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(src)="2"> 3 : 1 .
(trg)="1"> ” Martingki be do luhutna na tinompa . ” ​ — PARJAMITA 3 : 1 .

(src)="3"> What priority should be given to training brothers , and why ?
(trg)="2"> Sadia ringkot do laho mangurupi angka donganta baoa , jala boasa ?

(src)="4"> How does a congregation benefit from elders who give training ?
(trg)="3"> Aha do laba na dapot ni huria molo angka donganta baoa diurupi ?

(src)="5"> In training others , how can elders imitate Samuel’s example ?
(trg)="4"> Tingki laho mangurupi angka donganta baoa , songon dia do angka sintua boi mangihuthon sitiruon songon na dibahen si Samuel ?

(src)="6"> 1 , 2 .
(trg)="5"> 1 , 2 .

(src)="7"> Circuit overseers have noted what situation in many congregations ?
(trg)="6"> Aha do na pinaboa ni angka Sintua kaliling asa diulahon di huria ?

(src)="8"> THE circuit overseer was about to conclude his meeting with the body of elders .
(trg)="7"> DI HARORO ni sintua kaliling marrapot ma nasida dohot angka sintua na adong di huria , huhut diida sintua kaliling i ma sude dongan sintua na adong disi .

(src)="9"> As he looked at their faces , he felt warm affection for these hardworking shepherds , some of whom were old enough to be his father .
(trg)="8"> Las rohana mangida angka sintua na ringgas mangula di huria i .
(trg)="9"> Deba sian nasida nunga matua , nunga dos songon natuatuana .

(src)="10"> Yet , he also felt concern , so he asked them , “ Brothers , what have you done to train others to take on more responsibility in the congregation ? ”
(trg)="10"> Alai adong dope na ringkot na laho sihatahononna .
(trg)="11"> Disungkun ibana , ” Brur , aha do naung dibahen hamu mangurupi angka donganta baoa asa adong tanggung jawabna di huria ? ”

(src)="11"> They well remembered that the circuit overseer during his last visit had urged them to pay more attention to training others .
(trg)="12"> Songon naung diboto nasida , tingki di haroro ni sintua kaliling na parpudi nunga dijujui nasida asa mangurupi angka donganta baoa .

(src)="12"> Finally , one of the elders said , “ Frankly , we have done very little . ”
(trg)="13"> Ujungna , sahalak sian sintua i mangalusi , ” saotik dope na boi diulahon hami . ”

(src)="13"> The other elders nodded in agreement .
(trg)="14"> Satolop do sude angka sintua i di hata i .

(src)="14"> If you are a Christian elder , can you relate to what took place at that meeting ?
(trg)="15"> Molo hamu sahalak sintua , hea do ra dihilala hamu songon i .

(src)="15"> Likely so .
(src)="16"> Circuit overseers around the world have noted that in many congregations , more needs to be done to train brothers ​ — younger and older — ​ to help care for the flock .
(trg)="16"> Angka sintua kaliling mangida porlu angka sintua mangarohahon angka donganta baoa na poso nang na matua asa boi dipangke gogona laho manarihon na porlu di huria .

(src)="17"> This presents a challenge .
(trg)="17"> Alai , sipata ndang mura laho mangulahon songon on .

(src)="18"> Why is that the case ?
(trg)="18"> Boasa ?

(src)="19"> ( a ) How do the Scriptures show the importance of training , and why should all of us be interested in this ?
(trg)="19"> ( a ) Songon dia do Bibel paboahon na ringkot do mangajarajari donganta baoa , jala boasa hita sude porlu mangarohahon on ?

(src)="20"> ( See footnote . ) ( b ) Why may some elders find it hard to train others ?
(trg)="20"> ( Ida surat na di toru . ) ( b ) Boasa deba sintua sipata maol laho mangajarajari angka donganta baoa na asing ?

(src)="21"> As a shepherd , you no doubt realize that personal training is important .
(trg)="21"> Songon sahalak sintua , diboto hamu ringkot do mangajarajari angka donganta baoa na asing .

(src)="22"> * You know that more brothers are needed to keep existing congregations spiritually strong and to allow new congregations to be formed .
(trg)="22"> * Diboto hamu do diharingkothon huria do angka baoa , laho mangaradoti huria asa tongtong togu jala boi mangurupi huria na jongjong di pudian ni ari .

