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(src)="1"> © 2016 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania
(trg)="1"> © 2015 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

(src)="2"> 1 Be Determined to “ Let Your Brotherly Love Continue ” !
(trg)="3"> 7 Ala sara kue ti “ zia yengo tere ti ala ti aita angbâ ti gue ”

(src)="3"> What is our yeartext for 2016 ?
(trg)="4"> Versê ti e ti ngu 2016 ayeke nyen ?

(src)="4"> What should we think of when we look at it throughout the year ?
(trg)="5"> Na ngoi so e yeke bâ versê ti ngu so a yeke nzoni e gbu li ti e na ndo ti nyen ?

(src)="5"> This article will show us how to gain the most benefit from our yeartext .
(trg)="6"> Article so ayeke fa na e tongana nyen la e lingbi ti wara ye ti nzoni mingi na lege ti versê ti e ti ngu so .

(src)="6"> 2 Be Compelled by God’s “ Indescribable Free Gift ”
(trg)="7"> 12 Zia ‘ matabisi ti Nzapa , so a lingbi ti fa nda ni kue pëpe ’ apusu e ti sara ye

(src)="7"> Jehovah has given us what the apostle Paul called God’s “ indescribable free gift . ”
(trg)="8"> Jéhovah amû na e ye so bazengele Paul airi ni ‘ matabisi ti Nzapa , so a lingbi ti fa nda ni kue pëpe . ’ .

(src)="8"> What is that gift ?
(trg)="9"> Matabisi ni so ayeke nyen ?

(src)="9"> How does it compel us to walk in the footsteps of Christ Jesus , to love our brothers , and to forgive others from the heart ?
(trg)="10"> Tongana nyen la ayeke pusu e ti mû tapande ti Christ Jésus , ti ndoye aita ti e nga ti pardonné amba ti e na bê kue ?

(src)="10"> We will answer these questions and consider practical things we can do during the Memorial season .
(trg)="11"> E yeke kiri tënë na ahunda so nga e yeke bâ ambeni ye so e lingbi ti sara na ngoi ti Dango bê na kuâ ti Christ .

(src)="11"> 3 The Spirit Bears Witness With Our Spirit
(trg)="12"> 17 Yingo afa na yingo ti e

(src)="12"> 4 “ We Want to Go With You ”
(trg)="13"> 22 “ Fade e gue na mo ”

(src)="13"> These two articles will explain how someone knows that he or she has received the heavenly calling and what it means for that person to be one of the anointed .
(trg)="14"> A - article so use kue ayeke fa na e tongana nyen la mbeni zo ayeke hinga so a iri lo ti gue na yayu nga tongana a iri lo ti gue na yayu aye ti tene nyen .

(src)="14"> Additionally , we will consider how anointed ones should view themselves and how we should react to any increase in the number of partakers worldwide .
(trg)="15"> E yeke bâ nga lege so a yeke nzoni aChrétien so a soro ala ti gue na yayu abâ na tere ti ala nga ye so a yeke nzoni e sara tongana e bâ so wungo ti azo so ayeke te mapa nga ayeke nyon vin na ngoi ti Dango bê na kuâ ti Christ ague na li ni .

(src)="15"> 5 Working Together With God ​ — A Cause for Rejoicing
(trg)="16"> 28 So e yeke sara kua legeoko na Nzapa asara si e yeke na ngia

(src)="16"> From earliest times , Jehovah has invited others to work with him to accomplish his purpose .
(trg)="17"> Ngbene ye giriri la Jéhovah ayeke hunda na azo ti sara kua legeoko na lo ti sara si ye so lo leke na bê ti lo ti sara aga tâ tënë .

(src)="17"> It is his purpose that a global witness be given , and he has invited us to share in that work .
(trg)="18"> Lo ye ti tene a fa nzoni tënë so na azo na ndo ti sese kue , na lo hunda na e kue ti mû mbage na kua so .

(src)="18"> This article considers the blessings we receive by being God’s fellow workers .
(trg)="19"> Article so ayeke fa na e ndali ti nyen la tongana zo asara kua legeoko na Nzapa lo yeke wara kota ngia .

