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(src)="1"> 1 Being Faithful Leads to God’s Approval
(trg)="2"> 5 Zambe a nye’e bôt ba kôme wulu mezene mé

(src)="2"> This article highlights what moved Jephthah and his daughter to live by divine principles despite challenging circumstances .
(trg)="3"> Ayé’é di da liti bia jé é nga tindi Jephthé , ba ngo jé na be nyiñ avale miñye’elane ya Kalate Zambe mia jô , akusa bo abui minjuk .

(src)="3"> We learn why gaining God’s approval is worth any sacrifice .
(trg)="4"> Bia ye yen amu jé e late ngbwa a Zambe a dañe mfi , a lôte nyumane bia nyum bia bebiene mam .

(src)="4"> 2 “ Let Endurance Complete Its Work ”
(trg)="6"> 13 “ Mban ô sondô’ô bo ésaé jé ”

(src)="5"> To receive the gift of eternal life , we must endure to the end .
(trg)="7"> Asu na bi bi ényiñe ya melu mese , bia yiane bo mban ya jibi akekui asu’ulan .

(src)="6"> This article reviews four things that will help us to endure and three examples of steadfast endurance .
(trg)="8"> Ayé’é di da liti bia mam menyin ma ye volô bia na bi bo mban , a bive’ela bi bôte bilal be nga ke ôsu a bo mban ya jibi .

(src)="7"> It also explains the work that endurance must complete in each of us .
(trg)="9"> Da ye fe kate bia ésaé mban wo yiane bo be môt ase ya be bia .

(src)="8"> 3 Why Should We Meet Together for Worship ?
(trg)="10"> 18 Amu jé bia yiane tabe bisulan ?

(src)="9"> All Christians face obstacles that can make it difficult to attend congregation meetings .
(trg)="11"> Bekristen bese ba tôbane minju’u mi ne bo na , be yen ayaé ya tabe bisulan .

(src)="10"> To motivate us to overcome these obstacles , this article considers how our attending meetings affects us and others and what it means to Jehovah God .
(trg)="12"> Asu na bi dañe minju’u mite , ayé’é di da ye liti bia mfi bia be bôte bevo’o bia yen éyoñe bia tabe bisulan .
(trg)="13"> A aval avé ntabane bia tabe bisulane wo ve Yéhôva Zambe nleme mevak .

(src)="11"> 4 Maintain Your Neutrality in a Divided World
(trg)="15"> 27 Te nyoñe ngap a mam ya émo é ne mengame mengam ji

(src)="12"> As human governments near their end , we can expect them to become less and less tolerant of our neutral stand .
(trg)="16"> Nté bijôé bi bôt bia ke memane , bi nji yiane bo fe’e ne vema nge bi ne ôngase , éyoñe bia yene na bi nji nyoñe ngap a mam ya émo ji .

(src)="13"> This article identifies four keys to maintaining our neutrality and avoiding compromise .
(trg)="17"> Ayé’é di da liti bia mam menyin me ne volô bia na bi bo teke nyoñe ngap a mam ya émo ji , a na bi ba’ale ntyi’ane te .

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(src)="1"> “ Be imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises . ” ​ — HEB .
(trg)="1"> ‘ Bo’oné bevu be ba ya be anyoñe ngabe ya mintiñetan , amu mbunan a mbane ya jibi . ’ ​ — BEH .

(src)="2"> 6 : 12 .
(trg)="2"> 6 : 12 .

(src)="3"> SONGS : 20 , 54
(trg)="3"> BIA : 86 , 54

(src)="4"> How can the example of Jephthah and his daughter help us resist worldly influences ?
(trg)="4"> Aval avé éve’ela Jephthé ba ngo jé , é ne volô bia na , bi wosane mbia be mam ?

(src)="5"> What Bible principles do you find helpful in resolving personal conflicts ?
(trg)="5"> Miñye’elane ya Kalate Zambe mivé , mia ye volô wo na , ô tyik avale wo ye dañe minju’u ya ényiñe jôé ?

(src)="6"> How has this article encouraged you to make sacrifices for the Kingdom ?
(trg)="6"> Aval avé ayé’é di da ve wo ngule ya nyume womiene mam asu Éjôé Zambe ?