(src)="23"> ( Read Isaiah 60 : 22 . )
(trg)="23"> ( Jaha Jesaya 60 : 22 . )

(src)="24"> You also know that God’s Word urges you to “ teach others . ”
(trg)="24"> Bibel mandok hamu ingkon ” mangajari na asing . ”

(src)="25"> ( Read 2 Timothy 2 : 2 . )
(trg)="25"> ( Jaha 2 Timoteus 2 : 2 . )

(src)="26"> Even so , like the elders mentioned in the introduction , you may find it hard to do so .
(trg)="26"> Ndang sai mura mangulahon on , hamu ingkon manarihon na porlu di parsaripeon , di parkarejoan .

(src)="27"> After you have taken care of family needs , job requirements , congregation responsibilities , and other urgent matters , there just seems to be no time left to train others in the congregation .
(trg)="27"> Sarihononmu muse ulaon di huria dohot ulaon na asing na ringkot .

(src)="28"> That being the case , let us consider what importance should be given to the training of others .
(trg)="28"> Saonari boi ma taulas boasa tutu ringkot mangarohahon angka donganta baoa di huria jala mangajarajari nasida .

(src)="29"> What might be one reason why training at times is postponed ?
(trg)="29"> Boasa sipata dipalelengleng angka sintua mangajari donganta baoa na asing ?

(src)="30"> What could be one reason why some elders may find it hard to set aside time for training ?
(trg)="30"> Boasa songon na maol laho mangajarajari donganta baoa na asing ?

(src)="31"> Perhaps some think : ‘ Training is important , but it is not as urgent as other congregation matters that simply cannot wait .
(trg)="31"> Ninna roha ni na deba : ’ Adong dope ulaon na rumingkot di huria , molo parpudi pe mangajarajari donganta baoa ndang pola lola ulaon di huria . ’

(src)="33"> Though it is true that numerous matters require your immediate attention , delaying training may harm the spiritual well - being of the congregation .
(trg)="32"> Toho do i ?
(trg)="33"> Tutu do adong ulaon na ingkon jalo diulahon , alai molo dipalelengleleng hamu do laho mangajarajari donganta baoa , huria do na gabe susa .

(src)="34"> 5 , 6 .
(trg)="34"> 5 , 6 .

(src)="35"> What can we learn from the example of a driver and his view of engine maintenance , and how can this be applied to training given in the congregation ?
(trg)="35"> Aha do na boi taparsiajari sian sahalak supir ?
(trg)="36"> Songon dia do boi on tapatudos tu pangajarajarion di huria ?

(src)="36"> Think of this example : A driver may know that to maintain his car and keep the engine in running order , he must regularly change the oil .
(trg)="37"> Songon tudosan .
(trg)="38"> Ingkon paresoon ni supir do miak dohot oli ni motorna asa boi mardalan .

(src)="37"> Still , he may feel that it is not as urgent as filling the tank with fuel .
(trg)="39"> Alai olo do rumingkot di rohana mangisi miak sian mangganti oli .

(src)="38"> After all , if he does not put gas in the tank , his car will soon come to a complete stop .
(trg)="40"> Alai molo torus diboan motor on , sada tingki gabe sega ma motor i .

(src)="39"> ‘ If I don’t have time to change the oil , ’ he may reason , ‘ the engine will still keep running , at least for a while . ’
(trg)="41"> Ujungna lola ma ibana , habis ma tingki dohot hepengna padengganhon motor i .

(src)="40"> But what is the danger ?
(trg)="42"> Aha do parsiajaranna ?

(src)="42"> If that happens , he will have to spend a lot of time and money on getting the car repaired and running again .
(trg)="43"> Ingkon sarihonon ni sintua aha na ringkot di huria .

(src)="43"> What is the lesson ?
(trg)="44"> Molo so i , susa do huria i .

(src)="44"> Elders care for many important tasks that have to be handled promptly ; otherwise , the congregation would be adversely affected .
(trg)="45"> Songon supir na ingkon mangisi miak , angka sintua ingkon ” manangkasi na rumingkot ” .

(src)="46"> However , some elders are so busy looking after pressing matters that they may neglect the training of others ​ — the maintenance of the engine , so to speak .
(trg)="46"> Deba sintua godang ulaonna gabe ndang sanga be nasida mangajarajari donganta baoa na asing , sarupa ma i songon supir na lalap gabe lupa molo oli ni motor ndang diganti .

