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(src)="1"> 3 Wer ku dwal mir anyong’a !
(trg)="1"> 1 Make a Joyful Sound !

(src)="2"> Niai con , wer utie thenge acel ma zoo mi thier ni dhanu pa Yehova .
(trg)="2"> For Jehovah’s people , singing has always been an integral part of worship .

(src)="3"> Re , dhanu moko romo bedo ku lewic kunoke ku lworo niwer ikind dhanu .
(trg)="3"> However , some may feel uncomfortable singing in public .

(src)="4"> Waromo daru nenedi lworo mi tio ku dwandwa pi nipaku Yehova ku wer ?
(trg)="4"> How can we overcome the fear of using our voice to sing praises to Jehovah ?

(src)="5"> Thiwiwec maeni unyutho iwa thelembe mabeco ma romo cwaluwa niwer kud anyong’a , man emio bende juk ma romo konyowa niyiko dwandwa mi wer .
(trg)="5"> This article gives us good reasons to sing out joyfully and offers some suggestions for improving our singing voice .

(src)="6"> 8 Nyo iketho Yehova ni karingo peri ?
(trg)="6"> 2 Are You Taking Refuge in Jehovah ?

(src)="7"> 13 Lub lapor mi pokolembe ma pwe man mi kisa pa Yehova
(trg)="7"> 3 Imitate Jehovah’s Justice and Mercy

(src)="8"> Adhura mi karingo m’ubedo nuti con i Israel , romo mio iwa ponji dupa mabeco .
(trg)="8"> We can learn valuable lessons from the arrangement of the cities of refuge in ancient Israel .

(src)="9"> I thiwiwec mi kwong’o , nen yo ma tung ’ tung ’ ma Jakristu m’udubo romo ringo ko ibang ’ Yehova tin .
(trg)="9"> In the first article , look for ways that sinners can take refuge in Jehovah today .

(src)="10"> I thiwiwec mir arionde ke , nen kite ma waromo lubo ko lapor pa Yehova pi nitimo kisa ni jumange , niworo kwo , man nitimo lembe ku bedopwe .
(trg)="10"> In the second article , see how Jehovah’s example helps us to forgive others , respect life , and act justly .

(src)="12"> 20 Kwer cen paru mi ng’om maeni
(trg)="11"> 4 Reject Worldly Thinking

(src)="13"> 25 Kud iwek gin moko ceri ku nwang’u sukulia
(trg)="12"> 5 Let Nothing Deprive You of the Prize

(src)="14"> Thiwiwec ario maeni ujengere iwi juk ma Paulo umio ni Jukristu mi Kolosai ku kony pa tipo ma leng ’ .
(trg)="13"> These two articles are based on Paul’s inspired counsel to the Christians in Colossae .

(src)="15"> Thiwiwec mi kwong’o ukoro gin ma wacikara nitimo ka wawinjo paru moko mi ng’om , m’ubeyenyo nen iwa ni paru m’atira kunoke mandha .
(trg)="14"> The first article explains what to do when we hear worldly ideas that may sound appealing or convincing .

(src)="16"> Thiwiwec mir arionde ubepoyowa nia wacikara nicerara ikum timo ceke ma romo cerowa ku nwang’u mugisa ma Yehova ung’olo .
(trg)="15"> The second article reminds us of how to avoid attitudes that could deprive us of the blessings that Jehovah has promised .

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(src)="1"> “ E ber ya juwer pak ni Mungu mwa . ” ​ — ZABURI 147 : 1 .
(trg)="2"> 147 : 1 .

(src)="2"> WER : 10 , 2
(trg)="3"> SONGS : 10 , 2

(src)="3"> Wer utie ku kaka makani i thier mandha ?
(trg)="4"> What role does singing play in true worship ?

(src)="4"> Iromo timo ang’o kara itund niwero pak ni Yehova kud adundeni ceke ?
(trg)="5"> How can you overcome obstacles and sing praises to Jehovah with feeling ?

