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(src)="1.2"> Two tonnes of durian :
(trg)="2.2"> 九月五号 ,

(src)="2.1"> At the start of last week , September 5th , more than 100 people died after an Indonesian Boeing own by a small airlines , Mandala Airlines failed to take off and crashed into residential area in Medan , the capital of North Sumatra province and the third biggest city in Indonesia .
(trg)="2.3"> 超过一百名罹难者死于空难 ,
(trg)="2.4"> 一架由小航空公司Manlada拥有的印度尼西亚波音客机在降落时发生问题 ,

(src)="2.2"> The victims in this accidents included the current governor to the province Tengku Rizal Nurdin and the former governor Raja Inal Siregar .
(trg)="2.8"> 罹难者中包括现任省长Tengku Rizal Nurdin ,

(src)="3.1"> This week Indonesia blogger , JalanSutera.com wrote that the media reported the cause of accident was over weighted cargo of 2 tonnes of durians , a smelly tropical fruit but a popular and expensive refreshment to many Indonesians .
(trg)="3.4"> 这起意外发生的原因是因为飞机超载了两吨重的榴莲 ,

(src)="4.1"> Pujiono , the owner of the blog , adds that he didn 't know whether the report it 's true or not , almost to the point of amazement , hoping that the origin of the tragedy was not some simple foolishness like that .
(trg)="4.2"> 他不知道这份令人大吃一惊的报告到底是真是假 ,

(src)="5.1"> Indonesian President visits US :
(trg)="4.3"> 总之 ,

(src)="6.1"> Indonesian President , Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or SBY for short , is on his presidential visit to United States and has visited Columbia on 13 September where he spoke at length about Aceh , detailing the roots of the secessionist movement there .
(trg)="4.4"> 他不希望发生这起悲剧仅仅为了这种愚蠢至极的理由 。
(trg)="5.1"> 印度尼西亚总统访问美国 :

(src)="6.2"> Roby Muhammad , a PhD candidate at Columbia noted this event on his calendar blog , Beruang Halus .
(trg)="6.1"> 印度尼西亚总统Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ,

(src)="7.1"> On his blog this week he also wrote about the dilemma of many Indonesian living overseas to go back to Indonesia .
(trg)="6.3"> 正进行在美国的总统之旅 ,

(src)="7.2"> Based on his three criteria ( Spiritual , Material and Intellectual ) he decided to go back after he finish his study citing that in term of spiritual and material , living in Indonesia is better for him even if intellectually , US is a far better place .
(trg)="7.3"> 根据他的三个标准 ( 精神的 、 物质的 、 智识的 ) ,
(trg)="7.4"> 他决定在结束研究引用工作之后回到印度尼西亚 ,

(src)="10.1"> Nick at Bali Blog wrote that Iwan Darmawan , also known as Rois , the planner of the 2004 bombing of the Australian embassy in Jakarta was sentenced to death for playing a major part in the bombing .
(trg)="7.6"> 对他来说住在印度尼西亚比美国更好 ,

(src)="10.2"> The Australian embassy bombing killed 11 people including the suicide bomber .
(trg)="7.7"> 虽然在智识层面上 ,

(src)="11.1"> For some reason active Jemaah Islamiyah or JI in Indonesia is more keen to target Australian than American in their terror acts .
(trg)="10.1"> Bali blog的Nick写道 : Iwan Darmawan ,

(src)="12.1"> Nick noted :
(trg)="10.2"> 或是称为Rois ,

(src)="12.2"> The reason for this is Australia 's involvement in the Middle East .
(trg)="10.6"> 包括炸弹客本人 。

(src)="12.3"> When you deal with ideological crazies , all kinds of weird connections can be made .
(trg)="11.2"> 积极的Jemaah Islamiyah或称JI ,

(src)="12.4"> The JI leaders want a Pan-Islamic state and hate Israel .
(trg)="11.3"> 在他们的恐怖攻击中 ,

(src)="12.5"> The US supports Israel and attacked Iraq .
(trg)="12.1"> Nick提到 :

(src)="12.6"> Australia supports the US , so in some kind of twisted way that makes Australians and British people legitimate targets in some people 's minds .
(trg)="13.4"> JI的头子要的是大一统的伊斯兰国度 ,

(src)="12.7"> Who would of thought in 2002 that Aussies on holiday could get blown up in Bali because the US supports Israel ?
(trg)="13.11"> 谁想得到2002年的时候澳洲人会在度假时遭遇到峇里岛炸弹攻击事件 ,

(src)="12.8"> Well it happened .
(trg)="13.13"> 然而 ,

(src)="12.9"> Rois appeal of the conviction to President SBY will unlikely to get any result .
(trg)="13.14"> 这事的确发生了 。

(src)="13.1"> He praised President SBY , that while the president is a social conservative , is not in any way a religious fundamentalist .
(trg)="15.2"> 尽管总统是个社会保守主义者 ,
(trg)="15.3"> 却不是个宗教基本教义派 。

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(src)="1.2"> Freedom of speech or is it blatant abuse of Internet as a channel for expression ?
(trg)="1.3"> 抑或滥用网络表达意见 ?

