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(src)="1"> © 2016 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania
(trg)="1"> © 2016 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

(src)="2"> 1 Be Determined to “ Let Your Brotherly Love Continue ” !
(trg)="3"> 7 Sai ” Manongtong ma Holong ni Roha di Dongan ! ”

(src)="3"> What is our yeartext for 2016 ?
(trg)="4"> Aha do ayat na tapangke taon 2016 ?

(src)="4"> What should we think of when we look at it throughout the year ?
(trg)="5"> Aha do na ingkon taingot molo manjaha ayat na tapangke di taon on ?

(src)="5"> This article will show us how to gain the most benefit from our yeartext .
(trg)="6"> Artikel on mangulas songon dia hita boi mandapot laba sian ayat na dipangke di taon on .

(src)="6"> 2 Be Compelled by God’s “ Indescribable Free Gift ”
(trg)="7"> 12 Taronjar alani ” Silehonlehonna , na so Tarhatahon I ! ”

(src)="7"> Jehovah has given us what the apostle Paul called God’s “ indescribable free gift . ”
(trg)="8"> Dilehon Jahowa tu hita ” silehonlehonna , na so tarhatahon ! ”

(src)="8"> What is that gift ?
(trg)="9"> Aha do silehonlehon i ?

(src)="9"> How does it compel us to walk in the footsteps of Christ Jesus , to love our brothers , and to forgive others from the heart ?
(trg)="10"> Songon dia do on patoguhon hita laho maniru Jesus , mangkaholongi angka dongan , manalpuhon hasalaan nasida sian ias ni roha ?

(src)="10"> We will answer these questions and consider practical things we can do during the Memorial season .
(trg)="11"> Taulas ma alus ni sungkunsungkun on jala tarimangi ma aha na laho ulahononta saleleng di ari Parningotan .

(src)="11"> 3 The Spirit Bears Witness With Our Spirit
(trg)="12"> 17 Laos Tondi i do Mangkatindangkon di Tondinta

(src)="12"> 4 “ We Want to Go With You ”
(trg)="13"> 22 Naeng Ihuthononnami do Ho

(src)="13"> These two articles will explain how someone knows that he or she has received the heavenly calling and what it means for that person to be one of the anointed .
(trg)="14"> Artikel na dua on paboahon tu hita songon dia sasahalak laho mamboto na dijou do ibana tu surgo jala aha do pangkorhon ni on tu halak na miniahan .

(src)="14"> Additionally , we will consider how anointed ones should view themselves and how we should react to any increase in the number of partakers worldwide .
(trg)="15"> Jala ulasonta ma songon dia sasintongna halak na miniahan mangida diri nasida sandiri .
(trg)="16"> Jala songon dia do hita mangida na mangallang roti dohot minum anggur na lam tamba bilanganna .

(src)="15"> 5 Working Together With God ​ — A Cause for Rejoicing
(trg)="17"> 28 Rap Saulaon dohot Debata — Parohon Las ni Roha

(src)="16"> From earliest times , Jehovah has invited others to work with him to accomplish his purpose .
(trg)="18"> Dijou Jahowa do halak na asing donganNa laho pasauthon sangkapNa .

(src)="17"> It is his purpose that a global witness be given , and he has invited us to share in that work .
(trg)="19"> Lomo rohaNa asa dipasahat barita na uli di liat portibi on jala ditogihon do hita asa dohot mamaritahon .

(src)="18"> This article considers the blessings we receive by being God’s fellow workers .
(trg)="20"> Diulas ma di artikel on , songon dia rap saulaon dohot Debata parohon las ni roha tu hita .

(src)="19"> COVER IMAGE :
(trg)="21"> GAMBAR SAMPUL :

(src)="20"> A pioneer shares a Bible passage with an oxcart driver on the Alley of the Baobabs in Morondava , Madagascar
(trg)="22"> Sahalak Perintis manjahahon Bibel tu sahalak siboan padati di bona ni hau Baobab di Morondava Madagaskar

(src)="21"> PUBLISHERS
(trg)="23"> PENYIAR

(src)="22"> BIBLE STUDIES


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(src)="1"> “ Let your brotherly love continue . ” ​ — HEB .
(trg)="1"> ” Manongtong ma holong ni roha di dongan ! ” ​ — HEB .