(src)="5"> Alokaloka makani ma jutimo i buku manyen mi wer , man bukune romo konyi nenedi ?
(trg)="6"> What improvements have been made in the new songbook , and how can you make the best use of it ?

(src)="6"> Wer mwa konyowa nenedi ?
(trg)="7"> What does singing enable us to do ?

(src)="7"> JATHUNGWER moko m’ung’eyere lee ugam uyero kumae : “ Wec ketho ng’atini paru lembe .
(trg)="8"> A POPULAR lyricist once said : “ Words make you think thoughts .

(src)="8"> Mizik ke ketho ng’atini winjere ku mutoro kunoke ku can .
(trg)="9"> Music makes you feel a feeling .

(src)="9"> Ento wer , ketho ng’atini neno lembe m’ebewero i paru pare . ”
(trg)="10"> But a song makes you feel a thought . ”

(src)="10"> Wer mwa bende konyowa nimio pak ni Yehova , Wegwa m’i polo , man ninyutho nia wamare .
(src)="11"> Werne ketho wawinjara nia watie ceng’ini mandha kude .
(trg)="11"> What better thoughts could we “ feel ” than those that express praise and love for our heavenly Father , Jehovah ?

(src)="12"> Pieno , kadok wabewer kendwa kunoke karacelo kud umego ku nyimego mwa de , ubenen kamaleng ’ nia wer utie ku kaka ma pire tek dit i thier maleng ’ .
(trg)="12"> It is no wonder that singing is a prominent aspect of pure worship , whether we are alone when we sing or we are with the congregation of God’s people .

(src)="13"> 2 , 3 . ( a ) Dhanu moko gibed giwinjiri nenedi tekene ubekwayu nia juwer matek karacelo i cokiri ?
(trg)="13"> 2 , 3 . ( a ) How might some feel about singing aloud with the congregation ?

(src)="14"> ( b ) Wabidwoko wang ’ penji makani i ponji maeni ?
(trg)="14"> ( b ) What questions will we consider ?

(src)="15"> Dong ’ , ibed iwinjiri nenedi tekene ubekwayu nia juwer matek karacelo i cokiri ?
(trg)="15"> How , though , do you feel about singing aloud with the congregation ?

(src)="16"> Nyo lewic benegi ?
(trg)="16"> Do you find it embarrassing ?

(src)="17"> I suru moko , dhanu ma co gibed gilworo niwer ikind dhanu .
(trg)="17"> In some cultures , men may feel uncomfortable singing in public .

(src)="18"> Lembuno copo bedo ku matoke marac iwi umego ku nyimego i cokiri , akecane ka judong cokiri gibemwony ikum wer , kunoke gibetimo lembe mange i saa mi wer . ​ — Zaburi 30 : 12 .
(trg)="18"> This view can affect the whole congregation , especially if those taking the lead find reasons to hold back or to engage in other activities while the rest of the congregation is singing . ​ — Ps .
(trg)="19"> 30 : 12 .

(src)="19"> Wer utie thenge acel ma zoo mi thier mwa ni Yehova .
(src)="20"> Pieno , ukwayu ngo wabed wamwony i saa mi wer kunoke nikoso thenge maeno mi coko .
(trg)="20"> If we truly consider singing as part of our worship , we certainly will not want to walk out on or be absent from that part of the meeting program .

(src)="21"> Dong ’ , wan ceke wacikara nipenjara kumae : ‘ Nyo abed amaru niwer i coko ?
(trg)="21"> Thus , each one of us should ask himself : ‘ How do I view the singing at our meetings for worship ?

(src)="22"> Aromo timo ang’o tekene abed alworo niwer ikind dhanu ?
(trg)="22"> How can I overcome any apprehension that may hold me back from singing out joyfully ?

