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(src)="s1.1"> Contact the KDE team
(src)="s2.1"> Mailing lists
(trg)="s1.1">聯絡 KDE 發展團隊

(src)="s3.1"> KDE has several mailing lists up .

(src)="s3.2"> See below for the current list .
(src)="s3.3"> Older articles can be found in the mailing list archive .
(trg)="s3.1"> KDE 目前有許多討論信件。下面所列是目前的信件。舊有的信件可以在 這裡 尋得。

(src)="s4.1"> kde-request@kde.org - KDE
(trg)="s4.1"> kde-request@kde.org - KDE

(src)="s5.1"> For general discussion
(src)="s6.1"> kde-announce-request@kde.org - kde-announce

(src)="s7.1"> Announcements of new KDE applications
(trg)="s6.1">kde-announce-request@kde.org - kde-announce

(src)="s8.1"> kde-request@kde.org - kde
(src)="s9.1"> Users help each other
(trg)="s7.1">新 KDE 應用程式的發表通告

(src)="s10.1"> kde-devel-request@kde.org - kde-devel
(src)="s11.1"> For developers .
(trg)="s8.1"> kde-user-request@kde.org - kde-user

(src)="s12.1"> kde-licensing-request@kde.org - kde-licensing

(src)="s13.1"> Discussion of licensing issues
(trg)="s10.1"> kde-devel-request@kde.org - kde-devel

(src)="s14.1"> kde-look-request@kde.org - kde-look

(src)="s15.1"> Discussing " look'n'feel issues "
(src)="s16.1"> kde-artists-request@kde.org - kde-artists
(trg)="s12.1"> kde-licensing-request@kde.org - kde-licensing

(src)="s17.1"> Creating icons and other artwork

(src)="s18.1"> kde-doc-english-request@kde.org - kde-doc-english
(trg)="s14.1"> kde-look-request@kde.org - kde-look

(src)="s19.1"> For people interested in writing documentation for KDE .

(src)="s20.1"> kde-i18n-doc-request@kde.org - kde-18n-doc
(trg)="s16.1"> kde-artists-request@kde.org - kde-artists

(src)="s21.1"> Internationalisation and documentation issues
(src)="s22.1"> http://i18n.kde.org/teams / "

(src)="s23.1"> For localised information , which may include user email lists and websites , check the translation teams page at the above URL .
(src)="s24.1"> To subscribe :
(trg)="s18.1"> kde-doc-english-request@kde.org - kde-doc-english

(src)="s24.2"> Please write your real email address instead of the plain " your-email-address " words .
(src)="s24.3"> Leave the body of the message empty .
(trg)="s19.1">對於撰寫 KDE 文件有興趣的人們.

(src)="s24.4"> Do not include a signature or other text which might confuse the mail server that processes your request .
(trg)="s20.1"> kde-i18n-doc-request@kde.org - kde-18n-doc

(src)="s25.1"> To unsubscribe :

(src)="s25.2"> Please replace " your-email-address " with the email address you used for the subscription .

(src)="s25.3"> Leave the body of the message empty .
(src)="s25.4"> Do not include a signature or other text which might confuse the mail server that processes your request .

(src)="s26.1"> The addresses listed above are for subscribing and unsubscribing only .
(src)="s26.2"> Once you have subscribed to a mailing list , you will received a message telling you how to send messages to the mailing list , and how to alter your mailing list options .
(trg)="s26.1">上面所列的位只是用來 訂閱及 取消訂閱。當您訂閱了通信論壇, 您將收到一個訊息告訴您如何傳送訊息到通信論壇,以及如何更改您在論壇中的選項。

(src)="s27.1"> Please do not send messages intended to be posted to the mailing list to the above addresses .

(src)="s28.1"> Please do not use HTML to send your request because it makes it difficult for our mail server to process your request .
(src)="s28.2"> If the subscription address is identical to the address you are posting from , you may omit the address in the subject line .
(trg)="s28.1">請不要使用 HTML格式 傳送你的請求信件,因為我們的信件伺服器在處理上會發生困難。如果您訂閱的位址和您傳送訊息的位址相同,那麼您可以省略主題中的地址。

(src)="s29.1"> Contacting the KDE developers
(trg)="s29.1">聯絡 KDE 發展者

(src)="s30.1"> Contact addresses for developers can be found in the documentation of their individual applications .

