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(src)="1"> 1 Settle Differences in a Spirit of Love
(trg)="1"> 3 Make Una Dey Use Love Settle Quarrel

(src)="2"> Because of our inherited imperfection , we are sure to face situations that cause ill feelings .
(trg)="2"> Because of the sin wey all of us carry from belly come , we dey do things sometimes wey fit bring quarrel .

(src)="3"> This article shows how Bible principles can be applied in order to settle differences with others .
(trg)="3"> This topic go show us how we fit let the things wey Bible talk help us when we get quarrel with person .

(src)="4"> 2 “ Go , . . . and Make Disciples of People of All the Nations ”
(trg)="4"> 8 ‘ Go Make People My Disciple for The Whole World ’

(src)="5"> This article discusses evidence that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only people on earth today who are fulfilling Jesus ’ prophetic words found at Matthew 24 : 14 .
(trg)="5"> For this topic , we go talk about the things wey help us know sey na only Jehovah Witness people dey do wetin Jesus talk for Matthew 24 : 14 .

(src)="6"> It also explains what is involved in becoming “ fishers of men . ” ​ — Matt .
(trg)="6"> We go still talk about wetin e mean to ‘ catch people ’ like fish . ​ — Matt .

(src)="7"> 4 : 19 .
(trg)="7"> 4 : 19 .

(src)="8"> 3 How Do You Make Personal Decisions ?
(trg)="8"> 13 How You Dey Choose Wetin You Go Do ?

(src)="9"> When you make personal decisions , do you simply do what feels right to you ?
(trg)="9"> When you want choose wetin you go do , na anything wey you like you go just do ?

(src)="10"> Or do you ask others what they would do ?
(trg)="10"> Or you dey ask other people ?

(src)="11"> This article explains why the best decisions are made when we allow Jehovah God’s thinking to be the determining factor .
(trg)="11"> This topic go help us know why e be sey na wetin Jehovah want suppose help us choose the correct thing .

(src)="12"> 4 Is the Bible Still Changing Your Life ?
(trg)="12"> 18 Bible Still Dey Change Your Life ?

(src)="13"> Do you find the refining of your Christian qualities now harder than the larger changes you made before baptism ?
(trg)="13"> Even though sey you don baptize , e dey hard you to fit stop the small small things wey you dey do wey Jehovah no like ?

(src)="14"> This article explains why this challenge exists and how we can continue to cultivate godly qualities with the help of God’s Word .
(trg)="14"> For this topic , we go learn why e be like that and how we fit let the things wey dey Bible help us to continue to get the kind character wey Jehovah like .

(src)="15"> 5 Benefit Fully From Jehovah’s Provisions
(trg)="15"> 23 Gain Well From The Things Wey Jehovah Dey Give Us

(src)="16"> This article alerts us to a trap that could cause us to miss out on beneficial spiritual provisions .
(trg)="16"> For this topic , we go learn about one bad thinking wey fit make us miss the better advice wey dey some of the book wey Jehovah dey give us .

(src)="17"> We will consider how we can avoid falling into that trap , and we will learn how to benefit from all the spiritual food available to us .
(trg)="17"> We go still learn wetin we fit do if we no want make that kind thing happen to us and how we go gain from all the things wey Jehovah dey give us .

(src)="18"> 6 Highlights From the Book of Proverbs
(trg)="19"> 30 Question From People Wey Dey Read Our Book

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(src)="1"> “ Keep peace with one another . ” ​ — MARK 9 : 50 .
(trg)="1"> ‘ Make una be people wey like peace . ’ ​ — MARK 9 : 50 .

(src)="2"> SONGS : 39 , 77
(trg)="2"> SONG : 39 , 77

(src)="3"> What counsel did Jesus give to help us handle differences in a spirit of love ?
(trg)="3"> Which advice Jesus give wey fit help us use love settle quarrel ?

(src)="4"> What questions might a Christian ask himself when deciding how to settle differences with others ?
(trg)="4"> Which question we fit ask ourself if we dey think about how we go take settle the quarrel wey we get with people ?

(src)="5"> How can the three steps outlined at Matthew 18 : 15 - 17 be used to resolve some conflicts ?
(trg)="5"> How the three things wey Jesus talk for Matthew 18 : 15 - 17 fit help us settle quarrel ?

(src)="6"> 1 , 2 .
(trg)="6"> 1 , 2 .

(src)="7"> What human struggles are featured in Genesis , and why is this of interest ?
(trg)="7"> Wetin be the quarrel wey some people get wey dey Genesis ?
(trg)="8"> And wetin make am dey Bible ?

(src)="8"> HAVE you ever thought about the personal conflicts recorded in the Bible ?
(trg)="9"> YOU don ever think about the quarrel wey some people get , wey dey Bible ?