(src)="2"> 13 : 1 .
(trg)="2"> 13 : 1 .

(src)="3"> SONGS : 10 , 54
(trg)="3"> ENDE : 3 , 20

(src)="4"> What is brotherly love ?
(trg)="4"> Aha do holong ni roha di dongan ?

(src)="5"> Why is it so important to continue to show brotherly love ?
(trg)="5"> Boasa ringkot tongtong patuduhon holong ni roha di dongan ?

(src)="6"> How can we show our brotherly love ?
(trg)="6"> Songon dia do hita patuduhon holong ni roha di dongan ?

(src)="7"> 1 , 2 .
(trg)="7"> 1 , 2 .

(src)="8"> Why did Paul write a letter to the Hebrew Christians ?
(trg)="8"> Boasa ditongos si Paulus surat tu halak Kristen di Jerusalem ?

(src)="9"> THE year was 61 C.E .
(src)="10"> The Christian congregations throughout Israel were enjoying a period of relative peace .
(trg)="9"> DI TAON 61 DM , dihilala angka huria na di Israel do hadameon rap dohot dongan sahaporseaonnasida .

(src)="11"> Although the apostle Paul was a prisoner in Rome , he was hoping to be released soon .
(trg)="10"> Alai , apostel Paulus dipenjarahon do di tingki i di Rom .

(src)="12"> His companion Timothy had just been released , and they were planning to visit their Christian brothers in Judea .
(trg)="11"> Si Timoteus dongan sapardalananna , baru malua dope sian penjara jala dihirim rohanasida boi rap laho manjumpangi angka dongan na adong di Judea .

(src)="13"> However , in five years ’ time , Jerusalem would be “ surrounded by encamped armies , ” just as Jesus had prophesied .
(trg)="12"> Holan di bagasan lima taon do halak Kristen di Judea , tarlumobi na tading di Jerusalem mangarade .
(trg)="13"> Boasa ?

(src)="14"> Christians in Judea , and especially those living in Jerusalem , would have to act decisively .
(trg)="14"> Nunga didok Jesus hian tu angka siseanna , molo diida nasida Jerusalem dihaliangi angka tentara , ingkon hatop ma nasida maporus sian Jerusalem . ​ — Luk .

(src)="15"> Jesus had warned them that they would need to flee as soon as they saw these events start to unfold . ​ — Luke 21 : 20 - 24 .
(trg)="15"> 21 : 20 - 24 .

(src)="16"> In the 28 years since Jesus had uttered that prophecy , the faithful Jewish Christians living in Israel had already faced much opposition and persecution successfully .
(trg)="16"> Nunga salpu 28 taon dung dipaboa Jesus tu siseanna aha na laho masa tu Jerusalem .
(trg)="17"> Saleleng i , marsihohot do halak Kristen di Israel tu Debata nang pe manaon godang hasusaan alani haporseaon .

(src)="17"> Yet , Paul knew that they were about to be confronted with one of the most challenging tests of their faith .
(trg)="18"> Alai , lomo roha ni si Paulus asa mangarade nasida laho mangadopi na masa di ari na naeng ro .

(src)="18"> He wanted them to be prepared for whatever might come their way .
(trg)="19"> Na laho masa ma pangunjunan bolon tu nasida .

(src)="19"> They would need exceptional endurance and faith ​ — faith strong enough to preserve their lives .
(trg)="20"> Ingkon porsea do nasida tu parenta ni Jesus , ingkon maporus sian Jerusalem asa boi malua .

(src)="20"> ( Read Hebrews 10 : 36 - 39 . )
(trg)="21"> ( Jaha Heber 10 : 36 - 39 . )

(src)="21"> So Paul was prompted by Jehovah’s spirit to write those dear brothers and sisters a letter designed to meet their special needs .
(trg)="22"> Diurupi Jahowa do si Paulus tingki manurat surat na laho ditongos tu angka dongan sahaporseaonna .

