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(src)="1"> A Danger That Concerns Every Parent
(trg)="1"> Keper Ehu me Pahpa Nohno Koaros Anahne Ese

(src)="2"> HEATHER and Scott are a vivacious , happy couple , the parents of a bright , healthy three - year - old boy .
(trg)="2"> Heather oh Scott iei pwopwoud peren ehu me naineki pwutak roson emen me sounpar siluh .

(src)="3"> * They take good care of their son .
(trg)="3"> * Ira kin apwalih mwahu neira pwutako .

(src)="4"> In today’s world , that is no easy job .
(trg)="4"> Rahnpwukat , e sohte mengei en apwalih seri kan .

(src)="5"> It involves a wide array of worries and responsibilities .
(trg)="5"> E kin pidada soangsoangen kahpwal oh pwukoa tohto .

(src)="6"> There are so many things that children need to be taught !
(trg)="6"> Mie soahng tohto me kitail anahne padahkihong neitail seri kan !

(src)="7"> Heather and Scott feel strongly about one responsibility in particular : They want to protect their child from the dangers of sexual abuse .
(trg)="7"> Heather oh Scott kin uhdahn nsenohki ara pwukoahn apwalih neira serio , ahpw mehlel me pid ara en pere neira serio sang keper en tiahk suwedih seri .

(src)="8"> Why ?
(trg)="8"> Dahme kahrehda ?

(src)="9"> “ My father was a cold , angry drunk , ” Heather says .
(trg)="9"> Heather nda : “ Ahi pahpao sempoak oh kin kamamsakau .

(src)="10"> “ He beat me terribly , and he molested me and my sisters . ”
(trg)="10"> E kin uhdahn keme ie oh tiahk suwedih ngehi oh riei serepein tikitik ko . ”

(src)="11"> * It is widely agreed that such abuse can inflict deep emotional scars .
(trg)="11"> * Me tohto kin pwungki me tiahk suwed wet kak kauwehla pepehm en aramas emen erein ahnsou reirei .

(src)="12"> No wonder Heather is determined to protect her son !
(trg)="12"> Ihme kahrehda Heather koasoanehdi teng en pere nah pwutako !

(src)="13"> Scott feels the same about protecting him .
(trg)="13"> Scott pil ahneki pepehmohte en pere neira pwutako .

(src)="14"> Many parents are concerned about child abuse .
(trg)="14"> Pahpa nohno tohto kin pwunodki duwen kahpwal wet en tiahk suwedih seri .

(src)="15"> Perhaps you are as well .
(trg)="15"> Mwein ele ke kin pil pwunodki met .

(src)="16"> Unlike Scott and Heather , you may not have come face - to - face with abuse and its effects , but you have no doubt heard shocking reports about the prevalence of this disgusting practice .
(trg)="16"> Mwein ke sohte lelohng tiahk suwed wet duwehte Heather , ahpw mwein ke kin rong ripoht kan duwen reklahn tiahk kasaut wet .

(src)="17"> Around the world good parents are horrified to learn what is happening to children in their area .
(trg)="17"> Wasa koaros nan sampah , pahpa nohno kan me kin nsenohki neirail seri kin pwuriamweikihla laud dahme kin wiawiong seri kan nan wasa me re mi ie .

(src)="18"> Not surprisingly , one researcher in the field of sexual abuse called the rates of child abuse “ one of the most discouraging discoveries of our era . ”
(trg)="18"> Emen soun roporop me kin wia petehkpen kahpwal en tiahk suwedih seri ndahki uwen laudlahn tiahk wet “ ehu wiewia me keieu kansensuwed nan atail ahnsou . ”

(src)="19"> That is certainly sad news , but are such developments surprising ?
(trg)="19"> Met rohng kansensuwed ehu .
(trg)="20"> Ahpw kekeirdahn tiahk wet kapwuriamwei ?

(src)="20"> Not to students of the Bible .
(trg)="21"> Soh , e sohte kapwuriamwei ong irail me onopki Paipel .