(src)="9"> Consider just the first few chapters of Genesis .
(trg)="10"> For example , for Genesis we learn sey Cain kill Abel ( Gen .

(src)="10"> Cain kills Abel ; Lamech kills a young man for striking him ; the shepherds of Abraham ( Abram ) and Lot quarrel ; Hagar despises Sarah ( Sarai ) , who becomes upset with Abraham ; Ishmael is against everyone and everyone’s hand is against him . ​ — Gen .
(trg)="11"> 4 : 3 - 8 ) ; Lamech kill one young man wey hit am ( Gen . 4 : 23 ) ; the people wey dey work for Abraham ( Abram ) quarrel with people wey dey work for Lot ( Gen . 13 : 5 - 7 ) ; because Hagar no respect Sarah ( Sarai ) again , Sarah vex for Abraham ( Gen .
(trg)="12"> 16 : 3 - 6 ) ; Ishmael hate everybody and everybody hate Ishmael . — Gen .

(src)="11"> 16 : 12 .
(trg)="13"> 16 : 12 .

(src)="12"> Why does the Bible mention such conflicts ?
(trg)="14"> Wetin make Bible talk about all this quarrel ?

(src)="13"> Well , one reason is that it helps imperfect humans learn why they need to keep peace .
(trg)="15"> One thing wey make am dey Bible be sey , e go help us know why e good make we dey make peace and how we go fit make peace with people .

(src)="14"> It also shows us the way we can do this .
(src)="15"> We benefit from reading Bible accounts about real people struggling with real problems .
(trg)="16"> Their story fit help us know wetin we suppose do and wetin we no suppose do if we get the kind problem wey dem get .

(src)="16"> We learn about the results of their efforts and may thus be able to apply such points to some situations we encounter in life .
(trg)="17"> We fit still learn how things take better for dem because dem make peace .

(src)="17"> Indeed , all of this helps us to consider how we should or should not deal with similar issues . ​ — Rom .
(trg)="18"> True true , we go gain from their example because we know sey their story really happen . — Rom .

(src)="18"> 15 : 4 .
(trg)="19"> 15 : 4 .

(src)="19"> What topics will this article cover ?
(trg)="20"> Wetin we go learn for this topic ?

(src)="20"> This article will consider why Jehovah’s servants need to settle differences and how they can succeed in doing so .
(trg)="21"> For this topic , we go learn why e good make Jehovah people dey settle quarrel with people and how dem go fit do am .

(src)="21"> In addition , it will refer to Scriptural principles that can help them to deal with conflict and maintain good relations with their neighbor and with Jehovah God .
(trg)="22"> We go still learn how the advice for Bible go help us settle quarrel , live well with our neighbor , and make Jehovah our Friend .

(src)="22"> What attitude spread throughout the world , and what has been the result ?
(trg)="23"> How fight and quarrel take full everywhere today ?
(trg)="24"> And wetin this kind thing don cause ?

(src)="23"> Satan is primarily responsible for the strife and differences experienced by mankind .
(trg)="25"> Na wetin Satan do make fight and quarrel full everywhere today .
(trg)="26"> Why we talk like that ?

(src)="24"> In Eden , his argument was that each individual can and should decide what is good and what is bad , doing so independent of God .
(trg)="27"> For garden of Eden , Satan talk sey we no need God to tell us wetin good and wetin bad .

(src)="25"> The fruits of such reasoning are plain to see .
(trg)="28"> E talk sey e dey our hand to choose wetin we want do .

(src)="26"> The world abounds with people and societies motivated by a spirit of independence that fosters pride , egotism , and rivalry .
(trg)="32"> Na only theirself dem dey see , na im make dem dey carry shoulder up , dey do like sey na dem sabi pass , and dem like quarrel .

(src)="27"> Anyone who allows himself to be swept along by this spirit is , in effect , accepting Satan’s argument that it is the course of wisdom to pursue one’s own interests regardless of how doing so may affect others .
(trg)="33"> Anybody wey dey do like this , dey support wetin Satan talk , sey anything wey person fit do for imself no bad even if other people suffer .

(src)="28"> Such a selfish course leads to strife .
(trg)="34"> This kind thing dey cause fight .

(src)="29"> And it is good for us to remember that “ a man prone to anger stirs up strife ; anyone disposed to rage commits many transgressions . ” ​ — Prov .
(trg)="35"> And make we no forget sey ‘ person wey dey quick vex dey cause fight , person wey sabi vex dey do many many bad things . ’ — Prov .

(src)="30"> 29 : 22 .
(trg)="36"> 29 : 22 .

(src)="31"> How did Jesus teach people to handle disagreements ?
(trg)="37"> Which advice Jesus give about how to settle quarrel ?

(src)="32"> In contrast , Jesus taught people to seek peace , even if such a course would seem detrimental to their own interests .
(trg)="38"> But Jesus teach people sey make dem dey make peace , even if e be like sey na dem go lose .

