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(src)="2"> You have heard that sexting is common among young people .
(trg)="2"> Hinbatian mo nga uso an sexting ha mga batan - on .

(src)="3"> ‘ Would my teenager do that ? ’
(src)="4"> you may wonder .
(trg)="3"> Salit bangin ka magpakiana , ‘ Bubuhaton ba liwat ito han akon anak nga tin - edyer ? ’

(src)="5"> You want to discuss the matter with your child ​ — but how ?
(trg)="4"> Karuyag mo paghisgotan an mahitungod hito ha imo anak — kondi paonan - o ?

(src)="6"> Before answering , consider why some young people have become involved in sexting and why you should be concerned .
(trg)="5"> Antes tagdon an baton , tagda anay kon kay ano nga may mga batan - on nga nagbubuhat hito ngan kon kay ano nga sadang ka mabaraka .

(src)="7"> *
(trg)="6"> *

(src)="8"> Some teenagers send sexually explicit messages to flirt with someone they like .
(trg)="7"> Nagpapadara an pipira nga tin - edyer hin sobra kalaw - ay nga mga message basi makuha an atensyon han ira naruruyagan .

(src)="9"> In other cases , a girl sends an explicit photo of herself because she is pressured by a boy to do so .
(trg)="8"> Ha iba nga sitwasyon , an batan - on nga babaye nagpapadara hin malaw - ay niya nga retrato tungod kay ginpi - pressure hiya hin batan - on nga lalaki .

(src)="10"> Sometimes a boy will mass forward an explicit photo of a girl either to entertain his friends or to retaliate after a breakup .
(trg)="9"> Usahay ginpapasarang hin batan - on nga lalaki an malaw - ay nga retrato hin batan - on nga babaye basi magparayaw ha iya kasangkayan o bumulos katapos hin break - up .

(src)="11"> Whatever the cause , a teenager armed with a cell phone can get into a lot of trouble .
(trg)="10"> Anoman an hinungdan , an tin - edyer nga may - ada celfon mahimo umatubang hin damu nga problema .

(src)="12"> “ In the click of a button , ” says the book CyberSafe , “ lives are changed forever . ”
(trg)="11"> “ Ha usa la nga pagpindot , ” siring han libro nga CyberSafe , “ damu nga kinabuhi an maaapektohan ha kadayonan . ”

(src)="13"> Many people fail to realize that once a photo goes into cyberspace , the sender loses control over how the photo will be used .
(trg)="12"> Diri nahuhunahuna han damu nga tawo nga kon an retrato mahingadto ha cyberspace , waray na hira kontrol hito .

(src)="14"> In one case , reports a bulletin from the U.S .
(trg)="13"> Pananglitan , sumala ha report han U.S .

(src)="15"> Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) , an 18 - year - old girl “ committed suicide after a nude photo she had transmitted via her cell phone to her boyfriend also was sent to hundreds of teenagers in her school .
(trg)="14"> Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) , usa nga 18 anyos nga babaye an “ nag - unay tungod kay an iya hubo nga retrato nga iya iginpadara ha iya uyab gamit han iya celfon nai - forward liwat ha ginatos nga tin - edyer ha iya eskwelahan .

(src)="16"> Other students , who apparently continued to forward the image , allegedly harassed the girl . ”
(trg)="15"> An iba nga estudyante , nga nagpasa liwat han iya retrato ngadto ha iba , padayon nga nag - harass ha iya . ”

(src)="17"> Sexting also raises legal issues .
(trg)="16"> Kontra liwat ha balaud an sexting .

(src)="18"> In some places , for example , minors who have sent sexually explicit images to other minors have been charged with child - pornography offenses and have been required to register as sex offenders .
(trg)="17"> Pananglitan , ha iba nga mga nasud , an minor - de - edad nga nagpapadara hin maglaw - ay nga retrato ha iba nga minor - de - edad ginkikiha hin child - pornography ngan obligado magparehistro sugad nga sex offender .

(src)="19"> As a parent , you too can be held liable if your name is on the cell - phone contract or if you fail to take measures to prevent your child from sexting .
(trg)="18"> Kon usa ka nga kag - anak , may baratunon ka liwat kon ha imo nakarehistro an linya han celfon o kon diri mo ginpupugngan an imo anak ha pag - sexting .