(src)="2.1"> Just as Malaysian bloggers are getting jittery over seditious commentaries being posted by readers in their blogs , and over their potential legal ramifications , the Singaporean government has decided to charge three bloggers within a week , invoking the Sedition Act .
(trg)="2.3"> 没想到新加坡政府决定在同一个礼拜内以骚动法案起诉三名博客 。

(src)="3.1"> This had aroused mixed feelings , and some grave concerns , among bloggers on both sides of the strait that separates Southeast Asia 's most networked countries .
(trg)="3.2"> 也就是东南亚连结最紧密的这些国家的博客 ,

(src)="3.2"> The Associated Press reported that the arrests in had sparked fears of a cyberspace crackdown by authorities in Singapore and neighboring Malaysia , which have similar laws and ethnic sensitivities .
(trg)="3.7"> 因为这两个国家拥有类似的法律及种族敏感 。

(src)="3.3"> The similarity is that the Muslim-Malay communities are the target of racial slur online ; the difference is : While Muslim-Malays are a 15 % minority in Singapore , they are a 65 % majority in Malaysia .
(trg)="3.8"> 相似处在于回教马来社群在网络上是被诋毁污蔑的目标 ;

(src)="3.4"> That makes bloggers ' reactions starkly varied between the two neighbours .
(trg)="4.1"> 九月十二号 ,

(src)="4.1"> September 12 , the Singapore government invoked the Sedition Act , the first time in 10 years , to charge bloggers Nicholas Lim Yew , 25 , and Benjamin Koh Song Huat , 27 , with sedition for posting racist comments online .
(trg)="4.2"> 新加坡政府引用骚动法案起诉二十五岁的Nicholas Lim Yew 、 二十七岁的Koh Song Huat ,

(src)="5.1"> September 16 , blogger Gan Huai Shi , a 17-year old student , was charged on seven counts of promoting ill-will in Singapore under Chapter Section 29 of the Sedition Act .
(trg)="4.3"> 因为他们在网络上发表了种族主义者的言论 ,

(src)="6.1"> It is a known fact that , charged with sedition , the Singaporeans face prison terms of up to three years if convicted .
(trg)="4.5"> 这是近十年来第一次引用此法 。

(src)="7.1"> In the first case involving Nicholas Lim and Benjamin Koh , the bloggers were charged for making anti-Muslim comments on the Internet .
(trg)="7.2"> Nicholas Lim和Benjamin Koh两名博客因为在网络上制造反穆斯林言论而被起诉 。

(src)="7.2"> The duo were responding to a letter printed in The Straits Times Forum , which asked whether cab companies allow uncaged pets to be transported in cabs .
(trg)="7.3"> 两人的言论是为了响应海峡时报论坛刊登的一封信 ,

(src)="7.3"> As it is , most Muslims in Singapore are forbidden from coming into contact with a dog 's saliva .
(trg)="7.4"> 信中询问道出租车公司是否容许没被关在笼子里的宠物上车 ,

(src)="8.1"> Lim posted his comments in an online forum for dog lovers in Singapore , www.doggiesite.com.
(trg)="7.5"> 因为新加坡大部分的回教徒不能接触狗的唾液 。

(src)="8.2"> Koh , who works at a kennel taking care of dogs , allegedly made similar racist comments on his blog , Phoenyx Chronicles , on www.upsaid.com.
(trg)="8.1"> Lim在新加坡一个在线爱狗人论坛发表了他的评论 ,

(src)="9.1"> According to court documents reported by New Paper , Lim 's forum message began with : " The masses are idiots .
(trg)="8.8"> Phoenyx Chronicles上发表了类似的种族主义者言论 ,

(src)="9.2"> ' Nuff said " .
(trg)="8.11"> com 。

(src)="9.3"> He went on to make disparaging remarks about Muslims .
(trg)="9.3"> 他接着继续发表对穆斯林贬低藐视的言论 。

