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(src)="1.1"> Bolivia : Abraham Bojorquez , Hip Hop Aymarat Jayllir Yaqhapachar Sarxatapa
(trg)="1.1"> Bolivia : Farewell to Aymara Hip Hop Artist Abraham Bojorquez · Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> Akatxamat Abraham Bojorquez hip hopat jayllirin yaqha pachar sarxatapax , wali jan walipunitawa Altu Pat Markankirinakatakixa , kawkhantix nayraqatar amuyunakamp sarantayaskana .
(trg)="1.2"> The sudden death of Bolivian hip-hop artist Abraham Bojorquez was especially hard on residents of El Alto , the city from which he hailed .

(src)="1.3"> Mä k 'añasku k 'amphikiptawinwa , Bojorquez uka jilax jiwawayxatayna .
(trg)="1.3"> A victim of a traffic accident involving a bus , Bojorquez left behind many fans around the world , but also left behind a legacy filled with memories and lyrics that reflected on the struggles and the hopes of a young city that has been through so much .

(src)="1.4"> Walja arkirinakapwa uraqpachawjan jaytawayatäna , ukhamarus walja amtanakwa , walja waynanakar samkayir jayllt 'awinakwa , jaytawayarakitäna .
(trg)="1.4"> Many Bolivian bloggers knew him well and in the weeks following his death shared their condolences and stories of how much they respected this artist .

(src)="1.5"> Walja qullasuyunkir bloguerunakaw juparux uñt 'apxatayna .
(trg)="2.1"> Photo of Abraham Bojorquez by Wara Vargas / www.lamalapalabra.tk and used with permission .

(src)="1.6"> Jiwxatap qhipa urunakansti uka masinakapax , akhampunisti ! ! sasaw sarnaqawipatxa amtasipxatayna .
(src)="2.1"> ( photo ) Akaw Abraham Bojorquezaxa
(src)="3.1"> Mayni jilax Altu Pat Markat , Alberto Medrano " Letras Alteñas " sat bloguerux , Rio Seco tuqin uñjatayna , Abrahamux kunamtix jayllintirikana uka .
(trg)="3.1"> A blogger from El Alto , Alberto Medrano of Letras Alteñas remembers the first time he saw Bojorquez perform in Rio Seco in El Alto and how " many young people were left impressed with his cadenced rhythm of " Hip Hop " with an Andean flavor and with content of political protest and revolution , calling for justice for the bloody events of " October 2003 . "

(src)="3.2"> Ukhamarus walja waynanakapunirakiw hip hop jaylliwinakapatx amtawayapxatayna .
(trg)="4.1"> The events of October 2003 played prominently in the lyrics of Bojorquez .

(src)="3.3"> Jaylliwinakapax nayraqatar sartañ amuyumpitaynawa , ukhapur uñjasiñ amuyumpi , ukhamarus Octubre 2003n mar amtasisina .
(trg)="4.2"> During that difficult time in El Alto , approximately 70 residents died during a conflict with the Armed Forces .

(src)="4.2"> Uka maransti 70n jil kullakanakaw jakañanakap churawayapxatayna , uka tuqinakat Bojorquezax jaylliwayatayna .
(trg)="4.3"> The events have since become a rallying cry for those demanding justice .

(src)="5.1"> Khaya 1990n qallta maranwa , Bojorquesz jilax Brazil markaruw , isinak ch 'ukuñan irnaqiriw saratäna , ukanwa hip hopx yatiqanitäna .
(trg)="5.1"> In the early 1990s , Bojorquez emigrated to Brazil where he worked in a textile factory , but at the same time was introduced to hip hop .

(src)="5.2"> Altu pat markar kutt 'anisasti " Ukhamaw y Ke " uka sutimpiw jaylliñ qalltatäna , ukhamarus aymara arutpun sapakutis jayllitäna .
(trg)="5.2"> When he returned to El Alto , he started the group Ukamau y Ké and often rapped in the native indigenous language of Aymara .

(src)="5.3"> Cristina Quisbert , Bolivia Indigiena tuqitxa , Bojorquez jilax yakhakasta jaylliña uñstayawayi , sarakiwa .
(src)="5.4"> Sarnaqawinatak , arsusiwinakat , aymaranakan sarnaqawinakapata ukhamarus jaylliwinakapampix waynanak nayraqatar sarantayawayatayna .
(trg)="5.3"> According to Cristina Quisbert of Bolivia Indigena , Bojorquez had " a particular style of combining hip hop with social order content and with valuing the Aymara culture , and won a place amongst the Alteño youth and in the places where he took his music and song . "

(src)="6.1"> Janiw akharuk taqikunasa tukuskit , La Mala Palabra blog tuqinkirix , akham sasaw sawayi : Jiwxatapat arkirinakapax walpuni Bojorquezatx amtapxi .
(trg)="6.1"> However , it was the coverage by the blog La Mala Palabra that provides much of the follow-up after his death and the subsequent displays of homage and remembrance by many who knew Bojorquez .