(src)="47"> But if elders keep postponing necessary training , sooner or later the congregation will lack sufficient qualified brothers to care for all that needs to be done .
(trg)="47"> Molo ndang gira sintua mangajarajari donganta baoa di huria , ndang pola sadia leleng nai ndang adong be baoa na malo laho mangulahon ulaon na adong di huria .

(src)="48"> How should we view elders who set aside time for training ?
(trg)="48"> Songon dia do panghilalaanta mangida angka sintua na rade mangajarajari ?

(src)="49"> Clearly , then , we should guard against thinking that training is of low priority .
(trg)="49"> Jadi unang dirimpu hamu pangajarajarion i ndang pola porlu .

(src)="50"> Elders who take a long - range view and invest their time in training less experienced brothers are wise stewards and a true blessing to the entire congregation .
(trg)="50"> Sintua na manarihon huria asa tongtong denggan jala na mangajarajarai angka donganta baoa , i do sintua na marbisuk na arga di sude donganta na di huria .

(src)="51"> ( Read 1 Peter 4 : 10 . )
(trg)="51"> ( Jaha 1 Petrus 4 : 10 . )

(src)="52"> How does the congregation benefit ?
(trg)="52"> Boha do huria asa mandapot laba ?

(src)="53"> ( a ) What qualities and considerations move elders to train others ?
(trg)="53"> ( a ) Boasa ingkon diajarajari sintua sude donganta baoa na asing ?

(src)="54"> ( b ) What urgent responsibility do elders who serve as “ need greaters ” have ?
(trg)="54"> ( b ) Angka sintua mangaradoti angka na ringkot di huria , alai aha dope na ringkot na ingkon ulahonon ni nasida ?

(src)="55"> ( See the box “ A Compelling Mission . ” )
(trg)="55"> ( Ida ma kotak ” Ulaon na Rumingkot ” . )

(src)="56"> Even the most experienced elders must modestly recognize that advancing age will gradually limit the amount of work they personally can do for the congregation .
(trg)="56"> Nang pe naung leleng gabe sintua , ingkon tongtong do serep marroha jala porlu ingotonna molo lam matua ndang boi be bahenonna sogot songon sisaonari .

(src)="57"> Also , they should realistically take into account that “ time and unexpected events ” may bring about a sudden change in their ability to care for congregation responsibilities .
(trg)="57"> ( Mika 6 : 8 ) Jala , porlu botoon nasida , molo ” tingki dohot parsorion ” so panagaman boi gabe mambahen sintua ndang boi be mangaradoti ulaon di huria .

(src)="58"> So out of heartfelt concern for the well - being of Jehovah’s sheep , forward - looking elders share in a timely fashion with younger brothers the experience they have acquired during their years of faithful service . ​ — Read Psalm 71 : 17 , 18 .
(trg)="58"> ( Parjamita 9 : 11 , 12 ; Jakobus 4 : 13 , 14 ) Jadi molo dihaholongi jala disarihon sintua do sude ruas ni Jahowa , ingkon marsitutu do nasida asa mangajarajari angka donganta baoa na poso , sude naung pinarsiajaran ni nasida hian .

(src)="59"> What future event makes training of vital importance ?
(trg)="59"> Aha do na masa na laho ro na mambahen pangajarajarion mansai ringkot ?

(src)="60"> For what other reason are elders who train others a blessing to the flock ?
(trg)="60"> Arga do tutu angka sintua na rade mangajarajari angka donganta baoa ala on sude mangkorhon na denggan jala boi lam patoguhon huria .

(src)="61"> They strengthen the congregation’s defenses .
(src)="62"> How ?
(trg)="61"> Dung i muse pangajarajarion on mambahen godang donganta baoa boi mangurupi huria marsada ni roha jala asa sai marsihohot tu Debata .

(src)="63"> The efforts of elders to train others result in more brothers who will be ready to help the congregation to stand firm and united , not only now but especially when turbulent times come during the great tribulation .
(trg)="62"> Nasida tahaporluhon tarlumobi ala mangolu hita di ariari parpudi , nasida pe tongtong dihaporluhon tingki haporsuhon bolon haduan .

(src)="64"> Therefore , dear elders , we appeal to you to make training a regular feature of your ministry today .
(trg)="63"> ( Hesekiel 38 : 10 - 12 ; Mika 5 : 5 , 6 ) Di bahen i angka sintua na hinaholongan , parhaseang hamu ma tingki laho mangajarajari angka donganta baoa sian saonari .

(src)="65"> To have time to train others , what may an elder need to do ?
(trg)="64"> Asa adong tingki mangajarajari donganta baoa , aha do na porlu bahenon ni angka sintua ?