(src)="s31.1"> Official Contacts

(src)="s32.1"> Please visit our Official Representatives page if you need to contact KDE in an official way .
(trg)="s32.1">請參觀我們網站 官方代表 網頁如果你需要以官方正式的方式聯絡 KDE 發展小組。

(src)="s33.1"> More information

(src)="s34.1"> Please find more information about KDE at http://www.kde.org / .
(trg)="s34.1">更多有關 KDE 的資訊請看 http://www.kde.org。

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(src)="s1.1"> KDE on the web
(trg)="s1.1">KDE 的相關網站

(src)="s2.1"> The K Desktop Environment is developed by a large group of developers around the world .
(src)="s2.2"> Our main communication channel is the Internet .
(trg)="s2.1">KDE 桌面環境是由來自全世界為數龐大的志願者所共同發展。我們主要的溝通管道是網際網路。在本頁可找到 KDE 相關站台的連結。

(src)="s2.3"> Please find links to KDE related web sites on this page .
(trg)="s4.1">KDE 主站台

(src)="s3.1"> www.kde.org

(src)="s4.1"> KDE ' s official website
(trg)="s6.1">KDE 佈景主題

(src)="s5.1"> kde.themes.org

(src)="s6.1"> KDE themes
(trg)="s8.1">KDE 發展者中心

(src)="s7.1"> developer.kde.org

(src)="s8.1"> The KDE developers centre
(trg)="s10.1">KDE CVS 的網頁界面

(src)="s9.1"> webcvs.kde.org

(src)="s10.1"> A web interface to the KDE CVS repository
(trg)="s12.1">KDE 的國際化與相關文件

(src)="s11.1"> i18n.kde.org

(src)="s12.1"> KDE ' s internationalisation and documentation server
(trg)="s14.1">KDE FTP 主站台。請參見下一連結尋找離您的區域較近的映射站台。

(src)="s13.1"> ftp.kde.org

(src)="s14.1"> The main KDE FTP server .
(trg)="s16.1">KDE FTP 映射站台

(src)="s14.2"> Please have a look at the link below to find a mirror site in your geographic region .
(trg)="s17.1">KDE 中文化相關網站:

(src)="s15.1"> www.kde.org/mirrors.html
(trg)="s19.1">KDE 中文化相關資訊

(src)="s16.1"> KDE FTP mirror sites
(trg)="s21.1">KDE/GNOME/GNU 程式訊息翻譯

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(src)="s1.1"> Supporting KDE
(src)="s2.1"> Supporting KDE
(trg)="s1.1">支援 KDE 計劃

(src)="s3.1"> If you are new to KDE , the KDE project might look like big machinery to you .
(trg)="s2.1">支援 KDE 計劃

(src)="s3.2"> Undoubtedly , KDE is no longer a small project , nevertheless it is very important to realise that it is easy to make a difference in the KDE world .
(src)="s4.1"> There is always a need for dedicated developers , graphic artists , sound engineers , translators and documentation writers .
(trg)="s3.1">如果您是 KDE 的新手,KDE 計劃對您看起來也許像個龐大的機關。不用懷疑,KDE 絕對不是一個小計劃。然而,請了解到要在 KDE 的世界裡「做出貢獻」是很容易的一件事。我們永遠需要一位熱情的程式發展人員,美工繪圖人員,音效設計人員等等。請考慮加入這個令人振奮的國際性大計劃,讓您的名字出現在其中。經由此您將得到來自全世界無數的朋友和他們的友誼,同時經由您親手的工作讓世界各地的使用者獲益,並且目睹一個偉大計劃的成長,這份滿足是難以言喻的。請考慮加入並支持 KDE,參與這趟通往自由與開放計算平台的旅程。

(src)="s4.2"> Consider jumping aboard this exciting international project and make yourself a name in the software world .