(src)="19"> COVER IMAGE :

(src)="20"> A pioneer shares a Bible passage with an oxcart driver on the Alley of the Baobabs in Morondava , Madagascar
(trg)="21"> Mbeni pionnier ayeke fa mbeni versê na mbeni zo ti kpengo na charrette so abagara la agboto ni na lege ti aBaobab na Morondava , na Madagascar

(src)="21"> PUBLISHERS

(src)="22"> BIBLE STUDIES
(trg)="23"> A - ÉTUDE


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(src)="1"> “ Let your brotherly love continue . ” ​ — HEB .
(trg)="1"> “ Zia yengo tere ti ala ti aita angbâ ti gue . ” — AHÉB .

(src)="2"> 13 : 1 .
(trg)="2"> 13 : 1 .

(src)="3"> SONGS : 10 , 54
(trg)="3"> ABIA : 72 , 119

(src)="4"> What is brotherly love ?
(trg)="4"> Yengo tere ti aita ayeke nyen ?

(src)="5"> Why is it so important to continue to show brotherly love ?
(trg)="5"> Ngbanga ti nyen a yeke kota ye mingi ti ngbâ ti ye tere tongana aita ?

(src)="6"> How can we show our brotherly love ?
(trg)="6"> Tongana nyen la e lingbi ti fa so e ye tere tongana aita ?

(src)="7"> 1 , 2 .
(trg)="7"> 1 , 2 .

(src)="8"> Why did Paul write a letter to the Hebrew Christians ?
(trg)="8"> Ngbanga ti nyen la Paul atokua lani lettre na aChrétien so ayeke aHébreu ?

(src)="9"> THE year was 61 C.E .
(src)="10"> The Christian congregations throughout Israel were enjoying a period of relative peace .
(trg)="9"> NA NGU 61 , acongrégation so ayeke na Israël ayeke lani kamême na siriri .

(src)="11"> Although the apostle Paul was a prisoner in Rome , he was hoping to be released soon .
(trg)="10"> Atâa so bazengele Paul ayeke lani na kanga na Rome , lo yeke ku lani kungo ti tene a zi lo hio .

(src)="12"> His companion Timothy had just been released , and they were planning to visit their Christian brothers in Judea .
(trg)="11"> A zi lani Timothée , so lo na lo ayeke voyagé , na kanga ade ti ninga ape , na ala leke lani ti gue ti bâ aita so ayeke na Judée .

(src)="13"> However , in five years ’ time , Jerusalem would be “ surrounded by encamped armies , ” just as Jesus had prophesied .
(trg)="12"> Ye oko , gi na yâ ti ngu oku , “ aturugu so ayeke se kando angoro Jérusalem , ” tongana ti so Jésus atene kozo awe .

(src)="14"> Christians in Judea , and especially those living in Jerusalem , would have to act decisively .
(trg)="13"> A lingbi aChrétien so ayeke na Judée , na mbilimbili ala so ayeke na Jérusalem , asara ye hio .

(src)="15"> Jesus had warned them that they would need to flee as soon as they saw these events start to unfold . ​ — Luke 21 : 20 - 24 .
(trg)="14"> Jésus atene lani na ala ti kpe hio tongana ala bâ aturugu so ase kando angoro Jérusalem . — Luc 21 : 20 - 24 .

(src)="16"> In the 28 years since Jesus had uttered that prophecy , the faithful Jewish Christians living in Israel had already faced much opposition and persecution successfully .
(trg)="15"> Jésus amû wango so na adisciple ti lo a sara ngu 28 awe .
(trg)="16"> Na yâ ti angu ni so , aChrétien so ayeke na Jérusalem angbâ lani be - ta - zo atâa akpale nga na akango lege so ala wara .

(src)="17"> Yet , Paul knew that they were about to be confronted with one of the most challenging tests of their faith .
(trg)="17"> Ye oko , Paul ahinga lani so ala ga nduru ti tingbi na ambeni ngangu kpale so ayeke tara mabe ti ala .

(src)="18"> He wanted them to be prepared for whatever might come their way .
(trg)="18"> Lo ye lani ti tene ala leke tere ti ala nzoni ti ku akpale kue so alingbi ti si .

(src)="19"> They would need exceptional endurance and faith ​ — faith strong enough to preserve their lives .
(trg)="19"> Ala yeke na bezoin ti gbu ngangu nga ti duti na kpengba mabe ahon ti kozo si ala lingbi ti sö fini ti ala .