(src)="6.2"> Ukhamarus , uka blog tuqinx uñacht 'ayiwa masinakapan phamillanakapan phutunakapa. jupasti wali uñt 'ata ukhamarus yäqata ukhamataynawa .
(trg)="6.2"> The blog publishes pictures of the wake and funeral that show the outpouring of sympathy from those that knew him well , and those that simply admired his work .

# aym/2009_10_67.xml.gz
# en/2009_09_13_china-school-girl-wants-to-be-a-corrupt-official_.xml.gz

(src)="1.2"> Nayrïr yatich qallta urunxa , China Markanxa ( 1 ° de septiembre ) , Metropolitan Daily de Guangzhou yatiyawinak apnaqirixa , jiskt ’ awayiwa mä qawqhan qallta yatiqiri wawanakaru , iskt ’ asin kunakanitix qhipurun jakawipaspaxa .
(trg)="1.2"> On the first day of China s school term ’ ( 1 September ) , Guangzhou ’ s Southern Metropolitan Daily interviewed some primary one kids about their life-goals .

(src)="1.3"> Uka tuqitxa mä jisk ’ a imill wawaw uka jist ’ arux kutiyawayi sasina nayax mä “ irnaqiriyawa markataki sasina ” mayampi jist ’ atasti ; kunakasta irnaqiriyatas sasinsti jupax uka jist ’ arux kutt ’ ayanwa nayax mä jan wali irnaqiriyaxaw sasina .
(trg)="1.3"> One of them told the journalist that her dream was to become “ an official ” .
(trg)="1.4"> When the journalist asked what kind of official she wanted to be , she replied that she wanted to become “ a corrupt official .

(src)="1.4"> Uka jan wali irnaqir jaqinakax tatja yanakaniwa sasarakiw satäna .
(trg)="1.5"> Corrupt officials have a lot of good stuff . ”

(src)="2.1"> Jichhax ( video ) uñañchäwi tuqiwa , jisk ’ a imill wawan ajanupax uñacht ’ ayata :
(trg)="2.1"> The video is now in the youtube , the face of the girl has been blurred :

(src)="3.1"> Wawan uka jist ’ ar kutiyatapax yatiyasiwa taki kast yatiyawinak tuqita China Marrana .
(trg)="3.1"> This reply made its rounds on Chinese media and blogs .

(src)="3.2"> Ukxatxa yaqhip jaqinakax amuyt ’ apxiwa , ukax mä jisk ’ a imill wawan arupakiw sasina , ukat mayninakax amuyt ’ apxarakiwa , ukax mä uñanchawiwa jiwasanakan lurawinakasat sasina .
(trg)="3.2"> Some think that it is just a random comment by a child , but many hold the view that it is a reflection of the society s reality ’ .

# aym/2009_11_110.xml.gz
# en/2009_10_08_usa-native-americans-long-battle-against-racism_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> EEUU : Wali Jaya Janchi Tuqi Jisk 'achasiñat Estadounidense Jaqinakan Ayllunkir Markanakankir Juchjikiwipa
(trg)="2.2"> Native American were and generally still are considered as pieces of property owned by white America to do with what they please , only now this " knowledge " of Native Americans by white people is much more unconscious than conscious .

(src)="1.2"> Janchi amuyu tuqi jisk ’ achasiñaxa jichhurkamaxa EE.UU. markanxa juchikitasqiwa .
(trg)="2.3"> White habits of ownership of Native Americans generally have not been eliminated ; they have only changed the form of their expression .

(src)="1.3"> Ukaxa qhiparstayiwa nayriri estadounidense markachirinakaru , ukhamaraki nayrapachansa lurasiwayaraki .
(trg)="4.5"> When a race is less advanced than another , they will be defeated , simple as that .

(src)="1.4"> Ukjamaraki 2000 mara marka jakthapiwinxa , pä waranqh waranqha chikatapan nayrir ayllun estadounidonkirinakaw jakapxi EEUU markana ( uñtasiwa 0.87 % taqpacha jaqinakaru EEUU markana ) jupanakax armt ’ atapxiwa , ukjamasti uñjatarakiwa janisa utjapkaspa ukjama taqin markachirinak tuqita .
(trg)="5.12"> This is Social Darwinism and it is racist ( on top of being a discounted social theory not considered by most social scientists as valid ) .
(trg)="5.13"> In a similar vein , Kate from the group blog Irene 's Daughters , belonging to three women whose aim is to discuss race relations openly , addresses the common practise of schools and sports teams to misappropriate Native Americans names , cultural images and symbols as their mascots .
(trg)="5.14"> In her post " Racist Mascots " , she explains :

(src)="2.1"> Stuff White People Do Blogupansti , macon ukanxa uñicht ’ ayapxiwa mä pankata apsuta Revealing Whiteness : The Unconscious Habits of Racial Privilege ( katjasina janq ’ u jaqinakaru : jan amuykaw sarnaqawinaka janq ’ u janchi tuqita , 2006 ) yatichiri amuyunak tuqitxa Shannon Sullivan siwa , aka jiwasankiw taqi kunas sasina , ukjamaraki jupanakas ukjamwa uñicht ’ ayapxi aka EEUU markana , janiwa nayrir ayllun jaqinakan markachirinatakikitixa jan ukasti jupanakpachatakiwa .
(trg)="5.19"> Kate also includes a link to a video aptly titled " I am not a mascot " , where several Native Americans voice their concerns and opposition to the use of Native American imagery in sporting events .
(trg)="6.1"> This 3-minute video , released in different formats , is another evidence of the increasing trend within Native American communities to use online citizen media to fight racism and stereotypes , in much the same way that indigenous communities elsewhere have used ICTs to spread indigenous knowledge and educate the world about their traditions and history .