(src)="33"> In his Sermon on the Mount , Jesus gave excellent advice about handling disagreements or potential conflicts .
(trg)="39"> The time wey Jesus dey on top mountain dey teach ( Sermon on the Mount ) , e give correct advice wey go help us know wetin we go do for matter wey fit cause quarrel or if quarrel don already dey .

(src)="34"> For instance , he urged his disciples to be mild - tempered , to be peacemakers , to eliminate causes for anger , to settle matters quickly , and to love their enemies . ​ — Matt .
(trg)="40"> For example , e tell im disciple make dem dey gentle , dey make peace , dey settle matter quick quick , dey love their enemy and make dem no do wetin fit cause quarrel . — Matt .

(src)="35"> 5 : 5 , 9 , 22 , 25 , 44 .
(trg)="41"> 5 : 5 , 9 , 22 , 25 , 44 .

(src)="36"> 6 , 7 . ( a ) Why is it important to settle personal differences promptly ?
(trg)="42"> 6 , 7 . ( a ) Why e good make we dey settle quarrel quick quick ?

(src)="37"> ( b ) What questions should all of Jehovah’s people ask themselves ?
(trg)="43"> ( b ) Which question dem e good to think about ?

(src)="38"> Our efforts to serve God ​ — through prayers , meeting attendance , field service , and other aspects of our worship — ​ are in vain if we refuse to make peace with others .
(trg)="44"> When we dey pray , dey go our meeting , dey go preaching , and dey do other things for Jehovah , we dey worship am .
(trg)="45"> But if we no want settle quarrel wey we get with people , all the things wey we dey do for Jehovah na zero !

(src)="39"> We cannot be friends of God unless we are willing to forgive the shortcomings of others . ​ — Read Luke 11 : 4 ; Ephesians 4 : 32 .
(trg)="46"> ( Mark 11 : 25 ) We no go ever fit be God friend if we no gree forgive people wey do us bad . — Read Luke 11 : 4 ; Ephesians 4 : 32 .

(src)="40"> Every Christian needs to think carefully and honestly about being forgiving and having peaceful relations with others .
(trg)="47"> Everybody wey dey serve Jehovah suppose think this matter well and tell imself truth .

(src)="41"> Do you forgive fellow believers freely ?
(trg)="48"> You dey forgive brothers and sisters wey do wetin vex you ?

(src)="42"> Are you happy to fellowship with them ?
(trg)="49"> How your mind dey do you if you see the person ?

(src)="43"> Jehovah expects his servants to be forgiving .
(trg)="50"> Jehovah want make im servant dey forgive .

(src)="44"> If your conscience tells you that you have improvements to make in this regard , prayerfully seek Jehovah’s help in order to make them !
(trg)="51"> If your mind tell you sey you no dey try for this matter , tell Jehovah for prayer make e help you .

(src)="45"> Our heavenly Father will hear such humble prayers and answer them . ​ — 1 John 5 : 14 , 15 .
(trg)="52"> This one go show sey you no dey carry shoulder up , and our Papa wey dey heaven go answer your prayer . — 1 John 5 : 14 , 15 .

(src)="46"> 8 , 9 .
(trg)="53"> 8 , 9 .

(src)="47"> What should we do if we are offended ?
(trg)="54"> Wetin we go do if person do wetin we no like ?

(src)="48"> Because all humans are imperfect , sooner or later someone is going to say or do something that will offend you .
(trg)="55"> Get am for mind sey people go make you vex .
(trg)="56"> This na because e no get who no dey make mistake .

(src)="49"> This is inevitable .
(trg)="57"> ( Eccl .
(trg)="58"> 7 : 20 ; Matt .

(src)="50"> How are you going to react ?
(trg)="59"> 18 : 7 ) Wetin you go do if person do or talk wetin you no like ?

(src)="51"> Consider what happened when the following situation developed : At a social gathering attended by some Witnesses , two brothers were greeted by a certain sister in a way that one of them considered inappropriate .
(trg)="60"> This story fit help you know wetin you go do : Brothers and sisters for congregation go one get together .
(trg)="61"> For there , one sister come greet two brothers , but one of the brother no like the way the sister greet am .

(src)="52"> When the two brothers were alone , the offended brother began to criticize the sister for what she had said .
(trg)="62"> When the sister don comot for where dem dey , the brother wey no like the way the sister greet am , come dey talk bad about the sister .

(src)="53"> However , the other brother reminded him that she had served Jehovah loyally in difficult circumstances for 40 years ; he was sure that she meant no harm .
(trg)="63"> But the other brother tell am sey the sister don dey serve Jehovah well for 40 years , even though e don suffer many many things .
(trg)="64"> E tell the brother sey e no sure sey the sister really want make am vex .

