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(src)="1"> A Danger That Concerns Every Parent
(trg)="2"> Eú Minen Efeiengaw Sam me In Meinisin Ra Lólilen Ren

(src)="2"> HEATHER and Scott are a vivacious , happy couple , the parents of a bright , healthy three - year - old boy .
(trg)="3"> Heather me Scott , iir pwúpwúlú mi fókkun tunopwapwa me chiechiéch .

(src)="3"> * They take good care of their son .
(trg)="4"> * Mi wor emén néúr át , úlúngát ierin mi tipachem me lúkúpéchékkúl .

(src)="4"> In today’s world , that is no easy job .
(trg)="5"> Ra fókkun túmúnú néúr na .

(src)="5"> It involves a wide array of worries and responsibilities .
(trg)="6"> Nge lón ei fénúfan ikenái ese mecheres ena wis .

(src)="6"> There are so many things that children need to be taught !
(trg)="8"> A kon chómmóng ekkewe mettóch mi lamot ekkewe semirit repwe káé usun !

(src)="7"> Heather and Scott feel strongly about one responsibility in particular : They want to protect their child from the dangers of sexual abuse .
(trg)="9"> Nge ewe mettóch Heather me Scott ra fókkun tipeppós wóón , ina ar repwe túmúnú néúr we seni efeiengawen án aramas repwe kirikiringaw ngeni .

(src)="8"> Why ?
(trg)="10"> Pwata ?

(src)="9"> “ My father was a cold , angry drunk , ” Heather says .
(trg)="11"> Iei alon Heather : “ Semei we ese pwáraatá an tong ngeniei , i emén sou sakaw mi nisossong .

(src)="10"> “ He beat me terribly , and he molested me and my sisters . ”
(trg)="12"> A awatangawaei me kirikiringaw ngenikem me pwii kewe . ”

(src)="11"> * It is widely agreed that such abuse can inflict deep emotional scars .
(trg)="13"> * Chómmóng sousile ra erá pwe ena sókkun féfférún kirikiringaw a tongeni ekinasa le alóllóólun leutun emén .

(src)="12"> No wonder Heather is determined to protect her son !
(trg)="14"> Ina popun , sise máirú ren án Heather tipeppós le túmúnú néún we át !

(src)="13"> Scott feels the same about protecting him .
(trg)="15"> A pwal ina usun meefien Scott .

(src)="14"> Many parents are concerned about child abuse .
(trg)="16"> Chómmóng sam me in ra lólilen usun ewe mettóch kirikiringaw ngeni semirit .

(src)="15"> Perhaps you are as well .
(trg)="17"> Neman ka pwal lólilen .

(src)="16"> Unlike Scott and Heather , you may not have come face - to - face with abuse and its effects , but you have no doubt heard shocking reports about the prevalence of this disgusting practice .
(trg)="18"> Ikaamwo ese wor emén a fen kirikiringaw ngonuk me kese kúna efeiengawan usun Heather , nge ese mwáál ka fen rongorong ekkewe pwóróus mi arúké ren úkúkún chéúfetálin ena féffér mi ánioput .

(src)="17"> Around the world good parents are horrified to learn what is happening to children in their area .
(trg)="19"> Wóón unusen fénúfan ekkewe sam me in mi múrinné ra rúké lupwen ra silei met a fiffis ngeni semirit lón leenier .

(src)="18"> Not surprisingly , one researcher in the field of sexual abuse called the rates of child abuse “ one of the most discouraging discoveries of our era . ”
(trg)="20"> Sise pwal máirú ren alon emén sou káé usun féfférún kirikiringaw , a erá pwe watteen chéúlóón ewe féfférún kirikiringaw ngeni semirit “ ina eú me lein ekkewe pwóróus mi fókkun elichippúng lón ach ei fansoun . ”

(src)="19"> That is certainly sad news , but are such developments surprising ?
(trg)="21"> Pwúngún pwe a mmen alólilen ena pwóróus , nge met itá ina eú minen ámáirú ngenikich ?