(src)="21"> God’s Word explains that we are living in a troubled period of time called “ the last days , ” a time marked by a prevalence of “ fierce ” behavior , when people would be “ lovers of themselves ” and would have “ no natural affection . ” ​ — 2 Timothy 3 : 1 - 5 .
(trg)="22"> Mahsen en Koht kawehwehda me kitail mi erein ahnsou apwal ehu me adaneki “ imwin rahn akan , ” ahnsou ehu me direkihla wiewia “ lemei , ” ni aramas kan pahn “ roporop ong pein irail , ” oh re pahn “ sempoak . ” ​ — 2 Timoty 3 : 1 - 5 .

(src)="22"> Sexual abuse is a daunting issue .
(trg)="23"> Tiahk suwedih seri wia kahpwal laud ehu .

(src)="23"> Indeed , some parents feel overwhelmed when they contemplate the sheer wickedness of the people who seek out children to abuse them sexually .
(trg)="24"> Mehlel , ekei pahpa nohno kin pwunodki laud ni arail medewe uwen suwed en aramas akan me kin rapahki seri pwe ren tiahk suwedih .

(src)="24"> However , is this problem too much for parents to handle ?
(trg)="25"> Ahpw ia duwe , kahpwal wet nohn apwal ong pahpa nohno kan ?

(src)="25"> Or are there some practical steps that parents can take to keep their children safe ?
(trg)="26"> De mie kahk mwahu kan me pahpa nohno kan kak wia pwehn pere neirail seri kan ?

(src)="26"> The following articles will address these questions .
(trg)="27"> Oaralap kan mwurin met pahn sapengala peidek pwukat .

(src)="27"> [ Footnotes ]
(trg)="28"> [ Nting tikitik kan me kileldi pah ]

(src)="28"> Names in this series of articles have been changed .
(trg)="29"> Ahd kan wekidekla

(src)="29"> Sexual abuse of a child occurs when an adult uses a child to gratify his or her own sexual desires .
(trg)="30"> Tiahk suwedih seri iei ni en aramas laud men kin kaitarala eh ineng en wia nsenen pwopwoud rehn seri men .

(src)="30"> It often involves what the Bible calls fornication , or por·neiʹa , which could include fondling of genitalia , sexual intercourse , and oral or anal sex .
(trg)="31"> Tiahk wet kalapw pidada dahme Paipel kin kahdaneki nenek , de por·neiʹa , me kak iangahki mwadongki dipwisoun kaparapar , wia nsenen pwopwoud , oh doadoahngki ewe oh wasahn kainen ong wia nsenen pwopwoud .

(src)="31"> Some abusive acts ​ — such as the fondling of breasts , explicitly immoral proposals , showing pornography to a child , voyeurism , and indecent exposure — ​ may amount to what the Bible condemns as “ loose conduct ” or “ uncleanness . . . with greediness . ” ​ — Galatians 5 : 19 - 21 ; Ephesians 4 : 19 .
(trg)="32"> Ekei tiahk suwed pwukat , me duwehte doahke dihdi , doadoahngki lokaia kasaut , kasalehiong seri kilel suwed , limwasahsa , kasale paliwar ni ahl me sohte konehng , iei me Paipel kahdaneki “ tiahk samin , ” de soangen tiahk samin koaros me aramas me solahr arail namenek kin “ wia ni ngidingid . ” ​ — Kalesia 5 : 19 - 21 ; Episos 4 : 19 .

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(src)="1"> How to Protect Your Children
(trg)="1"> Ia Duwen Omw Pahn Pere Noumw Seri kan ?

(src)="2"> FEW of us want to dwell on the subject of sexual abuse of children .
(trg)="2"> Sohte me kin men koasoia soahng kan me pid tiahk suwedih seri .

(src)="3"> Parents shudder at the very thought of it !
(trg)="3"> Met kin kapwunodehda laud pahpa nohno kan .