(src)="s5.1"> Along the way you will make countless friends and acquaintances all over the world .
(src)="s5.2"> Also , the satisfaction that stems from doing actual hands-on work , that will benefit an uncountable number of users world-wide , and from seeing an unparalleled project grow , is hard to beat .
(trg)="s5.1"> 訂閱您有興趣的 KDE 通信論壇。

(src)="s5.3"> Please consider joining and supporting KDE and hop aboard this exciting journey towards a free and open alternative computing platform .
(src)="s6.1"> How to get started
(trg)="s6.1"> 閱讀 通信論壇 的信件收集以感受一下 KDE 的發展過程。

(src)="s8.1"> Read the mailing list archives in order to get a feel for KDE development .
(src)="s9.1"> Learn how to program using the KDE application framework and join the friendly KDE developers ' community .
(trg)="s7.1">學習使用 KDE 程式架構來寫程式,並加入友善的 KDE 發展者社群。

(src)="s10.1"> Supporting financially

(src)="s11.1"> The KDE team is working very hard on providing you with the best desktop available for the UNIX operating system .
(src)="s11.2"> KDE is available for free and will always be available for free , including each and every line of its source code , for everyone to modify and distribute .
(trg)="s9.1">KDE 團隊正努力提供您一個在 Unix 作業系統上最佳的桌面平台。KDE 可以自由免費的取得,而且將會一直如此,包括它的每一行原始程式碼,都可以讓每個人自由的散佈和修改。如果您使用並喜愛 KDE,請考慮提供 KDE 經濟上的支援。我們總是需要資金以維繫 KDE 團隊的運作…

(src)="s11.3"> If you enjoy and use KDE please consider supporting the KDE Project financially .
(src)="s11.4"> KDE is in constant need of funds in order to finance its operations .
(trg)="s10.1"> 如果您工作太忙或是無法積極參與 KDE 的技術發展,請考慮以捐贈金錢的方式來贊助 KDE:

(src)="s12.1"> If your busy schedule or skills do not permit you to be actively involved in KDE development , please consider supporting KDE financially by sending a donation to :
(trg)="s11.1"> Matthias Hoelzer KDE-Verein i.G.

(src)="s13.1"> You can send standard US cheques to the following address :
(src)="s14.1"> Use " KDE e.V. - Mirko Boehm " in the " Pay to the order of ... " line .
(trg)="s11.3">2798296 Staedtische Sparkasse Wuerzburg Hofstrasse 9 97070 Wuerzburg Germany BLZ 790 500 00 SWIFT-Address:

(src)="s15.1"> From Europe , you may remit your donation to ( be aware of a fee if wiring from outside of Germany ) :
(src)="s16.1"> Please contact Mirko Boehm kde-ev-treasurer@kde.org if you have any questions .
(trg)="s11.4">BYLA DE 77
(trg)="s12.1"> 若您有任何問題請與 Matthias Hoelzer hoelzer@kde.org 聯絡。

(src)="s17.1"> Your contribution is very much appreciated .
(src)="s17.2"> Thank you !
(trg)="s13.1"> 非常感謝您的貢獻。謝謝您!

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(src)="s1.1"> Welcome to KDE
(trg)="s1.1">歡迎來到 KDE

(src)="s2.1"> The KDE team welcomes you to user-friendly UNIX computing .
(trg)="s2.1">KDE 發展團隊歡迎您進入友善的 Unix 世界。

(src)="s3.1"> Welcome to the K Desktop Environment
(trg)="s3.1">歡迎使用 KDE 桌面環境

(src)="s4.1"> Information about KDE
(trg)="s4.1">關於 KDE 的資訊

(src)="s5.1"> KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for UNIX workstations .
(src)="s5.2"> A KDE desktop combines ease of use , contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the UNIX operating system .
(trg)="s5.1">KDE 是 Unix 工作站上一個功能強大的圖形式桌面環境。KDE 桌面包含了便利的使用性,多工的能力,傑出的圖形設計,以及 Unix 作業系統的卓越技術。

(src)="s6.1"> What is the K Desktop Environment ?
(trg)="s6.1">什麼是 KDE?