(src)="20"> Not to students of the Bible .
(trg)="22"> Ren chókkewe mi káé ewe Paipel esap ina eú minen ámáirú ngeniir .

(src)="21"> God’s Word explains that we are living in a troubled period of time called “ the last days , ” a time marked by a prevalence of “ fierce ” behavior , when people would be “ lovers of themselves ” and would have “ no natural affection . ” ​ — 2 Timothy 3 : 1 - 5 .
(trg)="23"> Án Kot we kapas a áweweei pwe sia nónnóm lón ewe fansoun weires , ekkewe “ ränin lesopolan ” ikewe a chéchéló ie ekkewe napanap “ rochongaw , ” án aramas “ ekieki chök püsin ir ” me ar “ resap eäni tong . ” ​ — 2 Timoty 3 : 1 - 5 ; Kapasen God .

(src)="22"> Sexual abuse is a daunting issue .
(trg)="24"> A fókkun alólilen ei osukosuk usun kirikiringaw ngeni semirit .

(src)="23"> Indeed , some parents feel overwhelmed when they contemplate the sheer wickedness of the people who seek out children to abuse them sexually .
(trg)="25"> Pwúngún pwe ekkóch sam me in ra meefi niwokkus lupwen ra ekieki úkúkún ngawen án aramas mochen kirikiringaw ngeni ekkewe semirit .

(src)="24"> However , is this problem too much for parents to handle ?
(trg)="26"> Iwe nge , itá pokiten a kon watte ei osukosuk ekkewe sam me in resap tongeni túmúnú néúr kewe seni ?

(src)="25"> Or are there some practical steps that parents can take to keep their children safe ?
(trg)="27"> Are mei wor ekkóch mettóch ekkewe sam me in ra tongeni féri pwe repwe túmúnúúr ?

(src)="26"> The following articles will address these questions .
(trg)="28"> Ekkewe lesen mwirin ei repwe pélúweni ekkeei kapas eis .

(src)="27"> [ Footnotes ]
(trg)="29"> [ Ekkewe Pwóróus ]

(src)="28"> Names in this series of articles have been changed .
(trg)="30"> Iten ekkewe aramas lón ekkeei lesen ra siwil .

(src)="29"> Sexual abuse of a child occurs when an adult uses a child to gratify his or her own sexual desires .
(trg)="32"> Kirikiringaw ngeni semirit a fis lupwen emén watte a eáni emén semirit an leenien angasangas .

(src)="30"> It often involves what the Bible calls fornication , or por·neiʹa , which could include fondling of genitalia , sexual intercourse , and oral or anal sex .
(trg)="33"> Fán chómmóng a kapachelong ekkewe féffér ewe Paipel a eita ngeniir lisowumwáál , are por·neiʹa , ren choweán féfférún urumwotei pisekin fán maas , féfférún lisowu , pwúlúweni leenien pinché , are lisowu ren áeáán aw .

(src)="31"> Some abusive acts ​ — such as the fondling of breasts , explicitly immoral proposals , showing pornography to a child , voyeurism , and indecent exposure — ​ may amount to what the Bible condemns as “ loose conduct ” or “ uncleanness . . . with greediness . ” ​ — Galatians 5 : 19 - 21 ; Ephesians 4 : 19 .
(trg)="34"> Ekkóch féfférún kirikiringaw , ra tongeni nóm lón kinikinin féfférún “ angolsa ” are “ sokun föför mi limengau ” fiti tipemmóng , ekkewe féffér mi ánioput me ren Paipel .
(trg)="35"> Ikkeei ekkóch me leir , án emén ouru oupun emén kúkkún , eppii ngeni sasingin me kachitoon kapasingaw , operi an seneló , tunomich ngeni usun féfférún lisowu , me seneló ngeni . ​ — Kalatia 5 : 19 - 21 , Testament Mi Fö ; Efisos 4 : 19 .