(src)="7"> 1 , 2 .
(trg)="7"> 1 , 2 .

(src)="8"> What challenge did Jephthah and his daughter face ?
(trg)="8"> Été évé Jephthé ba ngo jé be nga tele ?

(src)="9"> THE anxious wait is over .
(trg)="9"> NLEM ô tyele ngone Jephthé yôp .

(src)="10"> Relieved to see her father returning safely from battle , the young woman races to greet him and rejoices over his astounding victory .
(trg)="10"> Ve a suu abuk éyoñ , a yen ane ésa a bulane mvo’é bita .
(trg)="11"> A ke wubane nye a mevak amu ésa wé a ke dañe bita .

(src)="11"> Instead of joining her in song and dance , he rips apart his battle - stained garments and cries out : “ Oh no , my daughter !
(trg)="12"> Nté a ke tôban ésa wé a yia bia a jeme fe , ésa nye a viane nyabe mengômesane mé , a jô’ô yôp été na : “ A ngo jam , ô wuaya ma e beta nju’u été . ”

(src)="12"> You have broken my heart . ”
(trg)="13"> Ôsusua na a bulan , Jephthé a nga bo Yéhôva ngaka’a é mbe na ja ye tyendé ényiñe ngo jé nnôm éto .

(src)="13"> Then he utters the words that change her life forever , shattering her dreams and hopes of a normal life .
(trg)="14"> Ndi nlem a minkômbane ngone minga éte é mbe é bili mi nga mane jañ .

(src)="14"> Yet , without hesitation , she makes a beautiful reply , encouraging her father to follow through on what he promised Jehovah .
(trg)="15"> Ve e temeteme na , a nga viane ve ésa wé éyalane ja ve nye ngule ya tôé ngaka’a a nga bo Yéhôva .

(src)="15"> Her words reveal her great faith .
(trg)="16"> Éyalane jé ja liti na , a bili ngule mbunan .

(src)="16"> She trusts that whatever Jehovah asks is best for her .
(trg)="17"> A to ndi na , jam ése Yéhôva a ye jô nye na a bo , da ye bo asu mvo’é jé .

(src)="17"> Her father’s heart swells with pride because he knows that his daughter’s willingness to support his decision brings Jehovah’s smile of approval .
(trg)="18"> ( Bm .
(trg)="19"> 11 : 34 - 37 ) Ésa wé a bo mengo’o dol , amu a yeme na , ngo jé ja ye su’u ntyi’ane te a nleme wé ôse .
(trg)="20"> Mboane te wo ve Yéhôva nlem mevak .

(src)="18"> Jephthah and his God - fearing daughter put their trust and confidence in Jehovah’s way of doing things , even when it was hard to do so .
(trg)="21"> Jephthé , ba ngo jé é mbe é ko Yéhôva woñ , be mbe be to ndi na , mam mese Yéhôva a bo me ne mvo’é , ja’a é mbe ayaé asu dap na , be tôé ngaka’a éte .

(src)="19"> They were convinced that gaining God’s approval was worth any sacrifice .
(trg)="22"> Bese bebaane be mbe be yeme na , asu na Yéhôva a botane be , ba yiane nyume bebiene mam .

(src)="20"> Why can the example of Jephthah and his daughter be helpful for us today ?
(trg)="23"> Amu jé éve’ela Jephthé ba ngo jé , é ne volô bia melu ma ?

(src)="21"> We know that it is not always easy to stay faithful to Jehovah .
(trg)="24"> Bia yeme na , é nji bo tyi’ibi éyoñ ése na , bi ke ôsu a wulu ba’aba’a a Yéhôva .

(src)="22"> The reality is that we need to “ put up a hard fight for the faith . ”
(trg)="25"> É ne été na , bia yiane “ wosan , a kamane mbunane ” wongan .

(src)="23"> To help us do so , let us consider the challenges that Jephthah and his daughter successfully coped with .
(trg)="26"> ( Jude 3 , Mfefé Nkôñelan ) Asu na bi bo de , bi tame zu yene minju’u Jephthé ba ngo jé be nga dañ .