(src)="22"> That letter is now known as the book of Hebrews .
(trg)="23"> Surat on , digoari ma buku Heber na dibahen laho patoguhon nasida manaon na laho masa di ari na naeng ro .

(src)="23"> Why should we be interested in the book of Hebrews ?
(trg)="24"> Boasa buku Heber ringkot di hita saonari on ?

(src)="24"> All of us today should be interested in what Paul wrote to those first - century Hebrew Christians .
(trg)="25"> Ringkot do buku Heber parohahonon ni naposo ni Debata saonari on .

(src)="25"> Why ?
(trg)="26"> Boasa ?

(src)="26"> Because we find ourselves in a similar situation .
(trg)="27"> Alana , sarupa do na masa saonari on dohot na masa tu halak Kristen di Judea .

(src)="27"> During these “ critical times hard to deal with , ” Jehovah’s people have faced all types of opposition and persecution .
(trg)="28"> Saonari , hita mangolu di ” ari hasusaan , di angka tingki parpudi ” , alai , godang do na martahan tingki manaon hasusaan alani haporseaon dohot pangunjunan .

(src)="28"> We have proved beyond doubt that our faith and devotion are strong .
(trg)="29"> Deba sian hita mangolu di masa na dame , na so pola manaon godang hasusaan alani haporseaon .

(src)="29"> Many of us , though , are now living in a relatively peaceful time , with no outright persecution .
(trg)="30"> Songon halak Kristen di tingki ni si Paulus , hita pe porlu mangarade .
(trg)="31"> Boasa ?

(src)="30"> However , like the Christians in Paul’s day , none of us should lose sight of this key fact ​ — soon we will face the most challenging test of our faith ! ​ — Read Luke 21 : 34 - 36 .
(trg)="32"> Ndang sadia leleng nai , idaonta ma masa haporsuhon na bolon ! ​ — Jaha Lukas 21 : 34 - 36 .

(src)="31"> What is the yeartext for 2016 , and why is it appropriate ?
(trg)="33"> Aha do ayat na dipangke di taon 2016 , jala boasa denggan on dipangke di taon on ?

(src)="32"> What will help us to prepare for the events that lie immediately ahead of us ?
(trg)="34"> Aha do na boi mangurupi hita asa mangarade mangadopi na masa tu ari na naeng ro ?

(src)="33"> In the book of Hebrews , Paul outlines many things that will help us to strengthen our faith .
(trg)="35"> Di buku Heber , godang do dipaboa si Paulus na boi patoguhon partondionta .

(src)="34"> One essential thing is highlighted in the first verse of the last chapter of that letter .
(trg)="36"> Sada sipaingot na ringkot tadapot ma di buku Heber 13 : 1 , na mandok , ” Manongtong ma holong ni roha di dongan ! ”

(src)="35"> That verse has been selected to be the yeartext for 2016 .
(trg)="37"> Ayat on ma dipillit gabe ayat na dipangke di taon 2016 .

(src)="37"> 13 : 1 .
(src)="38"> Our yeartext for 2016 : “ Let your brotherly love continue . ” ​ — Hebrews 13 : 1
(trg)="38"> Ayat na dipangke di taon 2016 , ” Manongtong ma holong ni roha di dongan ! ” ​ — Heber 13 : 1 .

(src)="39"> What is brotherly love ?
(trg)="39"> Aha do holong ni roha di dongan ?

(src)="40"> What does it mean for us to show brotherly love ?
(trg)="40"> Aha do holong ni roha di dongan ?

(src)="41"> The Greek term used by Paul , phi·la·del·phiʹa , literally means “ affection for a brother . ”
(trg)="41"> Hata Junani asli na dipangke si Paulus lapatanna ” holong ni roha tu dongan ” .

(src)="42"> Brotherly love is the type of affection that involves a strong , warm , personal attachment , such as to a family member or a close friend .
(trg)="42"> Holong ni roha di dongan , i ma holong na togu songon holong tu keluarga .