(src)="9.4"> Then , turning his attention to the Chinese and Indians , he wrote that listening to the complaints of " Chinese and Indians ... was no less irritating " .
(trg)="9.4"> 跟着他把注意力转到中国人和印度人身上 ,

(src)="10.1"> Koh was more pointed .
(trg)="9.5"> 他写道 ,

(src)="10.2"> According to court documents published by the media , his blog entry was peppered with vulgarities , directing his tirade at Malays and Muslims .
(trg)="9.6"> 听 “ 中国人和印度人的抱怨也让人很烦 ” 。

(src)="10.3"> His blog carried a picture of a roasted pig 's head with " a Halal look-alike logo " .
(trg)="10.1"> Koh的言论更为锐利 。

(src)="11.1"> In the third case involving Gan , he was alleged to have maintained a racist blog , which he called The Second Holocaust , that attacked Christians and homosexuals .
(trg)="10.2"> 根据媒体报导的法庭文件指出 ,
(trg)="10.3"> 他的博客文章充斥着粗话 ,

(src)="11.2"> He was also allegedly to have hit out at the lifestyle , religion and economic situation of the local Malay community .
(trg)="10.4"> 针对着马来人及回教徒发表长篇大论 。

(src)="12.1"> Why did the authorities have to step in , invoke the Sedition Act , and initiate action against citizens who ranted about Islam and Muslims online ?
(trg)="11.2"> Gan被控经营一个倡导种族主义的博客 ,

(src)="12.2"> There had been a variety of speculations .
(trg)="12.3"> 有很多种说法 。

(src)="13.1"> The online version believed it was an effort to curtail debate in cyberspace which , because of its vastness , is where the authorities have the most difficulty patrolling or imposing control .
(trg)="13.1"> 网络上有说法认为这是为了要剥夺网络上的争论 ,

(src)="13.2"> Others suggested the action was actually a move by the authorities to send an indirect message about the limits of political and other discourse that had taken root in cyberspace .
(trg)="13.4"> 也有人认为此举是政府为了间接向网络中的政治及其它领域的言论发放警告 ,

(src)="14.1"> Both may be true as , on September 17 , the government-owned Singapore Straits Times rolled out an Op-Ed piece by its deputy political editor , Paul Jacob , laying a precursor to an official stance .
(trg)="14.2"> 因为就在九月十七号 ,
(trg)="14.3"> 官营的新加坡海峡时报就刊出了一则由政治新闻编辑Paul Jacob所写的评论 ,
(trg)="14.4"> 替官方先设下了立场 。

(src)="14.2"> The mouthpiece put the onus of upholding law and order in the cyberspace squarely on the blog and website owners .
(trg)="16.4"> 网络公民又不严格遵守规矩 ,

(src)="14.3"> Quote :
(trg)="17.2"> 可想而知 ,

(src)="15.1"> The Internet is not a personal space .
(trg)="17.5"> 并且维持网络系统的治安 。

(src)="16.1"> Yet those who air their diatribe do so in the belief that they are not only anonymous , but also that there are no rules and constraints .
(trg)="18.1"> 所以与其质疑政府为什么要这么做 ,

(src)="16.2"> This perception is reinforced if site hosts and moderators fail in their duty to act , and if fellow netizens don 't come down hard and fast on them .
(trg)="18.2"> 或是还有没有更适合的法律可以引用 ,

(src)="17.1"> There are thought to be more than one million active Internet users in Singapore , and the maths would suggest there are more people with the ability to do good and police the system than there are those who preach intolerance , ridicule and call others ' beliefs into question .
(trg)="18.3"> 又或着这是不是一次政治压迫的前奏曲 ,
(trg)="18.4"> 不如由主动的使用者施展力量 ,

(src)="17.2"> So rather than question why it is that the authorities had to act , or the merits of which is the more appropriate law to use , or whether this is a prelude to a political clampdown , the Internet 's cause will be better served if active users weigh in and do their own clamping down .
(trg)="18.5"> 并且自己将这种情形压制下来 。

(src)="17.3"> The article concludes with a kicker that says :
(trg)="19.1"> 这篇文章以一个抱怨者的话结尾 :

(src)="18.1"> What these guys have done , as some have already suggested , is to give bloggers and chatrooms a bad name .
(trg)="20.2"> 就如同一些人已经说过的 ,

(src)="18.2"> And if the community does not want to have Big Brother watching , then it 's best that it does the watching itself .
(trg)="21.1"> 如果社群不想要有老大哥在后头监视 ,