(src)="24"> How did they remain faithful to Jehovah ?
(trg)="27"> Aval avé be nga ke ôsu a wulu ba’aba’a a Yéhôva ?

(src)="25"> 4 , 5 . ( a ) What command did Jehovah give the Israelites when they entered the Promised Land ?
(trg)="28"> 4 , 5 . ( a ) Atiñ avé Yéhôva a nga ve bone b’Israël éyoñe be nga nyiine si ya ntiñetan ?

(src)="26"> ( b ) According to Psalm 106 , what happened to the Israelites because of their disobedience ?
(trg)="29"> ( b ) Avale kalate Besam 106 a jô , jé é nga kui bone b’Israël amu melo be nga bo Zambe ?

(src)="27"> Every day , Jephthah and his daughter would have been reminded of the disastrous consequences of unfaithfulness to Jehovah .
(trg)="30"> Jephthé ba ngo jé be mbe be simesane môs ôse , mbia be mam me nga kui bone b’Israël , éyoñe be nga bo Yéhôva melo .

(src)="28"> Nearly 300 years earlier , their forefathers had been commanded to exterminate all the pagan inhabitants in the Promised Land .
(trg)="31"> Bebé mimbu 300 mvus , Yéhôva a nga ve bone b’Israël atiñe na , be wôé bôte bese be mbe be nyoñe ngap a évuse nkañan éyoñe be nga nyiine si ya ntiñetan .
(trg)="32"> ( Dt .

(src)="29"> The Israelites ’ failure to obey led many of them to adopt the sinful ways of the Canaanites , causing them to become ensnared by false gods and degenerate , immoral practices . ​ — Read Psalm 106 : 34 - 39 .
(trg)="33"> 7 : 1 - 4 ) Bone b’Israël be nga bo melo , ane abui ya été , é nga taté na da vu fatane mboane mam ya bôte ya Canaan .
(trg)="34"> Mboane te ô nga bo na be taté na ba kañe bivuse bezambe a nyiñe mvite binyiñ . ​ — Lañe Besam 106 : 34 - 39 .

(src)="30"> That rebellion , in turn , brought Jehovah’s disapproval ; he no longer granted them his protective care .
(trg)="35"> Engana’a te é nga bo na , Yéhôva a lume be mvus , a bo teke beta nyoñe be ngap .
(trg)="36"> ( Bm .
(trg)="37"> 2 : 1 - 3 , 11 - 15 ; Bs .

(src)="31"> What a challenge it must have been for God - fearing families to remain loyal to Jehovah during those hard years !
(trg)="38"> 106 : 40 - 43 ) Jame te é mbe njuk asu menda me bôte me mbe me ko’o Yéhôva woñ , a me mbe me kômbô’ô ke ôsu a wulu ba’aba’a a nye !

(src)="32"> Nevertheless , the Bible reveals that there were faithful ones , such as Jephthah and his daughter as well as Elkanah , Hannah , and Samuel , who were determined to gain God’s approval . ​ — 1 Sam .
(trg)="39"> Ve Kalate Zambe a kobô ajô ya bôt be nga wulu ba’aba’a a Yéhôva , aval ane Jephthé ba ngo jé , Elkana , Anne a Samuel .
(trg)="40"> Bôte bete be nga nyoñe ntyi’ane ya ve Yéhôva nleme mevak . ​ — 1 Sam .

(src)="33"> 1 : 20 - 28 ; 2 : 26 .
(trg)="41"> 1 : 20 - 28 ; 2 : 26 .

(src)="34"> What worldly influences exist today , and what must we do ?
(trg)="42"> Melu ma , ényiñe bôt é luu mam mevé , a jé bia yiane bo ?

(src)="35"> We live in a world where people think and act in ways that are similar to those in ancient Canaan ​ — they glorify sex and violence and promote materialism .
(trg)="43"> Bôte ya melu ma , ba fas a bo mam avale bôte ya Canaan be mbe be bo’o melu mvus .
(trg)="44"> Nleme wop ôse ô luu ve mam bisôk , évô , a biôm bi mo .

(src)="36"> Jehovah has given us clear warnings ​ — just as he did the Israelites — ​ to safeguard us from such influences .
(trg)="45"> Aval ane bone b’Israël , Yéhôva a nga ve bia mebendé ma yian asu na , bi bo teke vu mimboane mi mam mi bôte bete .