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(src)="1"> How to Protect Your Children
(trg)="1"> Ifa Usun Kopwe Túmúnú Noum Kewe Semirit ?

(src)="2"> FEW of us want to dwell on the subject of sexual abuse of children .
(trg)="2"> Sise kan mochen fós usun pwóróusen ewe mettóch kirikiringaw ngeni semirit lón pekin lisowu .

(src)="3"> Parents shudder at the very thought of it !
(trg)="3"> Ekkewe sam me in ra pwal mwo nge niwokkus lupwen ra ekieki usun ena !

(src)="4"> Such abuse , however , is a frightening and unpleasant reality in today’s world , and its effects on children can be devastating .
(trg)="4"> Iwe nge , ena féfférún kirikiringaw mi eniwokkus me alólilen a chéúló wóón fénúfan me a mmen efeiengaw ngeni semirit .

(src)="5"> Is the matter worth considering ?
(trg)="5"> Epwe itá álilliséch ngenikich ika sia pwóróus usun ei mettóch ?

(src)="6"> Well , what would you be willing to give for the sake of your child’s safety ?
(trg)="6"> Ifa úkúkún óm kopwe achocho pwe noum kewe repwe kúna túmún ?

(src)="7"> Learning about the unpleasant realities of abuse is surely a small price to pay .
(src)="8"> Such knowledge can really make a difference .
(trg)="7"> Pwúngún pwe óm achocho le silei usun pwóróusen ei féffér mi annou esap tori úkúkún watteen ewe túmún noum kewe repwe kúna .

(src)="9"> Do not let the plague of abuse rob you of your courage .
(trg)="8"> Kosap mut ngeni ena osukosuk an epwe apwangapwangaaló letipom .

(src)="10"> At the very least , you have power that your child does not have ​ — strengths that it will take years , even decades , for your child to gain .
(trg)="9"> A nóm reom ewe sókkun péchékkúlen letip esaamwo nóm ren noum kewe .

(src)="11"> The passing years have brought you a fund of knowledge , experience , and wisdom .
(trg)="10"> Me pokiten a watte ierum , a fen watte óm sile me óm mirit .

(src)="12"> The key is to enhance those strengths and put them to use in protecting your child .
(trg)="11"> Iwe a lamot kopwe áeá ena péchékkúl lón óm túmúnú noum semirit .

(src)="13"> We will discuss three basic steps that every parent can take .
(trg)="12"> Sipwe pwóróus wóón úlúngát mettóch ekkewe sam me in meinisin ra tongeni féri .

(src)="14"> They are as follows : ( 1 ) Become your child’s first line of defense against abuse , ( 2 ) give your child some needed background education , and ( 3 ) equip your child with some basic protective tools .
(trg)="13"> Ikkeei : ( 1 ) Kopwe ákkáeúin chón túmúnú noum we , ( 2 ) asukula noum semirit , me ( 3 ) áiti ngeni noum we ifa usun epwe pwisin túmúnú .

(src)="15"> Are You the First Line of Defense ?
(trg)="14"> En ewe Ákkáeúin Chón Túmúnú Noum We ?

(src)="16"> The primary responsibility for protecting children against abuse belongs to parents , not to children .
(trg)="15"> Ekkewe sam me in iir ákkáeúin chón túmúnú néúr kewe seni ewe féfférún kirikiringaw , nge esap fen ekkewe semirit .

(src)="17"> So educating parents comes before educating children .
(trg)="16"> Ina minne , mi lamot ekkewe sam me in repwe akkomw angei káit usun ena mettóch , me mwen ekkewe semirit .

(src)="18"> If you are a parent , there are a few things you need to know about child abuse .
(trg)="17"> Ika en emén sam are in , mi wor ekkóch mettóch mi lamot kopwe silei usun ewe féfférún kirikiringaw ngeni semirit .

(src)="19"> You need to know who abuse children and how they go about it .
(trg)="18"> A lamot kopwe silei ika met sókkun aramas ra kan eáni ekkena féffér me ifa usun ra féri .