(src)="23"> Man aromo wer nenedi kud adundena ceke ? ’
(trg)="23"> And what can I do to express fully the feeling of the songs we sing ? ’

(src)="24"> 4 , 5 .
(trg)="24"> 4 , 5 .

(src)="25"> Yub makani m’ubedo nuti pi lembe m’uneno wer i hekalu i Israel ma con ?
(trg)="25"> How extensive were the arrangements for singing in worship in ancient Israel ?

(src)="26"> Niai con , jurutic pa Yehova gibed gitio ku mizik pi nipaku Yehova .
(trg)="26"> Faithful worshippers of Jehovah have long used music as a way to praise Jehovah .

(src)="27"> Kinde ma nyithindho mir Israel gibino gwoko bedoleng ’ migi ni Yehova , wer ubedo thenge acel ma pire tek mi thier migi .
(trg)="27"> It is noteworthy that when the ancient Israelites were faithfully serving Jehovah , singing was prominent in their worship .

(src)="28"> Ku lapor , kinde ma Daudi ubino coko dhu jamtic pi gomo hekalu , epangu bende Julawi 4 000 pi nipaku Yehova ku mizik .
(trg)="28"> For example , in preparation for service at the temple , King David organized 4,000 Levites to provide music of praise .

(src)="29"> Kud ikindgi , dhanu 288 ubedo jurubodho , man ‘ juponjogi [ ceke cuu ] i wer ni Yehova . ’ ​ — 1 Lemkei 23 : 5 ; 25 : 7 .
(trg)="29"> Among these , 288 were “ trained in song to Jehovah , all experts . ” ​ — 1 Chron .
(trg)="30"> 23 : 5 ; 25 : 7 .

(src)="30"> Bende , i saa ma jubino nithiero hekalu ni Yehova , mizik ku wer ubedo ku kaka ma pire tek .
(trg)="31"> At the inauguration of the temple , music and singing played a prominent role .

(src)="31"> Biblia uwacu kumae : ‘ Kinde ma jukudhagwara man juruwer gibedo calu acel , kara giketh badwal acel uwinjre kum paku ku foyo Yehova ; man kinde ma giting’o dwandgi malu karacelo kud agwara man umbukulumbu ku jambwer mi badwal , man gipaku Yehova , . . . dwong ’ pa Yehova upong’o ot pa Mungu . ’
(trg)="32"> The account tells us : “ At the moment when the trumpeters and the singers were praising and thanking Jehovah in unison , and as the sound ascended from the trumpets , the cymbals , and the other musical instruments as they were praising Jehovah , . . . the glory of Jehovah filled the house of the true God . ”

(src)="32"> Kepar kite ma lembuno ugam utielo ko yioyic mi nyithindho mir Israel saa maeca ! ​ — 2 Lemkei 5 : 13 , 14 ; 7 : 6 .
(trg)="33"> What a faith - strengthening occasion that must have been ! ​ — 2 Chron .
(trg)="34"> 5 : 13 , 14 ; 7 : 6 .

(src)="33"> Yub ang’o ma Nehemia ugam umaku pi mizik ku wer kinde m’ebino jabim mi Yerusalem ?
(trg)="35"> Describe the special presentation of singing during Nehemiah’s rule as governor in Jerusalem .

(src)="34"> Kinde ma Nehemia ucoko nyithindho mir Israel kara gigier kendo gang’kidi mi Yerusalem , en bende egam epangu Julawi kara giwer wer man gigoi mizik i saa mi thiero gang’kidine ni Yehova .
(trg)="36"> When Nehemiah led the faithful Israelites in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem , he also organized the Levite singers with full instrumental accompaniment .

(src)="35"> Wer man mizik ma gigoyo i saa maeno uketho anyong’a ubedo lee akeca .
(trg)="37"> When the rebuilt walls were dedicated , the special music presentation contributed greatly to the joy of the occasion .