(src)="37"> Will we learn from the mistakes of the Israelites ?
(trg)="46"> Ye bia ye fo’o nyoñe sikôlô a so bikobe biap ?

(src)="38"> We must strive to remove any trace of Canaanitelike thinking from our lives .
(trg)="47"> ( 1 Bec .
(trg)="48"> 10 : 6 - 11 ) Bia yiane jeñe na bi vaa mon ôsimesan ase bi ne bi ényiñe jangan , a funa’an asimesane Becananéen .
(trg)="49"> ( Ber .

(src)="39"> Have we been faithful in making an effort to do so ?
(trg)="50"> 12 : 2 ) Ye bia liti na bia wulu ba’aba’a a Zambe , a mveane bia ve ngul ése na bi bo de ?

(src)="40"> ( a ) What did Jephthah’s own people do to him ?
(trg)="51"> ( a ) Jé bôte ya ayoñe Jephthé be nga bo nye ?

(src)="41"> ( b ) How did Jephthah react ?
(trg)="52"> ( b ) Jé Jephthé a nga bo ?

(src)="42"> In Jephthah’s day , the disobedience of the Israelites resulted in their becoming enslaved to the Philistines and the Ammonites .
(trg)="53"> Melu me Jephthé , bone b’Israël be nga bo melo , ane be nga bo alo Bephilistin a b’Ammonite .
(trg)="54"> ( Bm .

(src)="43"> However , Jephthah’s challenges came not only from the enemy nations but also from his own brothers and the leaders of Israel .
(trg)="55"> 10 : 7 , 8 ) Ane ô vaa étibela’a ya meyoñe mete , Jephthé a mbe fe a tôba’ane minju’u mi so’o be bobenyañe bé , a be betebe ôsu ya ayoñ Israël .

(src)="44"> Jealousy and hatred moved his half brothers to drive him away , illegally depriving him of his rightful inheritance as firstborn .
(trg)="56"> Bobenyañ bé be mbe be bo’o nye eviele , be vini’i fe nye , jôme te nje be nga titane nye éli’i jé a mbe na , a yiane nyoñ amu a mbe ntôle mon .
(trg)="57"> ( Bm .

(src)="45"> Jephthah refused to allow their cruel behavior to control his attitude .
(trg)="58"> 11 : 1 - 3 ) Jephthé a nji jô’é na , njete jap é bo na a tyendé mefulu mé .

(src)="46"> Instead of spitefully ignoring a plea for help from the elders of the nation , he came to their aid .
(trg)="59"> Akusa bo na jam be nga bo nye é nga taé nye nlem , éyoñe bemvendé ya ayoñ be nga sili nye mvolan , a nga yebe .
(trg)="60"> ( Bm .

(src)="47"> What may have motivated Jephthah to react as a spiritual man ?
(trg)="61"> 11 : 4 - 11 ) Jé é nga yiane tindi Jephthé na , a nyoñe ntyi’an ane étôtôlô môt ?

(src)="48"> 8 , 9 . ( a ) What principles in the Mosaic Law may have helped Jephthah ?
(trg)="62"> 8 , 9 . ( a ) Miñye’elane mivé , mi ne metiñe me Moïse , mi nga yiane volô Jephthé ?

(src)="49"> ( b ) What was of greatest importance to Jephthah ?
(trg)="63"> ( b ) Jé é mbe é dañe mfi mise me Jephthé ?

(src)="50"> Not only was Jephthah a mighty warrior but he was a student of God’s dealings with His people .
(trg)="64"> Jephthé a mbe ngungule mbo bita .
(trg)="65"> A mbe fe a tuka’a yem avale Yéhôva a wulu bebo bisaé bé .

(src)="51"> Jephthah’s thorough grasp of Israel’s history gave him a clear picture of what was right and what was wrong in Jehovah’s eyes .
(trg)="66"> Ñyemane Jephthé a mbe a yeme ényiñe ya ayoñ Israël ô nga bo na , a tu’a yeme jé é ne mvaé , a jé é ne abé mise me Zambe .