(src)="54"> After considering this for a moment , the first brother responded , “ You are right . ”
(trg)="65"> When the brother wey dey vex think the matter , e come talk sey : “ Na true you talk o . ”

(src)="55"> As a result , the issue went no further .
(trg)="66"> Wetin e come do ?
(trg)="67"> E forget about the matter .

(src)="56"> What does this experience show ?
(trg)="68"> Wetin we learn from this story ?

(src)="57"> The way you react to situations that have the potential for causing offense lies in your own hands .
(trg)="69"> Na you fit control wetin you go do anytime person talk or do wetin you no like .

(src)="58"> A loving person covers over minor transgressions .
(trg)="70"> The love wey you get go make you no carry wetin the person do you for mind .

(src)="59"> ( Read Proverbs 10 : 12 ; 1 Peter 4 : 8 . )
(trg)="71"> ( Read Proverbs 10 : 12 ; 1 Peter 4 : 8 . )

(src)="60"> Jehovah considers it “ beauty ” on your part “ to overlook an offense . ”
(trg)="72"> This one na better thing for Jehovah eye .
(trg)="73"> ( Prov .
(trg)="74"> 19 : 11 ; Eccl .

(src)="61"> So the first thing to ask yourself when somebody treats you in a way that could seem unkind or disrespectful is : ‘ Can I overlook this ?
(trg)="75"> 7 : 9 ) So , if person do wetin you no like , make you first ask yourself : ‘ I fit forget am ?

(src)="62"> Do I really need to make an issue of it ? ’
(trg)="76"> This matter reach anything , self ? ’

(src)="63"> ( a ) How did one sister at first react to criticism ?
(trg)="77"> ( a ) How Lucy first feel when people dey talk bad about am ?

(src)="64"> ( b ) What Scriptural thought helped this sister to maintain her peace ?
(trg)="78"> ( b ) How Bible take help am so that this thing no go worry am for mind again ?

(src)="65"> It may be challenging to treat criticism lightly .
(trg)="79"> But , the truth be sey e no dey easy sometimes to bear bad thing wey person talk about you .

(src)="66"> Take the case of a pioneer , whom we will call Lucy .
(trg)="80"> Hear the story of one pioneer wey we go call Lucy .

(src)="67"> Negative comments had been made about her ministry and her use of time .
(trg)="81"> Some people dey talk sey dem no like the way e dey preach and the way e dey use time for preaching .

(src)="68"> Upset , Lucy sought the counsel of mature brothers .
(trg)="83"> Na im e go meet some brothers for congregation wey advice am .

(src)="69"> She relates : “ Their Scriptural advice helped me to maintain the right viewpoint of others ’ opinions and to focus on who matters most ​ — Jehovah . ”
(trg)="84"> After , Lucy come talk sey : “ The brothers use Bible advice me .
(trg)="85"> Their advice help me learn sey make I no dey too think about wetin people dey talk about me but make I dey think about Jehovah . ”

(src)="70"> Lucy was encouraged by reading Matthew 6 : 1 - 4 .
(trg)="86"> Wetin Lucy read for Matthew 6 : 1 - 4 ( Read am . ) , help am .

(src)="71"> ( Read . )
(src)="72"> That passage reminded her that making Jehovah happy should be her goal .
(trg)="87"> E learn from that Bible verse sey make e dey think about wetin e go do wey go make Jehovah happy .

(src)="73"> “ Even if others make negative comments about my activity , ” she says , “ I remain happy , for I know that I am trying my best to receive Jehovah’s smile of approval . ”
(trg)="88"> Lucy come talk sey : “ Even if person talk bad thing about the way I take dey preach , I go still dey happy .

(src)="74"> After reaching this conclusion , Lucy wisely chose to overlook the negative remarks .
(trg)="89"> This na because I know sey I dey do everything wey I fit do to make Jehovah happy . ”

(src)="75"> 11 , 12 . ( a ) How should a Christian act if he believes that his brother “ has something against ” him ?
(trg)="91"> 11 , 12 . ( a ) Wetin person wey dey serve Jehovah suppose do if e know sey im brother or sister dey vex for am ?

(src)="76"> ( b ) What can we learn from the way Abraham handled a problem ?
(trg)="92"> ( b ) Wetin we fit learn from wetin Abraham do when im and Lot get problem ?

(src)="77"> ( See opening picture . )
(trg)="93"> ( Go check the first picture . )

(src)="78"> “ We all stumble many times . ”
(trg)="94"> Bible talk sey : ‘ Many times , all of us dey make mistake . ’

(src)="79"> Suppose you learn that a brother was offended by something you said or did .
(trg)="95"> ( Jas .
(trg)="96"> 3 : 2 ) But what if you come know sey one brother or sister dey vex for you .