(src)="s7.1"> Contacting the KDE Project
(trg)="s7.1">和 KDE 團隊聯絡

(src)="s8.1"> Supporting the KDE Project
(trg)="s8.1">支持 KDE 計劃

(src)="s9.1"> Useful links

(src)="s10.1"> Getting the most out of KDE
(trg)="s10.1">關於更多的 KDE

(src)="s11.1"> General documentation

(src)="s12.1"> A Quick Start Guide to the Desktop
(trg)="s12.1">KDE 桌面的快速入門指引

(src)="s13.1"> KDE User's guide
(trg)="s13.1">KDE 使用指引

(src)="s14.1"> Frequently asked questions

(src)="s15.1"> Basic applications

(src)="s16.1"> Desktop Panel

(src)="s17.1"> Control Centre

(src)="s18.1"> File Manager

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(src)="s3.1"> KDE is a desktop environment .
(src)="s3.2"> In other words , KDE is a collection of programs , technologies and documentation that attempt to make life easier for computer users .
(trg)="s1.1">什麼是 KDE?

(src)="s3.3"> KDE is targeted at UNIX workstations .
(src)="s3.4"> It features network transparency and a contemporary work philosophy .
(trg)="s2.1">什麼是 KDE?

(src)="s4.1"> The creators of the K Desktop Environment are a world-wide group of software engineers .
(src)="s4.2"> This group's major goal in free software development is to provide high quality software that empowers the user with easy control of his computer's resources .
(trg)="s3.1">KDE 是 K Desktop Environment 的縮寫,它是一種桌面工作環境。 換句話說,KDE 是一些程式、技術以及文件的整合收集,目的在使得一般電腦使用者更容易上手。 KDE 目標是 Unix 工作站。它具備了網路的透通性以及多人多工的特性。

(src)="s5.1"> KDE seeks to fill the need for an easy to use desktop for UNIX workstations , similar to the desktop environments found under the Mac OS or Windows 95/NT .
(src)="s5.2"> KDE fills the need of users for an easy to use work environment .
(trg)="s4.1">KDE 的由是來自全球各地的軟體工程師所共同創造的。 他們是一群致力於發展自由軟體(Free Software)的團隊,以提供易於控制並能發揮電腦資源的高品質軟體給使用者。

(src)="s5.3"> Tools used to reach this end are : enhanced inter-application communication , component reuse , generalised drag and drop , uniform look and feel and many more .
(src)="s5.4"> Thus , KDE offers much more than the traditional UNIX window managers .
(trg)="s5.1">KDE 試著滿足 Unix 工作站對於使用便利的需求,創造出類似 MacOS 或微軟視窗 95/NT 的桌面環境。 KDE 滿足了一般使用者對於易於使用工作環境的需求。 達到這個目標的方法是:工具程式溝通能力的加強,元件的重複使用,一般化的拖曳與置放(drag and drop),一致性的外觀與感覺,以及更多更多。 因此,KDE 提供遠較傳統 Unix 視窗管理員更多的東西。

(src)="s6.1"> Stability , scaleability and openness are qualities which have made UNIX the undisputed choice for the information technology professional for many years .
(src)="s6.2"> KDE builds on top of this excellent base framework and brings new , much needed qualities : usability , user friendliness and beauty !
(trg)="s6.1">穩定性、擴充性及開放性是多年來 Unix 成為資訊專門人員不二選擇的原因。 KDE 建立在這樣優越的架構下,並且提供更多大家需要的特性:可用性、對使用者的親和性以及美麗的外觀! KDE 是第一個帶給 Unix 這種特性的計劃,而且仍是這方面的先驅。 Unix 在伺服器市場佔主導地位,也是電腦專業人員及科學家所推崇的工作平台,但對一般桌面的使用者並不那樣具有吸引力。

(src)="s6.3"> KDE was the first , and stays the forefront player in bringing these qualities to UNIX , which constituted for years , the premier platform for server computers and scientific institutions , but wasn't very attractive for desktop users .
(src)="s7.1"> Without UNIX the Internet would not exist , or at least would have a vastly different form .
(trg)="s7.1"> 沒有 Unix,網際網路或許就不會存在,或者不會像現在這麼發達。 但 Unix 過去並未滿足一般電腦使用者的需求。 即使各種類似 Unix 的作業系統 (如 Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD 等) 都陸續可在網路上免費取得後,一般使用者的福利似乎仍未被顧及。 而這些作業系統都具有非常好的品質及穩定性。