(src)="20"> Set clear rules .
(trg)="19"> Magkaada matin - aw nga mga instruksyon .

(src)="21"> Although you cannot fully control your teenager’s cell - phone use , you can make sure that he or she knows your rules ​ — as well as the consequences for breaking those rules .
(trg)="20"> Bisan kon diri mo bug - os nga makukontrol an imo anak ha paggamit hin celfon , mahimo mo siguruhon nga maaram hiya han iyo mga patakaran — pati han sirot kon supakon niya ito .

(src)="22"> Remember , too , that as a parent , you have the right to monitor your teenager’s cell phone . ​ — Bible principle : Ephesians 6 : 1 .
(trg)="21"> Hinumdumi liwat nga sugad nga kag - anak , obligasyon mo nga usisahon pirme an iya celfon . — Prinsipyo ha Biblia : Efeso 6 : 1 .

(src)="23"> Help your teenager to reason on the problem .
(trg)="22"> Buligi an imo anak nga mangatadongan .

(src)="24"> You could say : “ There are many opinions as to what constitutes sexting .
(trg)="23"> Mahimo ka sumiring : “ Iba - iba an panhunahuna han mga tawo ha pag - sexting .

(src)="25"> How would you define the term ? ”
(trg)="24"> Ikaw , ano man an imo opinyon mahitungod hito ? ”

(src)="26"> “ What kinds of photos do you think are inappropriate ? ”
(trg)="25"> “ Ano nga mga retrato an masisiring mo nga malaw - ay ? ”

(src)="27"> “ In some places the law considers a minor who sends a nude photo of a minor to be guilty of a crime .
(trg)="26"> “ Ha iba nga nasud , an minor - de - edad nga nagpapadara hin hubo nga retrato hin usa nga minor - de - edad gintatagad nga nakabuhat hin krimen .

(src)="28"> Do you think it’s that bad ? ”
(trg)="27"> Para ha imo , maraot gud ba ito ? ”

(src)="29"> “ Why would sexting be morally wrong ? ”
(trg)="28"> “ Kay ano nga diri uyon ha maopay nga pamatasan an sexting ? ”

(src)="30"> Listen carefully to his or her reasoning , and help your teenager to think beyond the send button . ​ — Bible principle : Hebrews 5 : 14 .
(src)="31"> Think beyond the send button
(trg)="29"> Pamati hin maopay kon paonan - o nangangatadongan an imo anak , ngan buligi hiya nga hunahunaon an maraot nga resulta han sexting . — Prinsipyo ha Biblia : Hebreo 5 : 14 .

(src)="32"> Present hypothetical scenarios .
(trg)="30"> Pag - unabi hin posible nga mga sitwasyon .

(src)="33"> You could say to your daughter : “ Suppose a girl is being pressured by a boy to ‘ sext ’ him .
(src)="34"> What should she do ?
(trg)="31"> Mahimo ka sumiring ha imo anak nga babaye : “ Pananglitan , kon an usa nga babaye ginpi - pressure hin lalaki nga makig - sexting , ano an iya sadang buhaton ? — Sumugot na la basi diri hira mag - away ?

(src)="35"> Give in so that she does not lose the friendship ?
(trg)="32"> Diri sumugot , pero padayon nga magpinikat la gihap ha iya sangkay ?

(src)="36"> Refuse the request but flirt with him anyway ?
(trg)="33"> Utdon an pakigsangkay ?

(src)="37"> End the relationship ?
(src)="38"> Tell an adult ? ”
(trg)="34"> Magsumat ha usa nga adulto ? ”

(src)="39"> Help your daughter to reason on the matter .
(trg)="35"> Buligi an imo anak nga mangatadongan .

(src)="40"> Of course , you can use a similar approach with a son . ​ — Bible principle : Galatians 6 : 7 .
(trg)="36"> Mahimo mo liwat buhaton an pariho ha imo anak nga lalaki . — Prinsipyo ha Biblia : Galacia 6 : 7 .

(src)="41"> Appeal to your teenager’s sense of goodness .
(trg)="37"> Pukawa an maopay nga kalidad han imo anak .

(src)="42"> Ask questions such as these : How important to you is a good reputation ?
(trg)="38"> Pagbangon hin mga pakiana sugad hini : Mationan - o kaimportante ha imo an maopay nga reputasyon ?