(src)="18.3"> The same day after the Op-Ed was published , Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wasted no time in giving a context to the issue .
(trg)="22.2"> 新加坡总理李显龙随即给了此议题一个适当的背景 。

(src)="18.4"> A related ChannelNewsAsia story was swiftly picked up by Beijing ( People 's Daily Online and Xinhua ) :
(trg)="22.3"> 亚洲新闻频道的一则相关新闻马上被北京的人民网和新华网采用 。

(src)="18.5"> " This is the message , it is not acceptable .
(trg)="23.1"> “ 这就是讯息 ,

(src)="18.6"> It is against the law , and the Sedition Act specifically puts it down that you are creating distrust and animosity between the races , and we will act according to the law . "
(trg)="23.4"> 骚乱法特别注明如果你引起种族间的不信任和敌意 ,

(src)="18.7"> The Singapore premier was quoted as saying that Singapore takes multi-racial and multi-religious harmony seriously and the government will take action against anyone who makes racist remarks .
(trg)="25.2"> 不少新加坡博客说这些违反法律者不值得同情 ,

(src)="19.1"> Admittedly , there are Singapore bloggers who say the offenders deserved little sympathy because their remarks were repugnant , but the case had triggered concerns that Singapore 's government might be tightening social controls .
(trg)="25.4"> 但是这起案例也引发了新加坡政府可能加强社会控制的疑虑 。

(src)="20.1"> " A part of me is fairly exultant at the fact that two people who ... made extremely racist comments are being punished , " wrote blogger " MercerMachine . "
(trg)="26.1"> “ 一部分的我对于这两个发表极端种族评论的人得到惩罚感到很高兴 ,

(src)="20.2"> " The other part of me is sick at the fact that there isn 't even a pretense of free speech now . "
(trg)="26.4"> 对于现在这样连一点假装出来的言论自由都没了的情形 ,

(src)="21.1"> " Coup de Grace " was another immediate reflection of bloggers ' reaction just hours after the news broke .
(trg)="27.6"> 并且将骚乱法中让博客遭到控诉的章节描述为 “ 模糊得让人很烦 ” 。

(src)="21.2"> Admitting that his own blog entries had spoken out against Singapore 's version of affirmative action , " does that make me liable to charges ? " he asked .
(trg)="28.3"> 博客Zeenie说道 : “ 我唯一一次听到 ‘ 骚乱 ’ 这个字 ,

(src)="22.1"> He argued that the legal action would stifle beneficial expression and debate , and described the sections of the Sedition Act under which the bloggers were charged as " disturbing vague " .
(trg)="29.3"> 每个母亲的儿子和女儿只要在这里留过言 ,

(src)="23.1"> Meanwhile , those curious enough had started looking up the Sedition Act online .
(trg)="29.4"> 马上就会被送进监狱了 。

(src)="23.2"> Blogger Zeenie said : " The only ( other ) time I 've heard the word ' sedition ' used was in ( the movie ) Last of the Mohicans . "
(trg)="29.5"> ”
(trg)="30.1"> 博客戴维的身分是个二十来岁的军人 ,

(src)="24.1"> About the Act , blogger Sammyboy said : " Based on the the list , just about every mother 's son and daughter who has ever posted any messages here will soon be in jail . "
(trg)="30.2"> 他说民众会因为 “ 说出他们的意见 ” 而遭到逮捕这件事吓坏了他 。

(src)="25.1"> Blogger David , a national serviceman in his 20s , said the fact that people can be arrested " for voicing their opinion " struck fear into him .
(trg)="30.3"> “ 人们会说如果我玩弄这些规则 ,

(src)="25.2"> " People may argue that if I play by the rules , I 'll be fine .
(trg)="30.5"> 但是谁来决定这些规则的 ?

(src)="25.3"> But , who determines the rules ? "
(trg)="32.2"> Benjamin Lee ,

(src)="26.1"> Others questioned if the use of the law was a double-edged sword .
(trg)="32.4"> 他以博客娱乐读者 ,

(src)="26.2"> Shanghai-based Canadian blogger Myrick observed : " This doesn 't solve the problem of racism , it forces it underground to fester . "
(trg)="32.5"> 但从不涉及种族或文化的敏感问题 。

(src)="27.1"> On the other hand , Benjamin Lee aka Mr Miyagi , who entertained his blog readers without ruffling racial and cultural feathers , told ChannelNewsAsia the following : " A lot of them will be looking at their blogs and wondering if they made any legally seditious remarks .
(trg)="32.6"> 他告诉亚洲新闻频道 : “ 很多人会开始检视他们的博客 ,