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# en/2009_10_15_china-graduate-thesis-or-practical-training_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> China : ¿ Jach ’ a Yatxatawiti Jan Ukasti Lura Yatiqawicha ?
(trg)="1.1"> China : Graduate thesis or practical training ? · Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> Jach ’ a Utan yatichaw amtawinakapax wali uñakipatataynawa inti jals tuqinsa inti jalant tuqinsa .
(trg)="1.2"> The purpose and function of university education has been a highly debatable topic both in the East and the West .

(src)="1.3"> China tuqinxa taqi jaqipuniwa saraki , yatichawix sayraqatr sartayayiriwa sasina , aka qhipa urunakanxa , jach ’ a yatiqañ utanakanx yatiqirinakax walpin yapxattawayaraki .
(trg)="1.3"> In China , people strongly believe that education is a route to success and in the past few years , the number of university students has increased rapidly .

(src)="1.4"> Juk ’ ampirusa , kunjamatix yatitaki tsumani qullqis minust ’ awayarakiwa walja markanakana aka qallta maratpacha ukjamatwa utjawayi juk ’ a irnaqawinakaki khitinakatix jach ’ a yatiqañ utan yatxatatapki jupanakataki , wali suyt ’ atarakiwa jach ’ a yatiqañ utanakax amparamp lurañ yatichapxaspan amuyunak , yatxatawinak yatiqkamayaxa .
(trg)="1.4"> However , as the problem of university graduate unemployment keeps elevating since the financial tsunami hit the continent early this year , there are more expectations for the universities to provide practical and vocational training rather than research skill and exploration of knowledge .

(src)="1.5"> Aka jichha phaxsinwa Departamento de Periodismo Sichuan uka jach ’ a utanwa mä aruskipawi internet tuqi utjawayatayna , aka jach ’ a yatiqañ utanx qhipartayawayapxataynawa , mä jach ’ a yatxataw qillqawi .
(trg)="1.5"> This month a heated debate emerged online when the journalism department of Sichuan University decided to cancel the requirement of writing a graduate thesis , or an extensive research essay , for university students to get their degree .

(src)="1.6"> Ukjamata tukuyirinakaxa amuy qillqanapakxa periódico uksanakan sum uñacht ’ axapxañapataki .
(trg)="1.6"> Instead , graduation would be conditioned on the quality of articles and commentaries published by undergraduates on newspapers .

(src)="2.1"> Departamento de Periodismo ukan irptiripasti akjamrak arsusiwayatayna :
(trg)="2.1"> The head of the journalism department explained the decision :

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# en/2009_10_22_mexico-the-internet-as-a-necessity-not-a-luxury_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> México : Internetax Apnaqañatakiwa
(trg)="1.1"> Mexico : The Internet as a Necessity , not a Luxury · Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> Mexican Diputadunakax walja yapxatawinakwa impuesto tuqitakix 2010n maratakix yapt ’ awayapxatayna , Impuesto Especial Sobre Produccion y Servicios ( IESPS ) tuqirusa , 3 % internet ukjamarak TV cableninakaru .
(trg)="1.2"> An increase in taxes was approved by the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico to be enforced in 2010 , which will include the Special Tax on Products and Services ( or IESPS for its initials in Spanish ) that will add a 3 % tax to Internet and cable services .

(src)="2.1"> Mä phaxsi nayraqatpachaw , Agustin Cartens- Qullqi tuqit markn irptiri , ukjamrak IESPS impuestop wakicht ’ irxamax , telecomunicación payllawinakax , juk ’ an qamir utanakanakwa musqt ’ ayasipkatayna , akasti Revista Procesurxama .
(trg)="2.1"> A month earlier , as part of the discussions of the IESPS taxes , the Public Tax Administration Secretary , Agustín Cartens , recognized that half of the money spent on telecommunications belonged to 20 % of the richest households in the country , according to a story by Mexican magazine Proceso .

(src)="2.2"> Cartenasti jach ’ a markanakat anqaxankirinakatakix ukjamarak gubiernun telefonianakapax janiw uka impuesturxam amxarutakaniti , sawayarakitaynawa .
(src)="2.3"> Ukjamipansti , wali juk ’ an sarnaqasirinakatix internitaniñ munapchixa janiw atipkniti .
(trg)="2.3"> However , those low-income families that do use these services at home will be hit harder because of the assumption that the Internet is a luxury only used by those able to afford the service .