(src)="66"> Of course , we understand that the time you spend on caring for important congregation activities may already make you feel stretched to the limit .
(trg)="65"> Huboto hami do , tontu godang do ulaonmu ala ingkon mangaradoti ulaon na ringkot di huria .

(src)="67"> Hence , you may need to take some of that time and use it for training .
(trg)="66"> Alani i , pangke hamu ma deba tingki muna laho mangaradoti ulaon di huria huhut mangajarajari .

(src)="68"> Doing so would be a wise investment .
(trg)="67"> ( Parjamita 3 : 1 ) Denggan ma molo songon i diulahon hamu jala manghorhon na denggan do i tu huria tu joloan ni ari .

(src)="69"> ( a ) What is interesting about the suggestions on training given by elders from different lands ?
(trg)="68"> ( a ) Aha do na denggan taida sian pandapot ni angka sintua na mambahen pangajarajarion di angka inganan di luat na marasingasing ?

(src)="70"> ( b ) According to Proverbs 15 : 22 , why will it be beneficial to consider the suggestions of other elders ?
(trg)="69"> ( b ) Songon na didok di Poda 15 : 22 , boasa porlu mangulas angka pandapot ni sintua na asing ?

(src)="71"> Recently , a group of elders who are successful in helping brothers to grow spiritually were asked what approach they use when training others .
(trg)="70"> Ndang leleng dope , angka sintua na marhasil disungkun : Songon dia dibahen nasida boi denggan mangajarajari .

(src)="72"> * Though the circumstances of these brothers vary greatly , the advice they gave was strikingly similar .
(trg)="71"> * Dos do sude alus na pinaboa ni nasida nang pe asingasing be situasina .

(src)="73"> What does this indicate ?
(trg)="72"> Aha do na boi taida sian on ?

(src)="74"> That Bible - based training is applicable to learners “ everywhere in every congregation ” ​ — just as it was in the apostle Paul’s day .
(trg)="73"> On patuduhon molo pangajarion marhite Bibel marlapatan tu sude angka na diajarajari ” Di nasa Huria . ”

(src)="75"> Hence , in this article and the next , we will consider some suggestions that these elders made .
(trg)="74"> Parsiajaran on dohot parsiajaran na mangihut , mangulas poda ni angka sintua on ( Poda 15 : 22 ) Didok ma na mangajarajari i guru , na diajarajari i parsiajar .

(src)="76"> For the sake of simplicity , the articles will refer to those giving training as “ teachers ” and those receiving it as “ learners . ”
(trg)="75"> Aha do na porlu siparadeon ni sahalak guru , jala boasa songon i ?
(trg)="76"> Parjolo , sahalak guru porlu mangida tingki na pas .

(src)="77"> What does a teacher need to create , and why ?
(trg)="77"> Boasa songon i ?

(src)="78"> A teacher needs to create the right conditions for training .
(trg)="78"> Doshon songon sahalak pangula , parjolo ingkon paradeonna tano inganan panuanan , dung i pe asa disuan boni .

(src)="79"> Just as a gardener needs to cultivate , or loosen , the soil before sowing seeds , so a teacher needs to prepare , or encourage , the heart of a learner before teaching him new skills .
(trg)="79"> Suang songon i do sahalak guru porlu paradeonna parjolo roha ni halak siajaranna , dung i pe asa diajarhon parbinotoan laho mangajarajari ulaon na baru .

(src)="80"> So how do teachers create the right conditions for training others ?
(trg)="80"> Boha do bahenon ni sintua mangida tingki na pas laho mangajarajari ?

(src)="81"> By following an approach similar to that taken by one prophet of old .
(src)="82"> What approach is that ?
(trg)="81"> Boi do ihuthononna tiruan na binahen ni sahalak guru na malo i ma panurirang Samuel .

(src)="83"> 13 - 15 . ( a ) What assignment did the prophet Samuel receive ?
(trg)="82"> 13 - 15 . ( a ) Aha do didok Jahowa ulahonon ni si Samuel ?

(src)="84"> ( b ) How did Samuel carry out his task ?
(trg)="83"> ( b ) Songon dia do si Samuel paradehon roha ni si Saul tu sada ulaon ?

(src)="85"> ( See opening image . ) ( c ) Why should this Bible account about Samuel be of special interest to elders today ?
(trg)="84"> ( Ida gombar di mula ni parsiajaran . ) ( c ) Boasa na disurat di Bibel taringot si Samuel denggan tu angka sintua saonarion ?