(src)="20"> Parents often think of molesters as strangers who lurk in the shadows , seeking ways to kidnap and rape children .
(trg)="19"> Fán chómmóng ekkewe sam me in ra ekieki pwe ekkena sókkun aramas iir ekkewe sise sissileer , ra kan operi aramas , me kútta atun repwe tongeni sú fán ekkewe semirit me reiper .

(src)="21"> Such monsters certainly do exist .
(trg)="20"> Pwúngún mi wor ekkena sókkun aramas mi kirikiringaw .

(src)="22"> The news media bring them to our attention very often .
(src)="23"> However , they are relatively rare .
(trg)="21"> Fán chómmóng sia rongorong pwóróuseer lón TV me reitio me metakkan , iwe nge fán ákkáeú chék a fis ekkena sókkun .

(src)="24"> In about 90 percent of the cases of sexual abuse of a child , the perpetrator is someone the child already knows and trusts .
(trg)="22"> Lap ngeni ekkewe fansoun a fis ena féfférún kirikiringaw ngeni semirit , ewe chón kirikiringaw , i emén ewe semirit a fen sissilei me lúkúlúk wóón .

(src)="25"> Naturally , you do not want to believe that an affable neighbor , teacher , health - care worker , coach , or relative could lust after your child .
(trg)="23"> Pwúngún pwe kese mochen ekieki pwe chón órum mi chiechiéch , emén sense , chón angangen pioing , coach , me aramasom ra tongeni mocheniangaweiti noum semirit .

(src)="26"> In truth , most people are not like that .
(trg)="24"> Ren enletin , esap ina usun lap ngeni aramas .

(src)="27"> There is no need to become suspicious of everybody around you .
(trg)="25"> Sap minne sipwe kon ekiekingaw ngeni meinisin aramas .

(src)="28"> Still , you can protect your child by learning how the typical abuser operates . ​ — See the box on page 6 .
(trg)="26"> Nge , ka tongeni túmúnú noum we ren óm kopwe silei mwékútúkútún emén chón kirikiringaw . ​ — Ppii ewe pwóór lón pekin taropwe 6 .

(src)="29"> Knowing such tactics can make you , the parent , better prepared to act as the first line of defense .
(trg)="27"> Ika ewe sam are in a silei an kana mwékútúkút , iwe epwe mmólnetá pwe i akkomw epwe túmúnú néún kewe semirit .

(src)="30"> For instance , if someone who appears more interested in children than in adults singles out your child for special attention and gifts or offers free babysitting or private excursions with your child , what will you do ?
(trg)="28"> Áwewe chék , ika mi wor emén usun itá a kon pwapwaiti semirit lap seni ekkewe mi watte nge i a áfánniéchú noum we , liffang ngeni are erenuk pwe a tongeni nikiniki are repwe chék rúúeménúló le kukkunou , met kopwe féri ?

(src)="31"> Decide that the person must be a molester ?
(trg)="29"> Kopwe ekieki pwe eménna i emén chón kirikiringaw ngeni semirit ?

(src)="32"> No .
(trg)="30"> Aapw .

(src)="33"> Do not be quick to jump to conclusions .
(trg)="31"> Kosap mwittir ekiekingaw ngeni .

(src)="34"> Such behavior may be quite innocent .
(trg)="32"> Neman ese wor an ekiekingaw .

(src)="35"> Nonetheless , it can put you on the alert .
(trg)="33"> Nge , kopwe chék pwal túmúnúéch .

(src)="36"> The Bible says : “ Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word , but the shrewd one considers his steps . ” ​ — Proverbs 14 : 15 .
(trg)="34"> Ewe Paipel a erá : “ Eman mi wewemang a lükü mettoch meinisin , nge eman mi mirit a nenengeni ia epwe feila ie . ” ​ — Än Salomon Fos 14 : 15 .