(src)="2.4"> Mexicun utjirinakapax Aka arunak ist ’ asax walpunrak phiñasipxatayna , janiw interenetax qamirinakatakikaspati sasina , twiter uksan wal aruskipapxatayna aka arumpi , jank ’ aki # internetNecesario , ukjamarak aka 20 octubre phaxsi saraqatanwa suma amtawayatäxani .
(trg)="2.4"> With these words , the Mexican electronic community condemned the idea of Internet as luxury and began their protest on Twitter with the hashtag # internetNecesario ( “ Internet is a Necessity ) ” with great urgency because the final debate and vote started on October 20 .

(src)="2.5"> Kamachix 21n octubre phaxsi saraqatanrakw wakt ’ ayawayxapxatäna .
(trg)="2.5"> The law was passed in the early morning on October 21 .

(src)="3.1"> Makr Schoneveldan jamuqawiparakiwa , Creative Commons ukan iyawsawipampi .
(trg)="3.1"> Photo by Mark Schoneveld and used under a Creative Commons license .

(src)="4.1"> Aka mexikunakan aruskipawinsti wali uñtatarakitänawa , Television Nacional ukas uñacht ’ ayarakitaynawa , ukjamarak walja arkiri bloguerunak tuqinsa Boing Boing .
(trg)="4.1"> The protest movement displayed the importance of Internet to Mexicans , and received coverage from national television and newspapers , as well as from high-audience blogs , such as Boing Boing .

(src)="4.2"> WhatTheHashtag tuq Teitter tuqinxa 35 waranqh tweetanakwa , 7 waranqh qillqirirakat qatuqawayapxatayna .
(trg)="4.2"> The Twitter service WhatTheHashtag estimates that the protest has gathered around 35,000 tweets from more than 7,000 participants .

(src)="5.1"> Mä qawkha aruskipawinak uñacht ’ ayapxarakimawa .
(trg)="5.1"> These are some of their comments on Twitter .

(src)="6.1"> MexiComunicado @ mexicomunicado :
(trg)="6.1"> MexiComunicado @ mexicomunicado :

# aym/2009_12_166.xml.gz
# en/2009_11_27_japan-buy-nothing-day_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> Japón : Jan kuna alañ uru , Japun tuqina
(trg)="1.1"> Japan : Buy Nothing Day · Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> Aka urux khaya 1992n maran Canada tuqin Ted Dave jupaw qalltawayatayna , Buy Nothing Day movement aka urusti 60nk markanakarurakiw uraqpachan ch ’ iqitatawayatayna , Japunax uka taypinkiwa .
(trg)="1.2"> Buy Nothing Day Japan Started in 1992 in Canada by artist Ted Dave , the Buy Nothing Day movement has spread to more than 60 countries around the world , Japan included .

(src)="1.3"> Aka urun amuyupasti , aka jutir ( 28 ur saraqataruw Noviembre phaxsit saraqataru ) Japunisanakax jawillt ’ atapxataynawa aka alasiñ tuqit amuykipañataki .
(trg)="2.1"> In line with the philosophy of the movement , next Saturday ( November 28 ) Japanese are invited to refrain from shopping and reflect upon their thoughtless consumerism habits .
(trg)="3.1"> So reads the purpose statement of Buy Nothing Day :

(src)="2.1"> Jan kuna alasiñ urut ullarawinaka :
(trg)="3.6"> Buy Nothing Day 2009 PV by Illcommonz

# aym/2009_12_176.xml.gz
# en/2009_12_02_austria-how-social-media-set-universities-on-fire_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> Austria : Kunjamsa Markan Markachirinakaxa Jach ’ a Yatiqañ Utanaka Phicchantawayapxi
(trg)="1.1"> Austria : How Social Media Set " Universities on Fire " · Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> ¿ Jumax yatiyatati jichhurunakanxa Europa markan walja jach ’ a yatiqañ utanakan yatiqirinak phuqsutatapxa ?
(trg)="1.2"> Did you know that at this very moment many universities throughout Europe are occupied by students ?

(src)="1.3"> Waranqha waranqhanakaw ikirasipki , phayasipki , parlasipki , ukhamaraki phunchhawinaka lurasina jach ’ a uta tantachasiwina arkatasina qulqichirinakaru yatichañ yatiqaw tuqiru ukhamarusa sutiyatawa proceso de Bolonia mä jach ’ a amta mayachasiñataki aka Europa markanaka ukjamaraki mayachañataki yatichawinaka aka taqi jach ’ a yatiqañ utanakana .
(trg)="1.3"> Thousands of them are sleeping , cooking , debating and partying in their auditoriums to protest against the under-financing of the educational system and the so-called Bologna Process , a European Union education policy .

(src)="2.1"> Qhanpachanxa aka ch ’ axwawinakaxa aka lurawinakanxa janiw yatiqirinakan amuyupakiti , jan ukasti markachirinakan amuyupawa internet tuqi .
(trg)="2.1"> What is so special about these protests is the fact that they have not been centrally coordinated by student unions but have been organized entirely bottom-up , with the help of online social media .