(src)="43"> What traits do you want to be known for ?
(trg)="39"> Ano nga mga kalidad an karuyag mo nga makilala ka ?

(src)="44"> How would you feel about yourself if you humiliated someone by forwarding an inappropriate picture ?
(trg)="40"> Ano an imo aabaton kon naalohan an usa tungod kay iginpasa mo ha iba an iya malaw - ay nga retrato ?

(src)="45"> How would you feel if you took a stand for what is right ?
(trg)="41"> Ano an imo aabaton kon nagin marig - on ka ha kon ano an husto ?

(src)="46"> Help your teen to “ hold a good conscience . ” ​ — 1 Peter 3 : 16 .
(trg)="42"> Buligi an imo anak ha ‘ pagtipig hin limpyo nga konsensya . ’ — 1 Pedro 3 : 16 .

(src)="47"> Set the example yourself .
(trg)="43"> Magpakita hin maopay nga susbaranan .

(src)="48"> The Bible says that godly wisdom is chaste and free from hypocrisy .
(trg)="44"> An Biblia nasiring nga an diosnon nga kinaadman putli ngan diri hipokrito .

(src)="49"> Do your values reflect those words ?
(trg)="45"> Makikita ba ito ha imo ?

(src)="50"> “ We need to set good examples ourselves and not view images and Web sites that could be viewed as unsavory or illegal , ” says the book CyberSafe .
(trg)="46"> “ Kinahanglan kita mismo magpakita hin maopay nga susbaranan ngan diri magkita hin mga retrato ngan Web site nga masisiring nga malaw - ay o ilegal , ” siring han libro nga CyberSafe .

(src)="51"> “ Sexting ” refers to the act of sending sexually explicit messages , photos , or videos via cell phone .
(trg)="47"> An “ sexting ” nagtutudlok ha buhat han pag - send hin sobra kalaw - ay nga message , retrato , o video pinaagi ha celfon .

(src)="52"> For more information , go to the jw.org Web site and read the online article “ Young People Ask ​ — What Should I Know About Sexting ? ” ​ — Look under BIBLE TEACHINGS > TEENAGERS .
(trg)="48"> Para ha dugang nga impormasyon , kitaa an jw.org nga Web site ngan basaha an artikulo nga “ Young People Ask — What Should I Know About Sexting ? ” — Kitaa ha BIBLE TEACHINGS > TEENAGERS .
(trg)="49"> Hunahunaa an maraot nga resulta han sexting

(src)="53"> “ Children , be obedient to your parents . ” ​ — Ephesians 6 : 1 .
(trg)="50"> “ Mga anak , magmasinugtanon kamo ha iyo mga kag - anak kahiusa han Ginoo , kay matadong ini . ” — Efeso 6 : 1 .

(src)="54"> “ Mature people . . . have their perceptive powers trained to distinguish both right and wrong . ” ​ — Hebrews 5 : 14 .
(trg)="51"> An “ hamtong nga mga tawo . . . nagbabansay han ira abilidad ha pagsabot pinaagi ha paggamit hito basi makakilala han husto ngan sayop . ” — Hebreo 5 : 14 .

(src)="55"> “ Whatever a man is sowing , this he will also reap . ” ​ — Galatians 6 : 7 .
(trg)="52"> “ Anoman an iginsasabwag han usa nga tawo , ito liwat an iya aanihon . ” — Galacia 6 : 7 .

(src)="56"> If talking about sexting will be awkward for you or your teen , you might try this approach :
(trg)="53"> Kon diri ka , o an imo anak , komportable nga pag - istoryahan an mahitungod ha sexting , sarihi ini :

(src)="57"> First , have your teen talk about what others are doing .
(trg)="54"> Siyahan , ipaistorya ha imo anak kon ano an ginbubuhat han mga batan - on yana .

(src)="58"> Then say : “ I’ve heard a lot about sexting .
(trg)="55"> Katapos siring : “ Damu an akon hinbabatian mahitungod ha sexting .

(src)="59"> Is this practice common ? ”
(trg)="56"> Uso ba ito ? ” ”

(src)="60"> Next , find out how he or she feels about what others are doing .
(trg)="57"> Pagkatapos , hibaroi kon ano an iya masisiring ha ginbubuhat han iba .