(src)="43"> We do not pretend to be brothers and sisters ​ — we are brothers and sisters .
(trg)="43"> Alani i , unang ma hita gabe dongan na holan burju idaon , alai burju ma tu sude songon na marhahamaranggi .

(src)="44"> Our strong feeling of attachment to one another is summed up nicely in these words : “ In brotherly love have tender affection for one another .
(trg)="44"> Didok si Paulus , ” Ingot hamu ma holong ni roha sama dongan Kristen !
(trg)="45"> Masijolojoloan ma hamu masipasangapan ! ”

(src)="45"> In showing honor to one another , take the lead . ”
(trg)="46"> Hata on patuduhon holong na togu tu sude dongan sahaporseaon .

(src)="46"> Combined with principled love , a·gaʹpe , this type of love promotes close companionship among God’s people .
(trg)="47"> Holong ni roha di dongan , i ma holong na marojahan tu prinsip ni Kristen , na boi mangurupi naposo ni Debata asa tongtong togu paralealeonna tu dongan na asing .

(src)="47"> How do true Christians understand the meaning of brotherly love ?
(trg)="48"> Songon dia do halak Kristen na sintong mangantusi lapatan ni holong ni roha di dongan ?

(src)="48"> “ ‘ Brotherly love , ’ ” according to one scholar , “ is a relatively rare term outside of Christian literature . ”
(trg)="49"> Hata ” holong ni roha di dongan ” godang do tarida di buku Kristen .

(src)="49"> In Judaism , the meaning of the word “ brother ” sometimes extended beyond those who were literally relatives , but its meaning was still restricted to those within the Jewish nation and did not include Gentiles .
(trg)="50"> Di halak Jahudi najolo , hata ” dongan ” somalna dipangke tu keluarga manang tu na so keluarga .

(src)="50"> However , Christianity embraces all believers , no matter what their nationality .
(trg)="51"> Alai , ndang hea dipangke hata ” dongan ” tu halak na so Jahudi .

(src)="51"> As brothers , we have been taught by Jehovah to have brotherly affection for one another .
(trg)="52"> Di halak Kristen na sintong hata ” donganta ” patuduhon tu sude halak Kristen na sintong nang pe nasida sian bangso na asing .

(src)="52"> But why is it vital that we let our brotherly love continue ?
(trg)="54"> Alai , boasa ringkot tongtong patuduhon holong ni roha di dongan ?

(src)="53"> ( a ) What is the most important reason for us to show brotherly love ?
(trg)="55"> ( a ) Boasa ringkot patuduhon holong ni roha di dongan ?

(src)="54"> ( b ) Give another reason why it is important to strengthen our affection for one another .
(trg)="56"> ( b ) Aha do muse na mambahen ingkon tapatogu holongta tu angka dongan na asing ?

(src)="55"> The simple answer is that Jehovah requires us to show brotherly love to one another .
(trg)="57"> Ringkot ingkon tapatuduhon holong ni roha di dongan ala dipangido Jahowa hita mangulahon i .

(src)="56"> We cannot claim to love God and at the same time refuse to love our brothers .
(trg)="58"> Ndang na tutu tahaholongi Jahowa molo ndang tahaholongi angka donganta .

(src)="57"> Additionally , we need one another .
(src)="58"> This is especially true in times of trouble .
(trg)="59"> Asing ni i muse , ringkot tapatuduhon holong ni roha di dongan ala hita mangolu di ari parpudi .

(src)="59"> Paul knew that some of the Hebrew Christians to whom he was writing would soon need to leave their homes and material possessions .
(trg)="60"> Tingki disurat si Paulus suratna tu halak Kristen Jahudi , diboto ibana ndang sadia leleng nai ingkon tadingkonon ni nasida ma jabu dohot angka artana .

(src)="60"> Jesus had described how difficult that time would be .
(trg)="61"> Nunga didok Jesus hian na laho masa ma ari hasusaan .