(src)="3.1"> Taqikunawa qalltawayi aka Viena , Austria markana aka 22 de octubre phaxsina kunawsatixa mä jisk ’ a yatiqirinak tamampi , mä Flashmob lurañatakiw jikist ’ apxatayna ukjamata Viena jach ’ a yatiqañ uta tuqiru sarantawayapxatayna ukjamata jach ’ a uta tantachasiwi tuqiru phuqhantasina .
(trg)="3.1"> It all started in Vienna , Austria on October 22 , when a small group of students met for a flashmob in the city center to protest , and then headed to University of Vienna where they spontaneously occupied the Auditorium Maximum .

(src)="4.1"> Pallapallanakan puriniñapatakixa Jach ’ a auditorio phuqhantañatakixa Twitter tuqiw awiskipasipxatayna ukjamat q ’ al phuqhantapxatayna .
(trg)="3.2"> By the time police arrived , the news of the occupation had already circulated on Twitter , mobilizing so many supporters it was impossible to clear the hall .

(src)="5.1"> Wali juk ’ a urunakanakwa , uka tama phuqhantirinakaxa - jupanakana sustjasiñapatikixa mä qhana tamachawi uñicht ’ awapxi : uka unxtasiwi parlakipawinakaxa aka Twitter “ Hashtags ” # unibrennt y # unsereuni ( “ jach ’ a yatiqañ utan ninankatapa ukhamaraki jiwasana jach ’ a yatiqañ uta ) wali suma tantacht ’ atanwa .
(trg)="4.1"> Unsereuni websiteWithin days , the occupiers - to their own surprise - put in place a remarkable organizational structure : Mobilization and communication was organized via the Twitter " hashtags " # unibrennt and # unsereuni ( " university on fire " and " our university " ) .

(src)="6.1"> Mä webcast 24h ukaw jach ’ a uta tantachasiwinx utt ’ asiwayarakitayna .
(trg)="5.1"> A 24h webcast from the Auditorium Maximum was put in place .

(src)="6.2"> Taqi kunayman luratanakwa aka Wiki mä Sitio web tuqiw markachirinakar uñicht ’ ayawayapxatayna .
(trg)="5.2"> Organizational tasks from cooking to cleaning were structured via a wiki , and a website communicated with the public .

(src)="6.3"> Twitter , blogs y Facebook ( 32.400 fans jichhurkamaxa ) apnaqatapxanwa aka arunak uñicht ’ ayañataki .
(trg)="5.3"> Twitter , blogs and Facebook ( 32,400 fans so far ) were used to spread the word .

(src)="7.1"> Akax pä tukuyawinitaynawa :
(trg)="6.1"> This had two effects :

(src)="8.1"> - Aka mä kutinxa janiw jupanakax khitin yanapt ’ aps munapkanti aka unxtasiwinakatakixa .
(trg)="7.1"> - For the first time protests of this scale did not need the support of mass media for mobilization .

(src)="8.2"> Janir mä paqalqu uruqipanxa aka unxtasiwinakaruxa 20.000 waranqa ch ’ axwirinakawa phuqhantawapxi nayraqatar sarantasina .
(trg)="7.2"> Within less than a week after the beginning of the protests more than 20,000 demonstrators roamed the streets of Vienna , preceding any mass media coverage .

(src)="8.3"> Jikiwinakanxa sapurunakawa tuwaqatapxanxa janisa junapkaspa ukhamaru ( apaniwa jan amuykawi ) .
(trg)="7.3"> Media contacts were limited to a bare minimum ( which produced much confusion ) .

(src)="8.4"> Yatiqirinaxa janiw munapkanti yariyaw amnaqirinakaruxa uka irkatawinakaxa janiw patillanikanti , janiw utjkanti arstirinakaxa .
(trg)="7.4"> Students simply didn ‘ t need the media and since the protests lacked hierarchy , there was a shortage of spokespersons .

(src)="9.1"> - Payiri tuqitsti uraqpachanwa yatipxana kuntix lurasiskana ukxa. aka uta tantachasiwi tuqina ( webcast tuqirux waranqana chikatan jaqinakaw mä phaxsinx uñjt ’ awayapxarakitäna ) yatiyawinaka amnaqirinakaxa janiwa chaniñchaña atipkanti aka irkatiri yatiqir waynanakaruxa .
(trg)="8.1"> - Second , because everyone could follow what was going on inside the Auditorium Maximum ( the webcast produced half a million views within one month ) it kept the tabloid press from labeling the protesters as rioters or extremists .

(src)="9.2"> Waljani jaqinakaw jani chiqatapxa yatipxäna .
(trg)="8.2"> Too many people knew it wasn ‘ t true .

(src)="9.3"> Lup ’ iwinakaxa turkakiptawayataynawa .
(trg)="8.3"> The power of opinion-making had shifted .