(src)="27.2"> I think because of the way this will be played up , it 's negative publicity for the Singapore blogging community . "
(trg)="32.9"> 而这对新加坡博客来说是个负面宣传 。

(src)="28.1"> Even satirist Mr Brown had sensed the climate of fear and dished out an advisory : " Publishing race hate in any medium , be it blogs , email , print , tv , radio , or a piece of paper you put on people 's car , is a criminal offence in Singapore , and I believe in many countries , like the UK .
(trg)="32.10"> ”
(trg)="33.1"> 即使是讽刺作家布朗先生也察觉到了这股恐惧的氛围 ,
(trg)="33.2"> 并且发表了一篇忠告 : “ 在任何媒体上发表种族仇视的文章 ,

(src)="28.2"> Something to bear in mind , whether you are a blogger or not . "
(trg)="33.10"> 不管你是不是博客 。

(src)="29.1"> As if anticipating an avalanche of pro-free speech hyperbole from other bloggers , Alee J , a University of Bristol law student , echoed Mr Brown , noting that Singapore isn 't the only country with limits on free speech .
(trg)="34.2"> 来自博客的 “ 支持言论自由 ” 说法 ,

(src)="30.1"> Also read : Malaysia : Bloggers pre-emptive strike ’
(trg)="34.3"> Alee J ,

# en/2005_09_22_iranian-bloggers-and-collective-blogging-from-a-democratic-exercise-to-defend-freedom-of-speech_.xml.gz
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(src)="1.2"> Iranian bloggers in last six months have started a new experience : Collective Blogging .
(trg)="1.2"> 在过去六个月当中 ,

(src)="1.3"> Six months ago several bloggers from different places with diverse point of views came together and launched KHABARCHIN in Farsi .
(trg)="1.3"> 伊朗的博客写手开始进行一项新的尝试 : 集体博客写作 。

(src)="1.4"> Khabarchin whose creators called it Weblog Shahr 's ( shahr is City in Persian ) news agency was a platform for several bloggers to collaborate together for first time.The objectives of this collective blogging were to inform people about useful links , blogs and news , to show that people with diverse opinions can create a common platform , to prove that Iranian can do a collective activity together .
(trg)="1.4"> 六个月前 ,
(trg)="1.5"> 一群来自不同地方的 、 带着不同观点的博客写手一起开设了以波斯文为主的博客KHABARCHIN 。
(trg)="1.6"> Khabarchin的创立者称其为博客Shahr ( 波斯文的 “ 城市 ” ) 的通讯社 ,

(src)="1.5"> Khabarchin lived just six months and its members prefered to put an end to this experience .
(trg)="1.10"> 即使是立场不同的人 ,

(src)="1.6"> In final message Khabarchin founders say that it was a fruitful democratic experience and they prefer to stop their activity at this moment that blog is still popular .
(trg)="1.11"> 也能一起努力构筑共同的写作平台 ,

(src)="1.7"> By looking at blog 's archive we see a real short news covering all kind of subjects from political prisoners and censorship to cultural events and music .
(trg)="1.12"> 更为了要证明伊朗人也能够进行集体作业 。

(src)="1.8"> One of Khabarchin 's active members was Majid Zohari who is a very active blogger in Canada .
(src)="2.1"> Another collective blogging 's experience is PenLog creation .
(trg)="1.13"> Khabarchin维持了六个月 ,

(src)="2.2"> Penlog is association of Iranian blogwriters who has about 200 members / bloggers .
(trg)="1.14"> 成员们都同意停止这个计划 。

(src)="2.3"> Their main goal are to defend Iranian bloggers , to fight censorship , to promote freedom of speech on internet and to provide technical support for its members .
(trg)="1.16"> 成立者表示这是一次成果丰硕的民主经验 ,

(src)="2.4"> Penlog organises discussions on Paltalk about different subjects such as censorship and methods to survive it .
(trg)="1.18"> 回顾博客里的文章汇整 ,

(src)="2.5"> On Penlog we can read about arrested bloggers , Reporters without borders ' director 's interview in Persian , ....
(trg)="1.19"> 我们可以看到在一则很短的新闻里 ,

(src)="2.6"> Blog is in Persian and English .
(trg)="1.21"> 从政治犯 ,

(src)="3.1"> Khabarchin 's six month experience is an important experience to do collective activities .
(trg)="1.23"> 甚至音乐议题都包含在内 。

(src)="3.2"> Penlog can become little by little a virtual institution to defend bloggers .
(trg)="2.3"> 约有两百名成员 。