(src)="52"> Godly principles that were embedded in the Mosaic Law molded Jephthah’s thinking as well as his heart .
(trg)="67"> ( Bm 11 : 12 - 27 ) Miñye’elane mi mbe metiñe me Moïse , mi nga mane ke mia mé ôsimesan a nleme Jephthé .

(src)="53"> He knew that Jehovah disapproved of holding grudges ; rather , God required that His people love one another .
(trg)="68"> A mbe a yem ôsimesane Yéhôva a lat a ôlun a akuna’a .
(trg)="69"> A mbe fe a yeme na , Yéhôva a yi na bebo bisaé bé be nye’esan .

(src)="54"> The Law also taught that a person must not ignore the needs of others , even of someone who “ hates ” him . ​ — Read Exodus 23 : 5 ; Leviticus 19 : 17 , 18 .
(trg)="70"> Nde fe , metiñe me Moïse me nga ye’ele Jephthé aval a mbe a yiane nyoñe bôte bevok , ja’a besiñe bé . ​ — Lañe Nkôlan 23 : 5 ; Lévitique 19 : 17 , 18 .

(src)="55"> Examples of faithful ones like Joseph , who showed mercy to his brothers ​ — even though “ they began to hate him ” — ​ may also have influenced Jephthah’s response .
(trg)="71"> Abui bive’ela bi bôt be nga wulu ba’aba’a a Zambe é nga volô Jephthé .
(trg)="72"> Bi ne lañ éve’ela Joseph , nnye ate a nga liti bobenyañe bé nye’an akusa bo na , “ be nga taté na ba vini nye . ”
(trg)="73"> ( Met .

(src)="56"> Meditating on such examples would have helped Jephthah to choose a course of action that was pleasing to Jehovah .
(trg)="74"> 37 : 4 ; 45 : 4 , 5 , Mfefé Nkôñelan ) Éko éziñe mfasane Jephthé a nga fas bive’ela bite , ô nga volô nye na , a tobe na a ve Yéhôva nlem mevak .

(src)="57"> The conduct of his brothers no doubt hurt him deeply , but he would not hold back from serving Jehovah and His people .
(trg)="75"> Jôme bobenyañe be Jephthé be nga bo nye é nga taé nye nlem abui , ve a nji telé mboane Yéhôva ésaé , nge saéane ayoñe dé .
(trg)="76"> ( Bm .

(src)="58"> The fight to defend Jehovah’s name was more important to Jephthah than any personal conflicts .
(trg)="77"> 11 : 9 ) E kaman éyôlé Yéhôva a ayoñe dé , é mbe mfi abui mise me Jephthé , a lôte ôlun a mbe a wô’ôk .

(src)="59"> He was determined to be faithful to Jehovah , resulting in good for himself and for others . ​ — Heb .
(trg)="78"> A nga nyoñe ntyi’ane ya wulu ba’aba’a a Yéhôva .
(trg)="79"> Ntyi’ane te ô nga so nye , a bone b’Israël , bibotane bi Yéhôva . ​ — Beh .

(src)="60"> 11 : 32 , 33 .
(trg)="80"> 11 : 32 , 33 .

(src)="61"> How can we allow divine principles to help us act as Christians today ?
(trg)="81"> Aval avé miñye’elane mi Zambe , mi ne volô bia melu ma na , bi bo mam ane Bekristen ?

(src)="62"> Will we allow Jephthah’s example to touch our hearts ?
(trg)="82"> Ye bia ye jô’é na éve’ela Jephthé é nambe bia nlem ?

(src)="63"> Perhaps we have experienced disappointment or ill - treatment from certain Christian brothers .
(trg)="83"> É ne kui na bobejañe ya akônda be bo bia mam ma bo na bi wô’ô ôlun , nge na be bo bia mbia be mam .

(src)="64"> If so , we should not allow such challenges to hold us back from attending Christian meetings or serving Jehovah and being with the congregation to the full .
(trg)="84"> Nge nalé , bi nji yiane jô’é na , mam bôte ba bo bia me bo na , bi bo teke ke bisulan , nge kañe Yéhôva fufulu a akônda .