(src)="4"> Such abuse , however , is a frightening and unpleasant reality in today’s world , and its effects on children can be devastating .
(trg)="4"> Tiahk lemei wet kin uhdahn wiawi nan sampah rahnpwukat oh e kak uhdahn kauwehla kekeirdahn serio .

(src)="5"> Is the matter worth considering ?
(trg)="5"> Ia duwe , e kesempwal ken nsenohki ire wet ?

(src)="6"> Well , what would you be willing to give for the sake of your child’s safety ?
(trg)="6"> Ia uwen laud en omw kesempwalki pere noumw serio sang keper ?

(src)="7"> Learning about the unpleasant realities of abuse is surely a small price to pay .
(trg)="7"> Ma ke men pere noumw serio sang keper , e sohte pahn wia mehkot laud ken esehla dahme kin uhdahn wiawi me pid soangen tiahk lemei wet .

(src)="8"> Such knowledge can really make a difference .
(trg)="8"> Omw loalokongkihla met kak sewese laud noumw serio .

(src)="9"> Do not let the plague of abuse rob you of your courage .
(trg)="9"> Dehr mweidohng koasoi tohto duwen tiahk suwedih seri en kahrehiong uhk en masak en powehdi kahpwalo .

(src)="10"> At the very least , you have power that your child does not have ​ — strengths that it will take years , even decades , for your child to gain .
(trg)="10"> Mehnda ma ke leme me ke soakoahiek , ahpw mie soahng kei me ke ahneki me laudsang dahme noumw serio ahneki , duwehte koahiek oh kehl , soahng kei me noumw serio anahne kakairada erein ahnsou reirei .

(src)="11"> The passing years have brought you a fund of knowledge , experience , and wisdom .
(trg)="11"> Erein sounpar tohto ke ahnekidahr loalokong , koahiek oh erpit .

(src)="12"> The key is to enhance those strengths and put them to use in protecting your child .
(trg)="12"> Pwe ken pweida , e kesempwal ong uhk ken kakoahiekihala irair pwukat me ke ahneki oh doadoahngki pwehn pere noumw serio .

(src)="13"> We will discuss three basic steps that every parent can take .
(trg)="13"> Kitail pahn koasoiapene kahk siluh me pahpa nohno koaros kak wia .

(src)="14"> They are as follows : ( 1 ) Become your child’s first line of defense against abuse , ( 2 ) give your child some needed background education , and ( 3 ) equip your child with some basic protective tools .
(trg)="14"> Iet akan : ( 1 ) Kowe me pahn keieu pere noumw serio sang tiahk lemei , ( 2 ) padahkihong serio dahme e anahne wehwehkihla duwen kahpwalo , oh ( 3 ) padahkihong serio dahme e pahn wia pwehn pere ih .

(src)="15"> Are You the First Line of Defense ?
(trg)="15"> Kowe me Pahn Keieu Pere Noumw Serio

(src)="16"> The primary responsibility for protecting children against abuse belongs to parents , not to children .
(trg)="16"> Pahpa nohno kan iei me pahn keieu pwukoahki pere neirail seri kan sang keper wet en tiahk suwedih seri , kaidehn seri ko .

(src)="17"> So educating parents comes before educating children .
(trg)="17"> Kahrehda , pahpa nohno kan iei me pahn tepin esehla keperpen tiahk suwed wet , a mwuhr seri kan .

(src)="18"> If you are a parent , there are a few things you need to know about child abuse .
(trg)="18"> Ma kowe pahpa de nohno men , mie soahng kei me ke anahne esehla duwen keperpen tiahk suwed wet .

(src)="19"> You need to know who abuse children and how they go about it .
(trg)="19"> Ke anahne esehla soangen aramas dah me kin tiahk suwedih seri oh ia duwen arail kin pilahnehda en wia met .