(src)="61"> You could ask : “ Do you think people grasp the consequences of sexting ? ”
(trg)="58"> Mahimo ka magpakiana : “ Nahuhunahuna daw la han mga tawo an maraot nga resulta han sexting ? ”

(src)="62"> Then , discuss what your teenager would do .
(trg)="59"> Kahuman , pakianhi hiya kon ano an iya hihimoon .

(src)="63"> Respond by saying : “ Let’s talk about what you should do if you receive an explicit text . ”
(trg)="60"> Katapos , siring : “ Pag - istoryahan naton kon ano an imo sadang buhaton kon makakarawat ka hin malaw - ay nga text . ”

(src)="64"> Tip : You could use a news report to start a discussion .
(trg)="61"> Dugang nga suhestyon : Basi makagtikang ka ha pakiistorya , mahimo ka mag - unabi hin news .

(src)="65"> For example : “ I read about a girl whose explicit photo was forwarded all over her school .
(trg)="62"> Pananglitan : “ Nakabasa ako mahitungod hin batan - on nga babaye nga an malaw - ay nga retrato iginpasa ha mga may celfon ha ira bug - os nga eskwelahan .

(src)="66"> Does this kind of thing really happen ? ”
(trg)="63"> Nahitatabo gud ba ito ? ”

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(src)="2"> You cannot forget the bad things your spouse has said or done ; the harsh words and thoughtless acts are indelibly etched in your memory .
(trg)="2"> Diri mo mahingalimtan an maraot nga ginsiring o ginbuhat han imo padis ; an masakit nga pulong ngan waray hunahunaa nga buhat nakaukit ha imo hunahuna .

(src)="3"> As a result , the affection you once had has been replaced by resentment .
(trg)="3"> Tungod hito , an imo gugma naliwanan hin pagdumot .

(src)="4"> You have no choice , it seems , but to endure a loveless marriage .
(trg)="4"> Baga hin waray ka mahihimo kondi ilubon an iyo pag - upod nga waray gugma .

(src)="5"> You resent your spouse for that too .
(trg)="5"> Tungod liwat hito , nagdudumot ka ha imo padis .

(src)="6"> Be assured that things can improve .
(trg)="6"> Pero ayaw kawad - i hin paglaom , puydi pa ito maremedyohan .

(src)="7"> First , though , consider a few facts about resentment .
(trg)="7"> Kondi , tagda anay an pipira nga impormasyon mahitungod ha pagdumot .

(src)="9"> Resentment can destroy a marriage .
(trg)="8"> An pagdumot nakakadaot han pag - asawa .

(src)="10"> Why ?
(trg)="9"> Kay ano ?

(src)="11"> Because it undermines the very qualities upon which a marriage should be built , including love , trust , and loyalty .
(trg)="10"> Kay ginpapaluya hito an mga kalidad nga importante ha pag - asawa sugad han gugma , pagsarig , ngan pagkamaunungon .

(src)="12"> In a sense , then , resentment is not the result of a marital problem ; it is a marital problem .
(trg)="11"> Kon sugad , an pagdumot diri resulta han problema ha pag - asawa ; usa ito nga problema ha pag - asawa .

(src)="13"> For good reason , the Bible says : “ Put away from yourselves every kind of malicious bitterness . ” ​ — Ephesians 4 : 31 .
(trg)="12"> Tungod hini , an Biblia nasiring : “ Bayai niyo an ngatanan nga klase hin pagdumot . ” — Efeso 4 : 31 .

(src)="14"> If you harbor resentment , you are hurting yourself .
(trg)="13"> Kon nagdudumot ka , ginpapasakitan mo an imo kalugaringon .

(src)="15"> Harboring resentment is like slapping yourself and then expecting the other person to feel the pain .
(trg)="14"> An pagdumot puropariho ha pagtampalo ha imo kalugaringon , pero naglalaom ka nga iba an masasakitan .

(src)="16"> “ The family member who is the focus of your resentment may be feeling just fine , enjoying life , and perhaps not at all troubled by any of this , ” writes Mark Sichel in his book Healing From Family Rifts .
(trg)="15"> “ An kapamilya nga imo gindudumtan bangin okey man la , malipayon , ngan diri apektado ha mga nahitatabo , ” siring ni Mark Sichel ha iya libro nga Healing From Family Rifts .