(src)="36"> Nehemia upangu “ udul ario ma dit ma gifoyo foc . ”
(trg)="38"> This time , there were “ two large thanksgiving choirs . ”

(src)="37"> Juruwer maeno giwotho ku wi gang’kidi ; ungu acel ukwanyu yo ng’ete acel , ma kucelo ke ukwanyu yo ng’ete mange , nitundo gicidh girombo iwi gang ’ ma ceng’ni ku kaka ma hekalu ni ie .
(trg)="39"> Walking in opposite directions , the choirs met on the wall close to the temple area to create a sound that could be heard from far away .

(src)="39"> ( Nehemia 12 : 27 , 28 , 31 , 38 , 40 , 43 ) M’umbe jiji , mutoro unego Yehova lee niwinjo kite ma jurutic pare gibino wer ko kud amora pi nipake .
(trg)="40"> Jehovah was no doubt pleased to hear his worshippers enthusiastically praising him in song .

(src)="40"> Yesu ku julub pare ginyutho nenedi nia wer utie thenge acel ma zoo mi thier mi Jukristu ?
(trg)="41"> How did Jesus emphasize the need for singing in Christian worship ?

(src)="41"> I saa ma Yesu ubino i ng’om bende , mizik umedere nibedo thenge acel ma zoo mi thier mandha .
(trg)="42"> With the establishment of the Christian congregation , music continued to be a prominent feature of true worship .

(src)="42"> Kepoi ikum lembe m’utimere i diewor ma pire tek nisagu zoo i kwo mi dhanu .
(src)="43"> Yesu ucaku the Cemo mir uthieno pa Rwoth karacelo ku julub pare ; ing’eye , gin ceke giwero wer mi pak ni Yehova . ​ — Som Matayo 26 : 30 .
(trg)="43"> On the most important night in human history , Jesus included the singing of songs after the institution of the Lord’s Evening Meal . ​ — Read Matthew 26 : 30 .

(src)="44"> Jukristu mi rundi ma kwong’a giweko lapor makani maber mi paku Mungu ku wer ?
(trg)="44"> How did the first - century Christians set a pattern of singing in worship ?

(src)="45"> Jukristu mi rundi ma kwong’a de giweko lapor maber mandha mi paku Mungu ku wer .
(trg)="45"> First - century Christians set a pattern of praising God together in song .

(src)="46"> Tung ’ ku nyithindho mir Israel m’ubed ucidho i hekalu pi nitimo thier ni Yehova , Jukristu mi rundi ma kwong’a gibed gicokiri i udi mi dhanu .
(trg)="46"> Even though they often met in private homes , the modest surroundings for worship did not diminish their zeal for singing to Jehovah .

(src)="47"> Kadok udine bino ngo leng ’ akeca calu hekalu de , re umego ku nyimego gibed giwer asu kud amora .
(trg)="47"> Under inspiration , the apostle Paul directed his Christian brothers : “ Keep on teaching and encouraging one another with psalms , praises to God , spiritual songs sung with gratitude , singing in your hearts to Jehovah . ”

(src)="48"> Jakwenda Paulo de ugam uyero ni Jukristu wadi kumae : ‘ Wuponjuru man wujukuru ku lembwer man wer ku wer mi tipo , ma wubewero ku bero ( ku foyofoc ) i adundewu ni [ Yehova ] . ’
(trg)="48"> The songs in our songbook are truly “ spiritual songs [ to be ] sung with gratitude . ”

(src)="49"> ( Jukolosai 3 : 16 ) Eyo , wacikara niwero wer mi bukuwer mwa ku ‘ foyofoc . ’
(trg)="49"> They are a part of the spiritual food provided by “ the faithful and discreet slave . ” ​ — Matt .

(src)="50"> Wer maeno ceke gitie thenge acel mi “ cemo ” ma “ jamiru mandha man ma riek ” ubemio iwa “ i nindone . ” ​ — Matayo 24 : 45 .
(trg)="50"> 24 : 45 .