(src)="20"> ( Read Hebrews 10 : 36 - 39 . )
(trg)="20"> ( Diko aHébreu 10 : 36 - 39 . )

(src)="21"> So Paul was prompted by Jehovah’s spirit to write those dear brothers and sisters a letter designed to meet their special needs .
(trg)="21"> Ndani la , yingo ti Jéhovah apusu Paul ti tokua na ala mbeni lettre so ala yeke tâ na bezoin ni .

(src)="22"> That letter is now known as the book of Hebrews .
(trg)="22"> Laso a iri lettre so mbeti na aHébreu .

(src)="23"> Why should we be interested in the book of Hebrews ?
(trg)="23"> Ngbanga ti nyen a lingbi e sara ye alingbi na lettre so Paul atokua na aChrétien so ayeke aHébreu ?

(src)="24"> All of us today should be interested in what Paul wrote to those first - century Hebrew Christians .
(trg)="24"> Laso , a lingbi e nga kue e sara ye alingbi na lettre so Paul atokua lani na akozo Chrétien so ayeke aHébreu .

(src)="25"> Why ?
(trg)="25"> Ngbanga ti nyen ?

(src)="26"> Because we find ourselves in a similar situation .
(trg)="26"> Ngbanga ti so e nga kue e yeke na yâ ti mara kpale so ala yeke na yâ ni lani .

(src)="27"> During these “ critical times hard to deal with , ” Jehovah’s people have faced all types of opposition and persecution .
(trg)="27"> Na yâ ti “ angoi ti akpale so ayeke ngangu na zo ti kanga bê na yâ ni , ” awakua ti Jéhovah agbu ngangu na yâ ti atara nga na akangango lege mingi .

(src)="28"> We have proved beyond doubt that our faith and devotion are strong .
(trg)="28"> Me mingi ti e ayeke na siriri , nga a yeke sara ngangu na e vîi tongaso ape .

(src)="29"> Many of us , though , are now living in a relatively peaceful time , with no outright persecution .
(trg)="29"> Ni la , legeoko tongana ti aChrétien ti ngoi ti Paul , e yeke na bezoin ti tene lê ti e akpengba .

(src)="30"> However , like the Christians in Paul’s day , none of us should lose sight of this key fact ​ — soon we will face the most challenging test of our faith ! ​ — Read Luke 21 : 34 - 36 .
(trg)="30"> Ngbanga ti nyen ?
(trg)="31"> Na yâ ti ngoi kete , e yeke tingbi na mbeni kota kpale so ayeke tara mabe ti e . — Diko Luc 21 : 34 - 36 .

(src)="31"> What is the yeartext for 2016 , and why is it appropriate ?
(trg)="32"> Versê wa la a soro ni ndali ti ngu 2016 ?

(src)="32"> What will help us to prepare for the events that lie immediately ahead of us ?
(trg)="33"> Ngbanga ti nyen a lingbi na ni ?

(src)="33"> In the book of Hebrews , Paul outlines many things that will help us to strengthen our faith .
(trg)="34"> Nyen la ayeke mû maboko na e ti leke tere ti e ndali ti ye so ayeke ku e so ?

(src)="34"> One essential thing is highlighted in the first verse of the last chapter of that letter .
(src)="35"> That verse has been selected to be the yeartext for 2016 .
(trg)="35"> Na yâ ti mbeti so Paul atokua na aHébreu , lo fa gbâ ti aye so alingbi ti mû maboko na e ti kpengba mabe ti e .

(src)="36"> It admonishes us : “ Let your brotherly love continue . ” ​ — Heb .
(src)="37"> 13 : 1 .
(trg)="36"> Mbeni kpengba ye so lo fa ayeke na aHébreu 13 : 1 .
(trg)="37"> Versê ni awa e atene : “ Zia yengo tere ti ala ti aita angbâ ti gue . ”

(src)="38"> Our yeartext for 2016 : “ Let your brotherly love continue . ” ​ — Hebrews 13 : 1
(trg)="39"> Versê ti ngu 2016 : “ Zia yengo tere ti ala ti aita angbâ ti gue . ” — aHébreu 13 : 1

(src)="39"> What is brotherly love ?
(trg)="40"> Yengo tere ti aita ayeke nyen ?

(src)="40"> What does it mean for us to show brotherly love ?
(trg)="41"> Yengo tere ti aita ayeke nyen ?