(src)="20"> Parents often think of molesters as strangers who lurk in the shadows , seeking ways to kidnap and rape children .
(trg)="20"> Pahpa nohno kan kalapw medewe me irail me kin tiahk suwedih seri iei emen me re sehse oh me kin rukurukseli nan rotorot oh raparapahki en pirapahsang seri kan oh angkehlailih .

(src)="21"> Such monsters certainly do exist .
(trg)="21"> Soangen aramas suwed pwukat uhdahn mie .

(src)="22"> The news media bring them to our attention very often .
(trg)="22"> Rohng kan kin kalapw kasalehda duwen met .

(src)="23"> However , they are relatively rare .
(trg)="23"> Ahpw re me malaulau .

(src)="24"> In about 90 percent of the cases of sexual abuse of a child , the perpetrator is someone the child already knows and trusts .
(trg)="24"> Pali laud en ripoht kan duwen tiahk suwedih seri kasalehda me aramas mwersuwedo kin wia emen me serio eseier oh likih .

(src)="25"> Naturally , you do not want to believe that an affable neighbor , teacher , health - care worker , coach , or relative could lust after your child .
(trg)="25"> Uhdahn ke sohte men medewe me mehn mpomw , sounpadahk , toahkte , sounpadahk en mwadong de kisehmw kadek men kak tiahk suwedih noumw serio .

(src)="26"> In truth , most people are not like that .
(trg)="26"> Ni mehlel , pali laud en aramas sohte kin wia met .

(src)="27"> There is no need to become suspicious of everybody around you .
(trg)="27"> Ke sohte anahne lemelemehk suwedki koaros .

(src)="28"> Still , you can protect your child by learning how the typical abuser operates . ​ — See the box on page 6 .
(trg)="28"> Ahpw ke kak pere noumw serio sang ni omw esehla wiepe dah kan me soun tiahk suwedih seri kan kin doadoahngki . ​ — Menlau kilang koakon nan pali 6 .

(src)="29"> Knowing such tactics can make you , the parent , better prepared to act as the first line of defense .
(trg)="29"> Amwail esehla wiepe pwukat kak sewese kumwail , pahpa nohno kan , en kaunopada pwehn pere noumwail seri kan .

(src)="30"> For instance , if someone who appears more interested in children than in adults singles out your child for special attention and gifts or offers free babysitting or private excursions with your child , what will you do ?
(trg)="30"> Karasepe , ma emen me kin mwomwen perenki seri sang aramas laud pilada noumw serio pwehn kihong ahnsou laud reh , kihong kisakis kan , pein toukihda eh ahnsou en kilang noumw serio ni soh isepe , de men noumw serio en iangih mwemweitla wasa ehu , dahme ke pahn wia ?

(src)="31"> Decide that the person must be a molester ?
(trg)="31"> Ke anahne medewe me ih soun tiahk suwedih seri men ?

(src)="32"> No .
(trg)="32"> Soh .

(src)="33"> Do not be quick to jump to conclusions .
(trg)="33"> Dehr mwadangete medewe met .

(src)="34"> Such behavior may be quite innocent .
(trg)="34"> Ele aramaso uhdahn perenki noumw serio .

(src)="35"> Nonetheless , it can put you on the alert .
(trg)="35"> Ahpw met kak kahrehda ken mwasamwasahn .

(src)="36"> The Bible says : “ Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word , but the shrewd one considers his steps . ” ​ — Proverbs 14 : 15 .
(trg)="36"> Paipel mahsanih : “ Aramas pweipwei kin kamehlele mehkoaros ; aramas loalokong kin kanahieng arail kahk koaros . ” ​ — Lepin Padahk 14 : 15 .

(src)="37"> Remember , any offer that sounds too good to be true may be just that .
(trg)="37"> Tamataman me mie soangen sawas kan me mwomwen mwahu , ahpw me kak pitihiukedi .

(src)="38"> Carefully screen anyone who volunteers to spend time alone with your child .
(trg)="38"> Kasawih mwahu koaros me men toukihda arail ahnsou en mi rehn noumw serio .