(src)="10.1"> Jank ’ akiwa amtayapxäna yaqha jach ’ a yatiqañ utanakaru Austria markana ukhamaraki anqaxa tuqirusa : jicchuruxa janirira pä phaxsi tukuyqipanxa nayriri irkatawinakaxa aka yatiqir tamachatanaxa utxaphanwa 100 jacha yatiqañ utanakana aka Austria , Alemania , Suiza , Albania , Serbia , Francia , Italia , Croacia y los Países Bajos jupanakaxa yaqha kasta irkatawinakwa uñjapxi .
(trg)="9.1"> Soon the protests infected other university cities in Austria and abroad : Today , less than a month and a half after the first protests , almost 100 universities in Austria , Germany , Switzerland , Albania , Serbia , France , Italy , Croatia and the Netherlands are occupied or have seen other forms of mass protest .

(src)="11.1"> Gerald Bäck Bäck Blog tuqitxa , jupaxa irnaqiwa uñakipt ’ aña tuqina , katjit ’ iwa kawkhakamas puri aka Tweets tamaxa , aka yaqha kasta arqirinakaxa qhanstayata jupanaka tuqiru , akhanwa 386.860. jupan uñakipawipansti uñicht ’ ayiwa khitinakasa kunkañchayapxi uka , kawkharusa ( URLs tuqirusa ) sarapxi kuna hashtags apnaqapjan juk ’ ampxa .
(trg)="10.1"> Gerald Bäck of Bäck Blog , who works in the media observation business , found out that the gross reach of the tweets , i.e. the unique number of followers exposed to them , was 386,860 .
(trg)="10.2"> His analysis shows who the key influencers were , what URLs were most linked to and what hashtags were used most .

(src)="12.1"> Jupana blogupansti smime , Michael Schuster , irnaqir qillqt ’ awinak tuqinsti , ma sinopsis nayra pacha lurawinakata churawayiwa .
(trg)="11.1"> In his blog , smime , Michael Schuster who is specialist in semantic analysis , contributed an overview of the " old media " covering the events .

(src)="12.2"> Jakt ’ awayiwa 2.700 uñacht ’ awinaka ukatxa katxt ’ awayiwa pusi kasta lurawinaka , sapa maynixa lurasiwa paqalqu uruna : “ irkatañanakaxa mawjankapxiwa ” “ irkatañanakaxa nayraqataruwa saranti ” “ irkatirinaxa jach ’ aruw tukupxi ” jichhurunaxa sapxarakiwa “ jani lurasxpati sasina ” .
(trg)="11.2"> He counted 2,700 articles and identified four trends lasting roughly one week each : " Protests take place " , " protests continue " , " protests widen " , and recently , " ok , enough now . "

(src)="13.1"> Luca Hammer 2-Blog tuqitxa , mä yatiqiri p ’ iqini waynituxa amuyt ’ arakiwa aka irkata lurawinaka tuqita uñicht ’ ayiwa mä reporte aka wikis , Twitter y webcasts tuqita jupanakax apnaqatapxanwa irkataña kalltayañataki .
(trg)="12.1"> Luca Hammer of 2-Blog , a student and technical mastermind behind the Viennese web activities , has published a field report of how wikis , Twitter and webcast were used to get things rolling .

(src)="14.1"> Amuyañ sipanxa aka # unibrennt ukaxa mä kasta turkakipawiruw kutaspa , aka Australia marka apnaqañataki markachirinak online apnaqirinak tuqi .
(trg)="13.1"> It looks like the case of # unibrennt may become an early milestone in the transformation of Austrian politics by the use of online social media .

(src)="14.2"> Jaqinakaruxa jawsthapiwa ukhamaraki amuyunakxa ch ’ amakt ’ ayarakiwa aka tamanakaru ukhamaraki markan irnakirinakarusa , ukaxa wali ch ’ amanchawi yatiqirinakaru ukhamaraki p ’ iqiñchirinakaru uñstayaraki .
(trg)="13.2"> It has created wide attention - and confusion - among established media and political structures , and created a spirit of empowerment among students and digital leaders .

# aym/2009_12_184.xml.gz
# en/2009_11_30_video-worldwide-youth-express-themselves-in-60-seconds_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> Video : Waynanakaxa Uraqpachanwa Mä Ratunakwa Arst ’ asipxi
(trg)="1.1"> Video : Worldwide youth express themselves in 60 seconds · Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> OneMinutesJr Logo
(trg)="1.2"> OneMinutesJr Logo

(src)="2.1"> Amtawi OneMinutesJr 12 ukhamaraki 20 maranakani waynanakaruxa oraqpachanwa churi jupanakan arst ’ asiñapataki parlaña , yatiqaña churawinaka jinchu tuqi nayratuqi ukat yatiyañataki qurpa tuqi , laxranaka jayanqirinakaruxa nayrampi uñjaña tuqi mä ratunaki
(trg)="2.1"> The OneMinutesJr project gives young people between 12 and 20 years of age from many corners of the globe the opportunity to express themselves , speak out and learn audiovisual skills to communicate across borders , languages and distances through 60 second videos .

(src)="3.1"> Aka amtawixa OneMinutesJr uñstiwa mä ch ’ amanchasiwi tuqita aka European Cultural Foundation , la One Minutes Jr .
(trg)="3.1"> The OneMinutesJr project results from the joint effort of the European Cultural Foundation , the One Minutes Jr .