(src)="41"> The Greek term used by Paul , phi·la·del·phiʹa , literally means “ affection for a brother . ”
(trg)="42"> Tënë ti Grec phi·la·del·phiʹa so Paul asara kua na ni aye ti tene “ tâ yengo so mbeni zo aye na ita ti lo . ”

(src)="42"> Brotherly love is the type of affection that involves a strong , warm , personal attachment , such as to a family member or a close friend .
(trg)="43"> Yengo tere ti aita ayeke tongana mbeni kpengba yengo tere so ayeke na popo ti afami wala akamarade so aye tere mingi .

(src)="43"> We do not pretend to be brothers and sisters ​ — we are brothers and sisters .
(trg)="44"> E yeke tene gi na yanga ape so e yeke aita me e yeke fa so e yeke aita na lege ti asarango ye ti e .

(src)="44"> Our strong feeling of attachment to one another is summed up nicely in these words : “ In brotherly love have tender affection for one another .
(trg)="45"> Paul atene : “ Na yâ ti yengo tere ti aita , zia ala duti na tâ yengo tere na popo ti ala .

(src)="45"> In showing honor to one another , take the lead . ”
(trg)="46"> Na ndo ti tënë ti nengo mba na popo ti ala , zia ala duti azo so amû li ni kozo ti sara ni . ” .

(src)="46"> Combined with principled love , a·gaʹpe , this type of love promotes close companionship among God’s people .
(trg)="47"> Mara ti yengo tere so akpengba songo so ayeke na popo ti awakua ti Nzapa .

(src)="47"> How do true Christians understand the meaning of brotherly love ?
(trg)="48"> Azo wa la atâ Chrétien ayeke bâ ala tongana aita ti ala ?

(src)="48"> “ ‘ Brotherly love , ’ ” according to one scholar , “ is a relatively rare term outside of Christian literature . ”
(trg)="49"> Na yâ ti ambeti so aChrétien asû , a yeke wara tënë “ yengo tere ti aita ” fani mingi .

(src)="49"> In Judaism , the meaning of the word “ brother ” sometimes extended beyond those who were literally relatives , but its meaning was still restricted to those within the Jewish nation and did not include Gentiles .
(trg)="50"> Na ngoi ti aJuif ândö , mingi ni , tënë “ ita ” aye ti sara tënë ti mbeni zo ti sewa na alingbi nga ti sara tënë ti mbeni zo so ayeke na yâ ti sewa ni ape .
(trg)="51"> Me tongana zo ni ayeke Juif ape , ala yeke iri lo ita ape .

(src)="50"> However , Christianity embraces all believers , no matter what their nationality .
(trg)="52"> Ye oko , ti e so e yeke atâ Chrétien zo kue so ayeke tâ Chrétien ayeke “ ita ” ti e atâa mara ti lo ayeke nyen .

(src)="51"> As brothers , we have been taught by Jehovah to have brotherly affection for one another .
(trg)="53"> Jéhovah afa na e ti ye tere na popo ti e tongana aita .

(src)="52"> But why is it vital that we let our brotherly love continue ?
(trg)="54"> Me ngbanga ti nyen a yeke kota ye ti ngbâ ti ye tere tongana aita ?

(src)="53"> ( a ) What is the most important reason for us to show brotherly love ?
(trg)="55"> ( a ) Kota raison wa la apusu e ti ye tere na popo ti e ?

(src)="54"> ( b ) Give another reason why it is important to strengthen our affection for one another .
(trg)="56"> ( b ) Fa mbeni raison so ndali ni a yeke kota ye ti ye tere na popo ti e .

(src)="55"> The simple answer is that Jehovah requires us to show brotherly love to one another .
(trg)="57"> Kota raison so apusu e ti ye tere na popo ti e ayeke so Jéhovah la ahunda na e ti sara tongaso .

(src)="56"> We cannot claim to love God and at the same time refuse to love our brothers .
(trg)="58"> E lingbi pëpe ti tene so e ye Jéhovah na oko ngoi ni e ke ti ye aita ti e .

(src)="57"> Additionally , we need one another .
(src)="58"> This is especially true in times of trouble .
(trg)="59"> Na ndo ni , e yeke na bezoin ti aita ti e , mbilimbili na ngoi ti akpale .

(src)="59"> Paul knew that some of the Hebrew Christians to whom he was writing would soon need to leave their homes and material possessions .
(trg)="60"> Paul ahinga lani so ambeni Chrétien so ayeke aHébreu , so lo tokua mbeti na ala , ayeke dö ande ada ti ala na akungba ti ala ti zia ti hon .