(src)="39"> Let such an individual know that you are likely to check on your child at any time .
(trg)="39"> Ndaiong aramaso me ke pahn tetehk ia iren noumw serio ahnsou sohte lipilipil .

(src)="40"> Melissa and Brad , young parents of three boys , are cautious about leaving a child alone with an adult .
(trg)="40"> Melissa oh Brad , pwopwoud pwulopwul ehu me naineki kisin pwutak silimen , kin kanahieng ara en mweidohng me laud men en apwalih neira seri ko .

(src)="41"> When one son had music lessons at home , Melissa told the instructor : “ I’ll be in and out of the room while you’re here . ”
(trg)="41"> Ma emen neira pwutangko pahn ale kasukuhl en kesengki piano ni imwarailo , Melissa kin ndaiong sounpadahko : “ I pahn pwurepwurehng pedolong nan pere wet erein omw mi me . ”

(src)="42"> Such vigilance may sound extreme , but these parents would rather be safe than sorry .
(trg)="42"> Pahpa nohno kan ar kin ahnsou koaros tetehk mwahu neirail seri , met pahn pere irail sang imwila suwed , mehnda ma re anahne kihong ahnsou oh nanti laud pwehn wia met .

(src)="43"> Be actively involved in your child’s activities , friendships , and schoolwork .
(trg)="43"> Nsenohki oh iang pidada laud dahme noumw serio kin wiewia , ese ihs kompoakepah kan , oh pil soahng dah kan me e kin iang wia nan sukuhl .

(src)="44"> Learn all the details about any planned excursion .
(trg)="44"> Ma noumw serio pahn iang kompoakepah de pwihn en tohnsukuhl kan kohla wasa kis , nantihong esehda soahng koaros duwen arail koasoandio .

(src)="45"> One mental - health professional who spent 33 years working with cases of sexual abuse notes that he has seen countless cases that could have been prevented by simple vigilance on the parents ’ part .
(trg)="45"> Toahkte men me doadoahngki erein sounpar 33 wiewia petehkpen kahpwal wet en tiahk suwedih seri koasoia me tohtohn ripoht kan duwen kahpwal wet kakete sohte wiawi ma pahpa nohno kan uhdahn tetehk neirail seri kan .

(src)="46"> He quotes one convicted molester as saying : “ Parents literally give us their children . . . .
(trg)="46"> E koasoiahda dahme emen ohl me selikihdi eh tiahk suwedih seri nda : “ Pahpa nohno kan kin mweidohng kiht neirail seri kan . . .

(src)="47"> They sure made it easy for me . ”
(trg)="47"> Re uhdahn kahrehda en mengei ong ie en wia met . ”

(src)="48"> Remember , most molesters prefer easy targets .
(trg)="48"> Tamataman me pali laud en irail me kin tiahk suwedih seri kin pilada seri kan me mengei en pitihedi .

(src)="49"> Parents who are actively involved in their children’s lives make their children difficult targets .
(trg)="49"> Pahpa nohno kan me kin iang pidada laud dahme neirail seri ko wia kin kahrehda e apwal ong aramas mwersuwed pwukat en pitihedi seri ko .

(src)="50"> Another way to act as your child’s first line of defense is to be a good listener .
(trg)="50"> Pil ehu ahl me ke kak pere noumw serio iei ma ke kin rong kanahieng .

(src)="51"> Children will rarely disclose abuse directly ; they are too ashamed and worried about the reaction .
(trg)="51"> Seri kan sohte pahn ahnsou koaros kasalehda me mie me tiahk suwedih irail .
(trg)="52"> Irail nohn namenengki de re pwunodki dahme meteikan pahn nda de wia .

(src)="52"> So listen carefully , even for subtle clues .
(trg)="53"> Eri rong kanahieng , mehnda ma mehkot tikitik me sohte nohn sansal .