(src)="86"> One day over 3,000 years ago , Jehovah told the elderly prophet Samuel : “ Tomorrow about this time , I will send to you a man from the land of Benjamin .
(src)="87"> You must anoint him as leader over my people Israel . ”
(trg)="85"> Di sada tingki hirahira 3.000 taon naung salpu , dipaboa Jahowa tu panurirang naung matua i ma si Samuel : ” Marsogot songon on , suruhononku tu ho sada halak sian tano Benjamin , asa miahanmu ibana bahen partogi ni bangsongku Israel . ”

(src)="88"> Samuel realized that his role as leader had come to an end and that Jehovah had assigned him to anoint a successor .
(trg)="86"> ( 1 Samuel 9 : 15 , 16 ) Diboto si Samuel ma ndang be ibana manguluhon bangso Israel , i do alana disuru Jahowa ibana mamiahi sada panggomgom .

(src)="89"> ‘ How can I prepare that man for his task ? , ’ Samuel must have thought .
(src)="90"> He got an idea and worked out a plan .
(trg)="87"> Asa paradehon baoa i tu ulaon on , dilului si Samuel ma dalan dohot tingki laho patulushon sangkapna .

(src)="91"> The next day when Samuel saw Saul , Jehovah told the prophet : “ Here is the man . ”
(trg)="88"> Marsogotna i diida si Samuel ma si Saul jala didok Jahowa tu si Samuel : ” I ma baoa i ” .

(src)="92"> Then Samuel put his plan into action .
(trg)="89"> Laos satongkin i diulahon ibana ma songon naung sinangkapna hian .

(src)="93"> He invited Saul for a meal in a dining hall .
(trg)="90"> Dilului ibana ma tingki na pas asa boi ibana manghatai tu si Saul .

(src)="94"> There he gave Saul and his attendant the best seats and a choice cut of meat , and Samuel said : “ Eat , because they have reserved it for you for this occasion . ”
(trg)="91"> Dijou si Samuel ma si Saul dohot naposona rap mangan jala dipahundul ma ibana di halang ulu , diparade ma jagal naung dipapulik tu jolo ni si Saul .

(src)="95"> Afterward , Samuel and Saul walked down to the prophet’s house , talking as they went .
(trg)="92"> Didok si Samuel ma : ” Antong pangan ma !

(src)="96"> Samuel wanted to make good use of the pleasant atmosphere that the fine meal and the leisurely walk had created .
(trg)="93"> Ai nunga sinimpan hian di ho tu ari raja on . ”

(src)="97"> So he invited Saul to come up to his roof .
(trg)="94"> Dung sae mangan , ditogihon si Samuel ma si Saul tu jabuna .

(src)="98"> In the cool evening breeze , Samuel “ continued to speak with Saul on the housetop ” until they went to sleep .
(trg)="95"> Tingki di pardalanan tusi rap manghatahatai ma nasida na dua .

(src)="99"> The next day , Samuel anointed Saul , kissed him , and gave him more instructions .
(trg)="96"> Dung sahat nasida di jabu ni si Samuel , nangkok ma nasida tu loteng , jala diuduti ma ’ manghatai dohot si Saul di atas tarup ’ sahat tu na laho modom nasida .

(src)="100"> After that , he sent Saul away ​ — prepared for the events to come . ​ — 1 Sam .
(trg)="97"> Marsogot na i , dimiahi si Samuel ma si Saul , dihaol , jala dilehon godang tudutudu .

(src)="101"> 9 : 17 - 27 ; 10 : 1 .
(trg)="98"> Dung i , laho ma si Saul jala pos rohana tu ulaon naung dipasahat tu ibana . ​ — 1 Samuel 9 : 17 - 27 ; 10 : 1 .

(src)="102"> Anointing a man to be a leader of a nation is , of course , not the same as training a brother to be an elder or a ministerial servant in the congregation .
(trg)="100"> Aha na dibahen si Samuel di tingki i ndang dos songon na laho sibahenon ni sintua saonari on laho mangajarajari angka donganta baoa asa gabe sintua manang gabe parhobas .

(src)="103"> Even so , elders today can draw several valuable lessons from Samuel’s approach .
(trg)="101"> Alai adong parsiajaran tadapot sian na binahen ni si Samuel laho paradehon roha ni si Saul .

(src)="104"> Let us consider two of them .
(trg)="102"> Taida ma dua parsiajaran sian i .