(src)="s7.2"> UNIX has not , until now , addressed the needs of the average computer user .
(trg)="s8.1">KDE 的桌面環境

(src)="s7.3"> This fact is particularly unfortunate , since a number of implementations of UNIX ( Linux , FreeBSD , NetBSD , etc. ) are freely available on the Internet , all of which are of exceptional quality and stability .
(src)="s8.1"> KDE The Desktop Environment
(trg)="s9.1">連同各種類似 Unix 的作業系統,KDE 建構了一個自由開放的電腦工作平台,不論是在家庭或是工作上使用。

(src)="s9.1"> In combination with a free implementation of UNIX , KDE provides to the world an open and completely free desktop computing platform either at home or at work .
(src)="s10.1"> This platform is available to anyone free of charge including its source code for anyone to modify .

(src)="s11.1"> While there will always be room for improvement we believe we have now delivered a viable alternative to some of the more commonly found and commercial operating systems/desktops combinations available today .
(src)="s11.2"> It is our hope that the combination of UNIX and KDE will finally bring the same open , reliable , stable , and monopoly free computing to the average computer user that scientists and computing professionals world-wide have enjoyed for years .
(trg)="s11.1">正由於這種精益求精的特性,我們相信提供了一般電腦及商業作業系統一個能不斷茁壯的新選擇。 我們希望結合 Unix 與 KDE 能帶給一般使用者享受到開放的、可信賴、穩定以及獨有的計算能力,就如同多年來全球科學家和電腦專業人員已享有的好處一般。
(trg)="s12.1">KDE 的應用程式發展架構

(src)="s12.1"> KDE The Application Development Framework
(src)="s13.1"> KDE focuses on the user's needs , but it's obvious that this focus is more easily achieved by also giving developers the best tools .
(trg)="s13.1">KDE 專注於使用者的需求,但顯然地欲達到這個目標最佳的方式就是提供發展人員最好的工具。KDE 的程式碼包括了一些現代資訊最先進的發展技術。

(src)="s13.2"> KDE code contains , and comes with , some of the best development technologies of the modern computing age .
(src)="s14.1"> Authoring applications under UNIX /X11 used to be an extremely tedious and labour intensive process .
(trg)="s14.1">在 Unix/X11 的工作環境撰寫應用軟體,原本是非常繁瑣費事的過程。KDE 瞭解到,能讓使用者使用到一流的應用軟體才算是好的工作平台。

(src)="s14.2"> KDE recognises the fact that a computing platform is only as good as the number of first class applications available to the users of that particular platform .
(src)="s15.1"> KDE defines new technologies in DCOP and KParts , created to offer a component document model and technology .
(trg)="s15.1"> KDE 定義了新的技術 DCOP 和 KParts,創造並提供了元件式的文件模型與技術。結合完整的 KDE 函式庫程式界面, DCOP/KParts 已經能和其它類似的技術如微軟的 MFC/ COM/ActiveX 架構競爭。KDE 應用程式界面 ( API) 的卓越品質與高階的可塑性使得發者人員能夠專注於原本的問題和興趣,而不需要再重新發明輪子。

(src)="s15.2"> Together with the complete KDE libraries programming interface , DCOP /KParts are set in direct competition with other similar technologies like Microsoft MFC / COM /ActiveX technologies .
(src)="s15.3"> The excellent quality and the high level of refinement of KDE ' s application programming interface ( API ) enables developers to focus on original and interesting issues and avoid reinventing the wheel .
(trg)="s16.1"> 在這種情形下,KDE 計劃已經發展出第一流的複合式文件應用架構,實現了最先進的組織技術,使得它能夠直接和廣為使用的發展架構,例如微軟的 MFC/ COM/ActiveX 技術相競爭。KDE 的 KOM/OpenParts 複合式文件技術使得發展人員能夠快速地使用最先進技術建立一流的應用程式。

(src)="s16.1"> KDE The Office Application Suite
(trg)="s17.1">KDE 的辦公軟體套件