(src)="65"> In imitation of Jephthah , we too can allow divine standards to help us overcome negative circumstances and continue to be a force for good . ​ — Rom .
(trg)="85"> Nge bia vu Jephthé , bia fe bi ne jô’é na , miñye’elane ya Kalate Zambe mi volô bia na , bi dañe mbia be mam , a na , bi bi ngule ya bo mbamba be mam . ​ — Ber .

(src)="66"> 12 : 20 , 21 ; Col .
(trg)="86"> 12 : 20 , 21 ; Beco .

(src)="67"> 3 : 13 .
(trg)="87"> 3 : 13 .

(src)="68"> 11 , 12 .
(trg)="88"> 11 , 12 .

(src)="69"> What vow did Jephthah make , and what did this involve ?
(trg)="89"> Ngaka’a fé Jephthé a nga bo , a é mbe é tinan aya ?

(src)="70"> Jephthah realized that he would need God’s help to free Israel from the Ammonites .
(trg)="90"> Jephthé a mbe a yeme na , a yi mvolane Zambe ndemben a kôté bone b’Israël étibila’a bone b’Ammon .

(src)="71"> He promised Jehovah that if He gave him the victory , he would offer to Jehovah , as “ a burnt offering , ” the first one who came out of his house when he returned home from the battle .
(trg)="91"> A nga ka’a Yéhôva na , nge a bo na a dañe bita , môt ôsu a ye taté kui mimbé ya nda jé , éyoñ a ye bulane bita , a ye ve nye “ mveane b’adi’i nduan . ”
(trg)="92"> ( Bm .

(src)="72"> What did that offering involve ?
(trg)="93"> 11 : 30 , 31 ) Nalé a tinan aya ?

(src)="73"> The sacrificing of humans is something detestable to Jehovah .
(trg)="94"> Yéhôva a vini na , be di’i môt a binam nduan ane metuna’a .

(src)="74"> Thus , it is clear that Jephthah did not intend to sacrifice anyone literally .
(trg)="95"> Nde é ne fo’o été na , Jephthé a nji be a simesa’ane na , a ye di’i môt ase a ye kui mimbé ya nda jé , ane metuna’a .

(src)="75"> Under the Mosaic Law , a burnt offering was given entirely to Jehovah , so Jephthah evidently meant that he would devote the person to the exclusive service of God .
(trg)="96"> ( Dt .
(trg)="97"> 18 : 9 , 10 ) Melu me Moïse , be mbe be va’a Yéhôva betite be ne mingumba .

(src)="76"> This promise implied permanent service at the tabernacle .
(trg)="98"> Nde ngaka’a Jephthé a nga bo ja tinane na , môt a ye kui mimbé ya nda jé , a ye bo Yéhôva ésaé ngumba ényiñe jé ése e tabernacle .

(src)="77"> Jehovah accepted Jephthah’s terms and blessed him with a resounding victory , striking and subduing the enemy .
(trg)="99"> Yéhôva a nga kañese ngaka’a Jephthé a nga bo nye , a bo na a dañe bone b’Ammon bita .
(trg)="100"> ( Bm .

(src)="78"> But who would be the person given as “ a burnt offering ” to God ?
(trg)="101"> 11 : 32 , 33 ) Ve za nye Jephthé a nga ve Yéhôva “ mveane b’adi’i nduan ” ?

(src)="79"> 13 , 14 .
(trg)="102"> 13 , 14 .

(src)="80"> What do Jephthah’s words recorded at Judges 11 : 35 reveal about his faith ?
(trg)="103"> Aval avé mejô me Jephthé me ne kalate Betyi’i Mejô 11 : 35 ma liti mbunane wé ?

(src)="81"> Recall the scene described at the beginning of this article .
(trg)="104"> Tame beta simesane nkañete bia te laan atata’a ya ayé’é di .

(src)="82"> When Jephthah returns from battle , who goes out to meet him but his beloved daughter , his only child !
(trg)="105"> Éyoñe Jephthé a nga bulane bita , môt ôsu a nga ke tôbane nye , a mbe ngo jé a mbe a nyeke’e abui , atyi’i mone dé .

(src)="83"> Now comes the test .
(trg)="106"> Jame te é nga beta telé Jephthé e meve’ele été .