(src)="3.2"> Foundation y Unicef uka tuqinakampi mayniri tamachasirinakjama .
(trg)="3.2"> Foundation and Unicef , as well as other partner organizations .

(src)="3.3"> Aka sitio web tuqixa , jumax uñjasmawa wali jaya maranakata aka video tuqi uñañchawinaka mä ratunaki yatiyawinaka taqi kasta markata , mayanakaxa jaqinakan apayatawa , yaqhanakasti yatichaminakat tuqi jiqxatatarakiwa kunalaykutix waynanakaru yatichatawa lurawinaka qillqaña , uñta imañanaka ukhamaraki qhanstayaña amuyunaka panka tuqi .
(trg)="3.3"> On their website , you can browse through years ' worth of one minute videos from different countries , some sent in by individuals , others are results from workshops where youth are taught the skills to write , film and edit their ideas .

(src)="4.1"> Aka uñta imatanakaxa uñtasiwa waynanakan lurawinakaparu , amuyunakaparu kawkhatsaya jutappan , jupanakan jakawinakapwa uñicht ’ ayistu .
(trg)="4.1"> These short videos portray the concerns , ideas and dreams of youngsters from many different backgrounds , and give us a window into their daily lives .

(src)="4.2"> Kunjamatixa aka Polonia , Ludmila Kierczak ukhanakatpachwa luranipxi qhanañchasa qhitis jupaxa uka .
(trg)="4.2"> For example , from Poland , Ludmila Kierczak makes a video explaining who she is .

(src)="4.3"> Uñta imata uñtañataki , jumax mä clik uka aynachaxa tuqiru que lleva al sitio de OneMinutesJr .
(trg)="4.3"> To view the video , please click on the image below to go to the OneMinutesJr site .

# aym/2010_02_201.xml.gz
# en/2009_12_29_nicaragua-the-aftermath-of-the-1972-earthquake_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> Uraq Khatati aka 1972ni Marana Nicaragua Markana
(trg)="1.1"> Nicaragua : The Aftermath of the 1972 Earthquake · Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> Aka 23n diciembre saraqatata aka 1972n maranxa , mä wali Chaman 6.2 uraq khathatiw tukjawäyi aka Managua , Nicaragua , markana , 5.000 jaqinakar jiwayasina , 20,000 jaqinakar usuchjasina ukhamaraki 250,000 jaqinakar jan utan uñjasiyasa .
(trg)="1.2"> On December 23 , 1972 , a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 struck Managua , Nicaragua killing 5,000 , injuring 20,000 , and leaving 250,000 homeless .

(src)="1.3"> Aka qillqt ’ ir Blogger Nicaragüense Homero jaqixa jisk ’ a lalaskänwa khaya maranxa , jupax amtasiskiwa kunjamsa aka uraq khathatix tukjawayi uka , ukatwa jupax qillt ’ aw tuqiwa uñicht ’ ayawayi qhipiri amtachinunakapanxa aka blog tuqi sutinchata ventana de Homero .
(trg)="1.3"> Nicaraguan blogger Homero was a young child at the time , but he holds memories of the aftermath , which he describes in a recent post in his blog Ventana de Homero ( Homero 's Window ) .

# aym/2010_02_205.xml.gz
# en/2009_12_29_global-voices-partners-with-google-on-freedom-of-expression-award_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> Global Voicixa Nayrir Payllawi Jan Axsaras Arsuña Google Tuqiruw Mayacht 'asi
(trg)="1.1"> Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> Chhijllawinakaxa jichhurkamax jist ’ arataskiwa ( 29ni diciembre saraqata phaxsita aka 2009 maratpacha ) ukanxa Breaking Borders Award ( thiyat thiyat sariri payllawinaka ) mä machaqa uñkatt ’ awi aka Google ukhamaraki Global Voices ukampi uñst ’ ayatawa yanapt ’ añataki yaqha kasta amtawinakaru aka web tuqiru .
(trg)="1.2"> Nominations open today ( December 29 , 2009 ) for the Breaking Borders Award , a new prize created by Google and Global Voices to honor outstanding web projects initiated by individuals or groups that demonstrate courage , energy and resourcefulness in using the Internet to promote freedom of expression .
(trg)="1.3"> The award is also supported by Thomson Reuters .

(src)="1.3"> Qalltayiri jaqinakampi ukjamaraki tamanakampisa uñicht ’ ayasin ch ’ amampi , qamasampi , amuyumpi internet amanqasina yanapt ’ asinaraki jan axsaraña arsusiña tuqita .
(trg)="2.1"> The Breaking Borders Award builds upon the values expressed in the Global Voices Manifesto , the document co-written on a wiki in 2004 to articulate the guiding principles of the organization and community that would come to be known as Global Voices .

(src)="1.4"> Uka paylliwixa yanapt ’ atarakiwa aka Thomson Reuters ukampisa
(trg)="2.2"> The Manifesto opens with the words :
(trg)="3.1"> “ We believe in free speech : in protecting the right to speak — and the right to listen .