(src)="51"> ( a ) Pirang’o dhanu moko gitie ku jiji niwer kud anyong’a i coko mwa ?
(trg)="51"> ( a ) What might prevent some from singing out joyfully at our meetings and assemblies ?

(src)="52"> ( b ) Wacikara nitimo ang’o pi nipaku Yehova ku wer , man jukani ma gicikiri nibedo ma kwong’a niwero wer i coko ?
(trg)="52"> ( b ) How should we sing praises to Jehovah , and who should take the lead ?

(src)="53"> ( Nen cal mir acaki . )
(trg)="53"> ( See opening picture . )

(src)="54"> Thelembe moko makanigi ma nyo uketho itie ku jiji niwer ?
(trg)="54"> What if singing is not customary in your family , culture , or environment ?

(src)="55"> Saa moko nyo yopewu kunoke i suru peri , dhanu ung’iyo ngo niwero wer .
(trg)="55"> With the availability of modern technology , you may enjoy listening to professional singers .

(src)="56"> Kunoke nyo kan ibewinjo kite ma jurubodho mi wer ubewer ko i radio kunoke i televizio , man kan iporo wer migine ku peri , inweng’iri nia itie jaswa i wer kunoke ing’eyo wer ungo .
(trg)="56"> Yet , you may feel embarrassed or disappointed when comparing your voice with productions from the entertainment world .

(src)="57"> Ento , ng’ei nia wan ceke watie ku rwom mi paku Yehova ku wer .
(trg)="57"> That , however , should not interfere with your responsibility to sing praises to Jehovah .

(src)="58"> Pieno , ting ’ bukuwer peri ubed malu , ting ’ wii bende malu , man wer kud amora !
(src)="59"> ( Ezra 3 : 11 ; som Zaburi 147 : 1 . )
(trg)="58"> Rather , hold your songbook up high , lift your head , and sing with heartfelt expression !

(src)="60"> Tin eni , Udiker dupa utie kud écrans ma konyo pi nyutho wec mi wer kinde ma jubewer ; yub maeno romo konyowa niwer maber .
(trg)="59"> What should we remember if fear inhibits us from singing out ?

(src)="61"> Bende , lembe mir anyong’a utie nia , wer mi Ker utie dong ’ i program mi somo mi tic mi Ker pi judong cokiri .
(trg)="60"> One factor that keeps many from singing with a full voice is fear .

(src)="62"> Eno ubenyutho nia pire tek lee mandha ni judong cokiri nia gibed ma kwong’a niwero wer i coko mwa .
(trg)="61"> It may be fear of standing out or of possibly sounding unpleasant to others .

(src)="64"> Dhanu dupa lworo niwer ma tek pilembe giparu nia dwandgi bibedo tek akeca nisagu mukero , kunoke nia dwandgi tie cu ngo .
(trg)="62"> However , we should keep in mind that when we speak , “ we all stumble many times . ”

(src)="65"> Re , kepoi ikum lembe ma e : “ Wan ceke wakier ” i wec wang ’ mapol , ento eno cerowa ngo niweco .
(trg)="63"> Yet , that does not stop us from speaking .

(src)="66"> ( Yakobo 3 : 2 ) Dong ’ ke , pirang’o waromo weko dwandwa ma leng ’ ungo ucerwa nipaku Yehova ku wer ?
(trg)="64"> So why should we let our imperfect singing voices stop us from praising Jehovah in song ?

(src)="67"> 11 , 12 .
(trg)="65"> 11 , 12 .

(src)="68"> Kara watund niwer maber , ukwayu watim ang’o ?
(trg)="66"> What are some suggestions for improving our singing ?

(src)="69"> Saa moko nyo wabelworo niwer pilembe wang’eyo ngo nia waromo wer nenedi .
(trg)="67"> Perhaps we are apprehensive about singing because we are unsure of how to sing .