(src)="53"> * If your child says something that concerns you , calmly use questions to draw him out .
(trg)="54"> * Ma noumw serio nda mehkot me kapwunode iuk , doadoahngki peidek kan me pahn kangoange ih en koasoakoasoi .

(src)="54"> * If he says that he does not want a certain babysitter to come back , ask why .
(trg)="55"> Ma e nda me mie emen rehn soun epwel seri ko me e sohte mwahuki en pwurodo , idek reh dahme kahrehda .

(src)="55"> If he says that an adult plays funny games with him , ask him : “ What kind of game ?
(trg)="56"> Ma e nda me aramaso kin mwadonge ih ehusoahng , idek reh : “ Soangen mwadong dah ?

(src)="56"> What does he do ? ”
(trg)="57"> Dahme e kin wia ? ”

(src)="57"> If he complains that someone tickled him , ask him , “ Where did he tickle you ? ”
(trg)="58"> Ma e nda me mie me kading ih , idek reh , “ Ia wasa me e kading ? ”

(src)="58"> Do not be quick to dismiss a child’s answers .
(trg)="59"> Dehr mwadangete kasohwe dahme e ndinda .

(src)="59"> Abusers tell a child that no one will believe him ; all too often , that is true .
(trg)="60"> Soun tiahk suwedih seri kan kin ndahng serio me sohte me pahn kamehlele .

(src)="60"> And if a child has been abused , being believed and supported by a parent is a big step toward recovery .
(trg)="61"> Pak tohto met kin wiawi .
(trg)="62"> Ma serio uhdahn lelohng kahpwal wet , pahpa nohno ara kamehlele oh utung serio pahn wia kahk laud ehu en sewese serio ekisekis mwahula sang dahme e lelohng .

(src)="61"> Give Your Child Background Education
(trg)="63"> Padahkihong Serio Dahme E Anahne Wehwehkihla Duwen Kahpwalo

(src)="62"> One reference work on the subject of child abuse quotes a convicted molester as saying : “ Give me a kid who knows nothing about sex , and you’ve given me my next victim . ”
(trg)="64"> Ehu ripoht duwen kahpwal wet en tiahk suwedih seri koasoiahda dahme ohl emen me selikihdi eh mwersuwedih seri nda : “ Seri men me sohte douluhl ese dahkot wia nsenen pwopwoud kin mengei en mwersuwedih . ”

(src)="63"> Those chilling words are a useful reminder to parents .
(trg)="65"> Dahme e nda wia mehn kataman kesempwal ehu ong pahpa nohno kan .

(src)="64"> Children who are ignorant about sex are much easier for molesters to fool .
(trg)="66"> Seri kan me sohte katapanki wehwehkihla dahkot wia nsenen pwopwoud kin kahrehda en mengei ong soun tiahk suwedih seri kan en pitihiraildi .

(src)="65"> The Bible says that knowledge and wisdom can deliver us “ from the man speaking perverse things . ”
(trg)="67"> Paipel mahsanih me loalokong oh erpit kak kapitkitailsang “ aramas akan me kin wiahda kahpwal sang ni arail koasoi . ”

(src)="66"> Is that not what you want for your child ?
(trg)="68"> ( Lepin Padahk 2 : 10 - 12 ) Ke sou men noumw serio en ahneki irair pwukat ?

(src)="67"> Then , as your second basic step in protecting him , do not hold back from teaching him about this important subject .
(trg)="69"> Eri , keriaun kahk me ke anahne wia pwehn pere ih iei en dehr pweiek en kawehwehiong ire kesempwal wet .

(src)="68"> How , though , do you go about it ?
(trg)="70"> Eri , ia duwen omw pahn wia met ?

(src)="69"> More than a few parents find the subject of sex a bit awkward to discuss with children .
(trg)="71"> Tohtohn pahpa nohno kan kin apwalki kawehwehiong neirail seri kan duwen dahkot wia nsenen pwopwoud .