(src)="2.1"> Thiyat thiyat sariri payllawixa uñtasiwa wali suma arst ’ asiwi lurawinakaru aka global voices arst ’ asiwi tuqita .
(trg)="3.3"> To that end , we seek to enable everyone who wants to speak to have the means to speak and — everyone who wants to hear that speech , the means to listen to it . ”
(trg)="3.4"> The Breaking Borders Award also complements the work of Global Voices Advocacy , which was formed in February 2007 to bring focus to the organization 's freedom of expression-related activities .

(src)="2.3"> Uka qillqt ’ atanxa akham siwa :
(trg)="5.2"> Advocacy , given to an activist or group that has used online tools to promote free expression or encourage political change

# aym/2010_03_226.xml.gz
# en/2010_02_08_announcing-the-global-voices-citizen-media-summit-2010_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> Aka Global Voices Taqi Jaqin Yatiyawinakap Jach ’ a Tantachawit Yatiyataptawa
(trg)="1.1"> Announcing the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 · Global Voices

(src)="1.2"> Wali kusisitaptwa aka yatiyawitxa Global Voices 2010n Tantachawita ( Taqi Jaqin Yatiyawinakap Jach ’ a 2010n Tantachawita ) .
(trg)="1.2"> We 're delighted to announce the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 !

(src)="1.3"> Aka tantachawisasti khaysa Santiago-Chile jach ’ a markan apasini , aka 6ri 7ri urunak mayu phaxsit saraqataru aka 2010n marana .
(trg)="1.3"> Our gathering takes place this year in Santiago , Chile on May 6-7 , 2010 .

(src)="2.1"> Uñxatt ’ amaya Jach ’ a Tantachawin internet punku , juk ’ ampi amtawinakxat yatxatañataki , kunanakas lurasin ukxata , qillqantayasiñxata juk ’ ampirus Chile jach ’ a markxata .
(trg)="2.1"> Visit the Summit web site for background information on the goals of the meeting , the program of events , registration details and information about the vibrant city of Santiago .

(src)="2.2"> Jach ’ a yatiyawinakaw utjani , mayiristi Markanak Paskataña uka atipirinakxata , akasti wakicht ’ atatanawa Google tuqita ukjamaraki Globla Voicesax uñacht ’ ayaniwa khitinakatix aka internet tuqinx wali chhuyu amuyunakamp irnaqawayapki ukjamarak wali ch ’ amampi amuyumpi ukjamarus ch ’ ikhi kankañampi internet tuqi jaqinakaru amtayawayapki arsusipxañapataki , taqi ukanakatakiniw payllawixa .
(trg)="2.2"> Among the highlights of the proceedings will be the announcement of the winners of the Breaking Borders award , a new prize created by Google and Global Voices to honor outstanding web projects initiated by individuals or groups demonstrating courage , energy and resourcefulness in using the Internet to promote freedom of expression .

(src)="4.1"> Aka khipa urukawa , juk ’ ampi wakicht ’ awxa ch ’ amañchataskani , taqi khitinakatix chikañchasipkani ukanakas qillqantatarakiniwa , ukjamarusa kawknir blogerunakatix , blog tuqin aruskipririnakas chikañchasipxani aka tantachawinxa uksatuqinakarus imatarakiniwa .
(trg)="4.1"> Over the next few days and weeks we 'll be fleshing out the program , adding speaker bios , a list of attendees and more — and do keep checking in at the site for blog posts and commentary from Summit participants and others , as well as to join in the conversation .

(src)="5.1"> Jumax aka Global Voices Jach ’ a Tantachawxa yanakt ’ arakismawa ch ’ qitatayañaxa , blogumtuqi Sitio Webamtuqisa , ukatakisti akaxay aka jach ’ a tantachawin badges , banners ukanakaxa .
(trg)="5.1"> You can also help spread the word about the Global Voices Summit by flying one of our Summit badges or banners on your blog or web site .

(src)="6.1"> Taqi Jaqin Yatiyawinakap Global Voices Jach ’ a 2010n Tantachawixa , aka Fundación MacArthur , Google , El Instituto Open Society , la Fundación Knight ukatx Yahoo !
(trg)="6.1"> The Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the MacArthur Foundation , Google , Open Society Institute , Knight Foundation and Yahoo ! .

(src)="6.2"> Uka jach ’ a mayacht ’ awinakan yanapt ’ apamp waqicht ’ atawa .
(trg)="6.2"> Current major sponsors include MacArthur Foundation , Google , Open Society Institute , Knight Foundation and Yahoo !

# aym/2010_03_258.xml.gz
# en/2010_02_04_brazil-kiss-in-for-homosexual-and-abortion-rights_.xml.gz

(src)="1.1"> Brasil markana : Qhanan Jamp ’ atisiñat Unxtasiwi Imaqat Kamachinakapata Aka Chachapura Warmipura Munasirinakataki Ukjamaraki Sullsurinakataki
(trg)="1.1"> Brazil : Kiss-in for homosexual and abortion rights · Global Voices