(src)="37"> Remember , any offer that sounds too good to be true may be just that .
(trg)="35"> Chechchemeni pwe ika a fen kon luló án emén échú ngenikich are álilliséch , iwe eli sipwe ekieki ika pwata a kon ina usun ngenikich .

(src)="38"> Carefully screen anyone who volunteers to spend time alone with your child .
(trg)="36"> Túmúnúéchú me nengeniéchú chókkewe ra mochen repwe rúúeménúló chék me noum we .

(src)="39"> Let such an individual know that you are likely to check on your child at any time .
(trg)="37"> Ereni eménna pwe kopwe chécheki iir me rúúemén ese lifilifil atun .

(src)="40"> Melissa and Brad , young parents of three boys , are cautious about leaving a child alone with an adult .
(trg)="38"> Melissa me Brad , a wor úlúmén néúr át , me ra túmúnúéch lupwen ra likitaló néúr kewe ren emén watte .

(src)="41"> When one son had music lessons at home , Melissa told the instructor : “ I’ll be in and out of the room while you’re here . ”
(trg)="39"> Lupwen emén me lein néúr kewe a káé ettikin piano lón imwer we , Melissa a ereni ewe sense : “ Upwe kan pwepwerelong remi lón ei ruumw . ”

(src)="42"> Such vigilance may sound extreme , but these parents would rather be safe than sorry .
(trg)="40"> Ena sókkun túmún neman ekkóch repwe ekieki pwe a kon luló , nge ekkeei sam me in ra mochen repwe fen túmúnúéch lap seni ar repwe mengiringir ika a fis och mettóch mi ngaw .

(src)="43"> Be actively involved in your child’s activities , friendships , and schoolwork .
(trg)="41"> Kopwe silefichi met noum we a féfféri , ié kewe chiechian , me met an angang lón sukul .

(src)="44"> Learn all the details about any planned excursion .
(trg)="42"> Ika noum we epwe ló ekis , mi lamot kopwe silei tichikin pwóróusan .

(src)="45"> One mental - health professional who spent 33 years working with cases of sexual abuse notes that he has seen countless cases that could have been prevented by simple vigilance on the parents ’ part .
(trg)="43"> Emén tokter mi álillis úkúkún 33 ier wóón ewe osukosuken kirikiringaw ngeni semirit , a erá pwe chómmóng lein ekkena féffér itá esap fen fis ika ekkewe sam me in ra fen túmúnúéchú me mammasa néúr kewe .

(src)="46"> He quotes one convicted molester as saying : “ Parents literally give us their children . . . .
(trg)="44"> A aloni alon emén mi angei kapwúng pokiten an kirikiringaw ngeni semirit , a apasa : “ Usun itá ekkewe sam me in ra fen chék fang ngenikem néúr kewe . . . .

(src)="47"> They sure made it easy for me . ”
(trg)="45"> Ra ámecheresi ngeniei ai upwe otupuureló . ”

(src)="48"> Remember , most molesters prefer easy targets .
(trg)="46"> Chechchemeni pwe lap ngeni ekkewe chón kirikiringaw ra kan mesááni ekkewe sókkun semirit mi mecheres ar repwe otupuureló .

(src)="49"> Parents who are actively involved in their children’s lives make their children difficult targets .
(trg)="47"> Ekkewe sam me in mi fókkun mammasa me silefichi mwékútúkútún néúr kewe , epwe weires án ekkewe chón kirikiringaw otupwaló néúr .

(src)="50"> Another way to act as your child’s first line of defense is to be a good listener .
(trg)="48"> Pwal eú mettóch ka tongeni féri pwe kopwe ákkáeúin chón túmúnú noum kewe , ina óm aúselingéch ngeniir .

(src)="51"> Children will rarely disclose abuse directly ; they are too ashamed and worried about the reaction .
(trg)="49"> Fán chómmóng , ekkewe semirit rese mochen pwári ika emén a kirikiringaw ngeniir pokiten a watte ar sáw me lólilen ren met semer kewe me iner repwe meefi .

