get baptized ​ — including some of your peers and perhaps even your siblings .
(trg)="88"> Ọ sa dianẹ wọ mrẹ ihwo buebun ri bromaphiyame , ọkiọvo igbeyan wẹn yẹrẹ iniọvo wẹn .

(src)="92"> If that is indeed your situation , what should you be careful about ?
(src)="93"> Be alert that you do not come to view baptism as little more than a coming - of - age custom that all young people follow sooner or later .
(trg)="89"> Ẹkẹvuọvo , jomaotọ wo vwo jẹ e roro nẹ ofori wo vwo bromaphiyame kidie wo te ikpe rẹ ohwo ro bromaphiyame re yẹrẹ kidie nẹ ihwo efa bromaphiyame .

(src)="94"> What can you do to make sure that you will keep the right view of Jehovah’s arrangement of baptism ?
(trg)="90"> Mavọ wo se vwo vwo imuẹro nẹ wo vwo oka rẹ ubiẹro rẹ Jihova vwo nẹ omaebrophiyame ?

(src)="95"> Take time often to stop and think about the reasons why getting baptized is so important .
(trg)="91"> Nabọ roro kpahen oboresorọ omaebrophiyame vwọ ghanre .

(src)="96"> In fact , you can find several good reasons in this article and in the next .
(trg)="92"> Wọ cha mrẹ iroro sansan vwẹ uyono nana vẹ ọ rọ cha na .

(src)="97"> How can you tell whether the decision to get baptized comes from your heart ?
(trg)="93"> Mavọ wọ sa vwọ riẹn sẹ orhiẹn wo vwo bromaphiyame na ghini nẹ ẹwẹn wẹn rhe ?

(src)="98"> There are ways in which you will be able to discern whether your decision to get baptized comes from your heart .
(trg)="94"> Idjerhe ọvo wọ cha vwọ riẹn sẹ orhiẹn wo vwo bromaphiyame na ghini nẹ ẹwẹn wẹn rhe , ọyen wọ vwọ fuẹrẹn ẹrhovwo wẹn .

(src)="99"> For example , your heartfelt desire to serve Jehovah will be reflected in your prayers .
(trg)="95"> Brabọ wọ nẹrhovwo vwo rhe Jihova ?
(trg)="96"> Mavọ yen ẹrhovwo wẹn hepha ?

(src)="100"> How often you pray and how specific your prayers are may well reveal how close your relationship with Jehovah is .
(trg)="97"> Ẹkpahọnphiyọ wẹn vwọ kẹ enọ nana se dje oborẹ oyerinkugbe wẹn vẹ Jihova kpẹkpẹ te .

(src)="101"> An important way that Jehovah answers our prayers is by directing our attention to his Word .
(trg)="98"> ( Une Rẹ Ejiro 25 : 4 ) Ọke buebun , Jihova kpahanphiyọ ẹrhovwo rẹ avwanre womarẹ Baibol na .

(src)="102"> Thus , our effort to study the Bible is yet another indication that we really want to draw closer to Jehovah and serve him from the heart .
(trg)="99"> Ọtiọyena , idjerhe ọfa wọ sa vwọ riẹn sẹ wọ ghene guọnọ ga Jihova nẹ ẹwẹn wẹn rhe , ọyen wọ vwọ fuẹrẹn ọrhuẹrẹphiyotọ rẹ uyono romobọ wẹn .

(src)="103"> So ask yourself : ‘ How specific are my prayers ?
(trg)="100"> ( Joshua 1 : 8 ) Nọ oma wẹn : ‘ Mi ruẹ uyono romobọ mẹ ọkieje ?

(src)="104"> How regular is my personal study of the Bible ? ’
(trg)="101"> Mi vwobọ vwẹ ẹga rẹ orua sasasa ? ’

(src)="105"> And if your Christian family has a Family Worship evening , ask yourself : ‘ Do I willingly share in that family arrangement ? ’
(trg)="102"> Ẹkpahọnphiyọ wẹn vwọ kẹ enọ nana cha nẹrhẹ wọ riẹn sẹ orhiẹn wo vwo bromaphiyame na , ghini nẹ otọ rẹ ẹwẹn wẹn rhe .