(src)="61"> So more than ever before , those Christians needed to strengthen their affection for one another . ​ — Rom .
(src)="62"> 12 : 9 .
(trg)="62"> Alani i , andorang so ro dope ari i , halak Kristen porlu tongtong patoguhon holong tu angka dongan na asing . ​ — Rom 12 : 9 .

(src)="63"> What do we need to do now before the start of the great tribulation ?
(trg)="63"> Aha do na porlu taulahon saonari andorang so ro dope haporsuhon bolon ?

(src)="64"> Soon the destructive winds of the greatest tribulation of all time will be released .
(trg)="64"> Ndang sadia leleng nai , masa ma haporsuhon bolon tu sude jolma .

(src)="65"> Then , we will do well to heed this inspired counsel : “ Go , my people , enter your inner rooms , and shut your doors behind you .
(trg)="65"> Porlu hita mangoloi poda na mandok , ” Laho ma ho ale bangsongku , bongot i ma angka bilutmu [ kamar ] jala hinsu ma pintumi di pudim .

(src)="66"> Hide yourself for a brief moment until the wrath has passed by . ”
(trg)="66"> Martamonding ma ho satongkin paima salpu rimas i . ”
(trg)="67"> ( Jes .

(src)="67"> These “ inner rooms ” may refer to our congregations .
(trg)="68"> 26 : 20 ) Hata ” bilut [ kamar ] ” lapatanna , i ma huria Kristen .

(src)="68"> That is where we come together as brothers and sisters to worship Jehovah .
(trg)="69"> Di huria Kristen do hita manomba Jahowa rap dohot angka donganta .

(src)="69"> But it is not enough for us to meet together regularly .
(trg)="70"> Alai , ndang sae holan ro tu parpunguan sambing .

(src)="70"> Paul reminded the Hebrew Christians that they should use such occasions to incite one another “ to love and fine works . ”
(trg)="71"> Dipaingot si Paulus do halak Kristen Jahudi asa masipajujuan nasida jala patuduhon holong tu dongan na asing .

(src)="71"> We need to develop our brotherly love now , for it will help us during whatever tests and trials we may face in the future .
(trg)="72"> Saonari on , porlu hita patoguhon holongta tu dongan , asa boi martahan tingki manaon hasusaan di ari na naeng ro .

(src)="72"> ( a ) What opportunities do we have to show brotherly love today ?
(trg)="73"> ( a ) Andigan do tingkina hita patuduhon holong tu dongan ?

(src)="73"> ( b ) Give examples of how Jehovah’s people have shown brotherly love .
(trg)="74"> ( b ) Bahen ma tudosan songon dia naposo ni Debata patuduhon holong tu dongan ?

(src)="74"> Even now , before the outbreak of the great tribulation , we have a strong need for brotherly love .
(trg)="75"> Saonari ma tingkina tapatuduhon holong tu dongan andorang so masa dope hasusaan bolon i .

(src)="75"> Many of our brothers have been adversely affected by earthquakes , floods , hurricanes , tsunamis , or other natural disasters .
(trg)="76"> Godang do donganta na mangkilala hasusaan alani gempa , banjir , halisungsung , tsunami dohot angka na asing .

(src)="76"> Some brothers are suffering because of opposition and persecution .
(trg)="77"> Jala adong do na ingkon martahan manaon hasusaan alani haporseaon .

(src)="77"> Added to all of this are the economic woes we experience daily as a result of living in this corrupt system of things .
(trg)="78"> Ganup ari do hita manaon hasusaan di parhepengon .

(src)="78"> As such problems increase , so do our opportunities to demonstrate the depth of our brotherly affection .
(trg)="79"> Tingki masa hasusaan tu angka donganta , on ma dalanta asa lam patuduhon sadia balga holongta tu nasida .

(src)="79"> Even though “ the love of the greater number [ of people ] will grow cold , ” we need to prove that our brotherly love continues . ​ — Matt .
(trg)="80"> Nang pe ndang adong be holong di portibi on , ingkon tapatuduhon holong tu donganta .