(src)="52"> So listen carefully , even for subtle clues .
(trg)="50"> Ina popun , aúselingéch ngeniir , pwal mwo nge kútta och esissillen an wor met a aosukosuker .

(src)="53"> * If your child says something that concerns you , calmly use questions to draw him out .
(trg)="51"> * Ika noum we a erenuk och mettóch mi alólilenuk , kopwe kapas eis ngeni fán kinamwe pwe epwe pwáraawu meefian .

(src)="54"> * If he says that he does not want a certain babysitter to come back , ask why .
(trg)="52"> Ika a erá pwe a oput ewe chón nikiniki an epwe liwin me túmúnú , kopwe eisini ika pwata .

(src)="55"> If he says that an adult plays funny games with him , ask him : “ What kind of game ?
(trg)="53"> Ika a erá pwe emén watte a eáni och sókkun urumwot ngeni , kopwe eisini : “ Met sókkun urumwot ?

(src)="56"> What does he do ? ”
(trg)="54"> Met a kan féri ? ”

(src)="57"> If he complains that someone tickled him , ask him , “ Where did he tickle you ? ”
(trg)="55"> Ika a erá pwe a oput án emén akúrúfeni , kopwe eisini , “ A akúrúfeni tefomw ? ”

(src)="58"> Do not be quick to dismiss a child’s answers .
(trg)="56"> Kosap mwittir tunaló met noum na a apasa .

(src)="59"> Abusers tell a child that no one will believe him ; all too often , that is true .
(trg)="57"> Ekkewe chón kirikiringaw ra kan ereni ewe semirit pwe ese wor emén epwe lúkú alon , nge fán chómmóng a pwúng ena .

(src)="60"> And if a child has been abused , being believed and supported by a parent is a big step toward recovery .
(trg)="58"> Me ika emén a fen kirikiringaw ngeni emén semirit , a fókkun lamot ewe sam me ewe in repwe lúkú me álisi néúr na an epwe tongeni chikarsefál letipan .

(src)="61"> Give Your Child Background Education
(trg)="59"> Asukula Noum Semirit

(src)="62"> One reference work on the subject of child abuse quotes a convicted molester as saying : “ Give me a kid who knows nothing about sex , and you’ve given me my next victim . ”
(trg)="60"> Emén sou káé a aloni alon emén mi angei kapwúng pokiten an kirikiringaw ngeni semirit , a apasa : “ Áiti ngeniei emén semirit ese wor an sile usun ewe féfférún lisowu , iwe , ina i ewe upwe tongeni otupu . ”

(src)="63"> Those chilling words are a useful reminder to parents .
(trg)="61"> Alon na mi eniwokkus a mmen álilliséch ngeni ekkewe sam me in .

(src)="64"> Children who are ignorant about sex are much easier for molesters to fool .
(trg)="62"> A mecheres ngeni ekkewe chón kirikiringaw ar repwe otupu ekkewe semirit rese silei och mettóch usun féfférún lisowu .

(src)="65"> The Bible says that knowledge and wisdom can deliver us “ from the man speaking perverse things . ”
(trg)="63"> Ewe Paipel a erá pwe sile me tipachem a tongeni túmúnúkich “ seni ekewe aramas mi eäni kapasen likatuputup . ”

(src)="66"> Is that not what you want for your child ?
(trg)="64"> ( Än Salomon Fos 2 : 10 - 12 ) Ese mwáál ina met ka mochen epwe fis ngeni noum we .

(src)="67"> Then , as your second basic step in protecting him , do not hold back from teaching him about this important subject .
(trg)="65"> Iwe , ewe oruuen mettóch ka tongeni féri pwe kopwe túmúnú , ina óm ákkáiti ngeni ei pwóróus mi lamot usun ewe féfférún lisowu , nge kosap fen amwéchú seni ei sile .

(src)="68"> How , though , do you go about it ?
(trg)="66"> Iwe nge , ifa usun kopwe féri ena ?