(src)="60"> Jesus had described how difficult that time would be .
(trg)="61"> Jésus afa lani so ngoi ni so ayeke duti ngangu mingi .

(src)="61"> So more than ever before , those Christians needed to strengthen their affection for one another . ​ — Rom .
(trg)="62"> Kozo na ngoi ni so , aChrétien so ayeke tâ lani na bezoin ti ye tere mingi na popo ti ala . — aRom .

(src)="62"> 12 : 9 .
(trg)="63"> 12 : 9 .

(src)="63"> What do we need to do now before the start of the great tribulation ?
(trg)="64"> Nyen la a lingbi e sara laso kozo si kota ye ti vundu akomanse ?

(src)="64"> Soon the destructive winds of the greatest tribulation of all time will be released .
(trg)="65"> Kota ye ti vundu so mara ni ade asi lâ oko ape ayeke nduru ti si .

(src)="65"> Then , we will do well to heed this inspired counsel : “ Go , my people , enter your inner rooms , and shut your doors behind you .
(trg)="66"> E yeke tâ na bezoin ande ti sara ye alingbi na wango so , so atene : “ I ga , i azo ti mbi , i lï na da ti i , i kanga yanga ti da ti i na peko ti i ; i honde tere ti i kete , juska ngonzo ahon . ” .

(src)="66"> Hide yourself for a brief moment until the wrath has passed by . ”
(trg)="67"> “ Da ti i ” so a sara tënë ni ge so alingbi ti duti acongrégation ti e .

(src)="67"> These “ inner rooms ” may refer to our congregations .
(trg)="68"> Ndo so la e na aita ti e , e yeke ga dä ti voro Jéhovah .

(src)="69"> But it is not enough for us to meet together regularly .
(trg)="69"> Gi gango na bungbi lakue alingbi ape .

(src)="70"> Paul reminded the Hebrew Christians that they should use such occasions to incite one another “ to love and fine works . ”
(trg)="70"> Lani Paul adabe ti aChrétien Hébreu so a yeke nzoni ala pusu mba ti duti na “ ndoye na ti sara apendere kusala ” . .

(src)="71"> We need to develop our brotherly love now , for it will help us during whatever tests and trials we may face in the future .
(trg)="71"> Laso a yeke nzoni e ye tere mingi tongana aita , sarango tongaso ayeke mû maboko na e ti gbu ngangu na yâ ti akpale nga na akangango lege kue so e yeke tingbi ande na ni .

(src)="72"> ( a ) What opportunities do we have to show brotherly love today ?
(trg)="72"> ( a ) Alege wa la azi na e ti fa tâ yengo tere ti aita laso ?

(src)="73"> ( b ) Give examples of how Jehovah’s people have shown brotherly love .
(trg)="73"> ( b ) Mû ambeni tapande so afa so awakua ti Jéhovah aye tere tongana aita .

(src)="74"> Even now , before the outbreak of the great tribulation , we have a strong need for brotherly love .
(trg)="74"> Même laso , kozo si kota ye ti vundu ato nda ni , e yeke na bezoin ti ye tere mingi tongana aita .

(src)="75"> Many of our brothers have been adversely affected by earthquakes , floods , hurricanes , tsunamis , or other natural disasters .
(trg)="75"> Mingi ti aita ti e abâ pasi ndali ti yengingo ti sese , ngu so asuku amû ndo , kota pupu , ngu - ingo so asuku wala ambeni kpale nde .

(src)="76"> Some brothers are suffering because of opposition and persecution .
(trg)="76"> Ambeni ayeke bâ pasi ndali ti kangango lege .

(src)="77"> Added to all of this are the economic woes we experience daily as a result of living in this corrupt system of things .
(trg)="77"> Na ndo ni , lâ oko oko e yeke tingbi na kpale ti nginza ndali ti so e yeke na yâ ti sioni dunia so .

(src)="78"> As such problems increase , so do our opportunities to demonstrate the depth of our brotherly affection .
(trg)="78"> Teti so akpale so ayeke gue na li ni mingi , lege azi na e nga ti fa tâ yengo tere ti aita .

(src)="79"> Even though “ the love of the greater number [ of people ] will grow cold , ” we need to prove that our brotherly love continues . ​ — Matt .
(trg)="79"> Atâa so ‘ ndoye ti mingi ti azo ayeke dë ’ a lingbi e fa so e ngbâ ti ye tere mingi tongana aita . — Mat .