(src)="70"> Re , lembe moko ma thindho thindho utie ma waromo timo kara watund niwer maber .
(trg)="68"> Yet , we can improve our singing by applying some basic suggestions .

(src)="71"> * ​ — Som korolembe m’i there .
(trg)="69"> *

(src)="72"> Kara iwer ku dwendi ma tek , ubekwayu iyuy maber .
(trg)="70"> You can learn to sing with power and volume by breathing properly .

(src)="73"> Yuyo mio tego i dwendi kinde m’ibeweco kunoke ibewer , tap calu ma pil kunoke batheri mio ko tego ni ampul kunoke neo pi niliel .
(trg)="71"> Much as electricity powers a light bulb , breathing energizes your voice when you speak or sing .

(src)="74"> Wer ku dwendi ma rom ku m’ibed iweco ko , kunoke nisagu maeno .
(trg)="72"> You should sing as loud as you speak or even louder than that .

(src)="75"> ( Som juk ma nwang’ere i buku Faidika na Elimu ya Shule ya Huduma ya Kitheokrasi , mbaya mi 181 nitundo i 184 , i the thiwiwec ma nok m’uyero “ Yuy maber . ” )
(trg)="73"> ( See the suggestions found in Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education , pages 181 to 184 , under the subheading “ Properly Control Your Air Supply . ” )

(src)="76"> Biblia de uyero ni jurutic pa Yehova nia kinde ma gibewero ire pak , giwer kud anyong’a man “ ku badwal ma dit . ” ​ — Zaburi 33 : 1 - 3 .
(trg)="74"> In fact , within the context of singing praises , the Scriptures sometimes direct Jehovah’s worshippers to “ shout joyfully . ” ​ — Ps .
(trg)="75"> 33 : 1 - 3 .

(src)="77"> Kekor lembe ma waromo timo kara wawer ma cwinywa tek .
(trg)="76"> Explain how we can increase our confidence in our singing .

(src)="78"> I saa mi thier mi juruot , kunoke i saa peri ma segi , kepim nitimo lembe ma e : Ng’ii wer acel ikind wer m’imaru lee i buku mwa mi wer .
(trg)="77"> During family worship or even on your own , try the following : Choose one of your favorite songs from our songbook .

(src)="79"> Som wec mi werne ku dwendi m’acanya man ma tek .
(trg)="78"> Read the lyrics out loud in a strong , confident voice .

(src)="80"> I ng’eye , yuy wang ’ acel man iyer ku wii wec ceke mir unguwec acel ( phrase ) ku dwal ma rom .
(trg)="79"> Next , using the same volume , say all the words from a single phrase of the song in one breath .

(src)="81"> Tokcen ne , dok iwer unguwec maeca ceke ku dwendi ma tek .
(trg)="80"> Then sing the phrase , using the same vibrant voice .

(src)="82"> ( Isaya 24 : 14 ) Kan itimo kumeno , dwendi mi wer bimedere bidoko tek .
(src)="83"> Eno tie ber .
(trg)="81"> Your singing voice will become fuller , and that is a good thing .

(src)="84"> Kud iwek lworo kunoke lewic unegi pi dwendine !
(trg)="82"> Do not let it scare you or embarrass you !

(src)="85"> ( a ) Yabu dhogwa ma lac romo konyowa nenedi i saa mi wer ?
(trg)="83"> ( a ) How can opening our mouth wider help our singing ?

(src)="86"> ( Som sanduku ma thiwie tie “ Lembe m’iromo timo kara itund niwer maber . ” ) ( b ) Juk makani m’ineno nia utie ku kony ikind juk ma jumio pi nidaru peko mi dwal ?
(trg)="84"> ( See the box “ How to Improve Your Singing . ” ) ( b ) What suggestions for overcoming voice problems do you find practical ?

(src)="87"> Kara itund niwer ku dwal ma tek , ukwayu iyab dhogi ayaba .
(trg)="85"> You will not produce a full singing voice unless you make space in your mouth .