(src)="17"> The bottom line ?
(trg)="16"> An punto ?

(src)="18"> “ Resentment hurts you far more than the person you resent , ” Sichel says .
(trg)="17"> “ Kon nagdudumot ka ha usa , ikaw an mas masasakitan , ” siring ni Sichel .

(src)="19"> Harboring resentment is like slapping yourself and then expecting the other person to feel the pain
(trg)="18"> An pagdumot puropariho ha pagtampalo ha imo kalugaringon , pero naglalaom ka nga iba an masasakitan

(src)="20"> Resentment is a choice .
(trg)="19"> Aada ha imo kon magdudumot ka .

(src)="21"> Some people might doubt that .
(trg)="20"> Bangin diri tumoo hito an iba .

(src)="22"> They would say , ‘ My spouse made me resentful . ’
(trg)="21"> Hira nasiring , ‘ An akon padis an hinungdan han akon pagdumot . ’

(src)="23"> The problem is , such thinking puts the emphasis on something that cannot be controlled ​ — the actions of another person .
(trg)="22"> Pero sayop an sugad nga panhunahuna tungod kay nakapokus ito ha usa nga butang nga diri naton kontrolado — an paggios han iba .

(src)="24"> The Bible offers an alternative .
(src)="25"> It says : “ Let each one examine his own actions . ”
(trg)="23"> Mahitungod hito , may iba nga sagdon an Biblia : “ Usisahon han kada tagsa an iya mga buhat . ”

(src)="26"> We cannot control what someone else says or does , but we can control how we react to it .
(trg)="24"> Diri naton makukontrol an ginsisiring o ginbubuhat han iba , kondi mahimo naton makontrol an aton reaksyon .

(src)="27"> Resentment is not the only option .
(trg)="25"> Diri la pagdumot an puydi naton himoon .

(src)="28"> Take responsibility for your resentment .
(trg)="26"> Ayaw pagpadára han imo emosyon .

(src)="29"> Granted , it is easy to blame your spouse .
(trg)="27"> Oo , masayon la basulon an imo padis .

(src)="30"> But remember , resentment is a choice .
(src)="31"> So is forgiveness .
(trg)="28"> Kondi hinumdumi nga aada ha imo kon magdudumot ka ; aada liwat ha imo kon magpapasaylo ka .

(src)="32"> You can choose to follow the Bible’s admonition : “ Do not let the sun set while you are still angry . ”
(trg)="29"> Mahimo mo pilion nga sundon an sagdon han Biblia : “ Ayaw pabay - i nga matunod an adlaw nga nasisina [ ka ] pa . ”

(src)="33"> A spirit of forgiveness gives you an opportunity to approach your marriage problems with a better mind - set . ​ — Bible principle : Colossians 3 : 13 .
(trg)="30"> Kon mapinasayloon ka , maaatubang mo an imo mga problema ha pag - asawa nga may positibo nga disposisyon . — Prinsipyo ha Biblia : Colosas 3 : 13 .

(src)="34"> Examine yourself honestly .
(trg)="31"> Tangkod nga usisaha an imo kalugaringon .

(src)="35"> The Bible acknowledges that some people are “ prone to anger ” and “ disposed to rage . ”
(trg)="32"> An Biblia nasiring nga may mga tawo nga madagmit ‘ masina ’ ngan “ mapungtanon . ”

(src)="36"> Does that describe you ?
(trg)="33"> ( Proberbios 29 : 22 ) Sugad ka ba hito ?

(src)="37"> Ask yourself : ‘ Am I inclined toward bitterness ?
(trg)="34"> Pakianhi an imo kalugaringon : ‘ Madumot ba ako ?

(src)="38"> How easily am I offended ?
(trg)="35"> Madali ba ako masina ?

(src)="39"> Do I tend to make issues over minor matters ? ’
(trg)="36"> May tendensya ba ako nga padakuon an gutiay la nga isyu ? ’

(src)="40"> The Bible says that “ the one who keeps harping on a matter separates close friends . ”
(trg)="37"> An Biblia nasiring nga an usa nga nagpipinangistorya mahitungod han usa nga butang nagbubulag han duok nga magsangkay .